Seeing your call history allows you to know who tried to get in contact with you when you weren’t available on your phone, the calls you’ve had with people and the information about the calls to see things like how long the call lasted.

The default iPhone Phone app shows you your history of calls, along with how many times someone tried to call you, whether it was a phone call or just a FaceTime call. Sometimes you want to delve deeper into a specific person that has called you or tried to call so you can know more about the call.

For example, you can find out how long the call lasted, the exact times that the calls were made if two were groped together, and it also allows you to do things such as edit their contact, call them back or block them.

Sometimes you want to find out the history of a call that took place a while back further than what your iPhone allows you to since you can only go back so far.

How to Go Back Further in Call History iPhone

The problem with trying to go back and see call history logs further than what your iPhone allows you to is that your iPhone call history is limited to 100 calls. There are only 100 logs available for you to see if you go on the Phone app, and when you try to scroll past this, you wouldn’t be able to see past 100 calls.

Fortunately, there are actually several ways that you’ll be able to see further in your call history than the 100 calls your iPhone allows you to see. Because Apple actually stores 1000 logs, although you’re not able to see all of them at one go, it means that it’s actually possible to go back a few weeks, 6 months, 1 year of call history depending on how many calls you’ve had during that period. If you want to go back further in your call history, it’s possible to do so, but at the expense of your current call logs.

To go back further in your call history, the best way to do this would be to delete your current call history logs. You can actually delete call histories by swiping left on the call history then tapping the Delete button on the right. When you do this, a call log from below will appear. If you continue to do this, you’ll be able to go back to call history logs from weeks and months ago. The further you want to go back, the more you’ll have to delete so if you’re looking to go back to months ago, be prepared to sit there deleting call logs for ages.

If your carrier is able to do this, you can log in to your cellular provider’s website and see the call history for at least 18 months. Many carriers go beyond, some up to 6 years. Many providers have an app that contains this information also. And the carrier’s info is much more detailed than the “recents” tab, including time, duration, and cost. The purpose of the “recents” tab is not to provide a view into your history; rather, it is a shortcut for making callbacks.

There’s software such as iMyFone D-Back that’ll allow you to go back further in your call history than your iPhone allows you to. There’s a lot of software out there similar to this that can do this so if you’re eager to see more than a few days of call history on your iPhone, third-party software will allow you to do so.

In most cases you just need to download and install the software, connect your iPhone with a genuine lightning cable, then you need to select the data type that you want to recover. This would be iPhone call history. Once you do this, a scan will be completed and the software will then display the recovered Call log history of your iPhone on the next screen for your preview. Once you’re done checking the call log history and if you wish to download it to your PC, you need to select the entries that you wish to download and hit ‘Recover’ afterward.