How to Bypass Grindr Ban

How to Get Around Grindr Device Ban

There are a ton of reasons why you might be dealing with a device ban at Grinder. You might not have followed the rules, or you might just not be able to use them in your country.

The first thing you should do is understand why you are getting banned in the first place. This will help you to prevent it from happening again.

Can You Get Around Grindr Device Ban

Yes, you can get around a device ban on Grindr if you are a bit stealthy and follow some of these ideas.

How to Get Around Grindr Device Ban

1. Don’t Violate Their Terms of Service

The best thing you can do is not to violate the terms of service in the first place.

The Grindr Services are intended ONLY for legal adults over 21 only. You must at least 21 years old, and the use of Grindr will not violate any applicable law in your jurisdiction. Before using Grindr, you should read these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, you might be banned because you simply didn’t follow the rules and did something that violated them. If you are not 21, then you don’t want to be on the app in the first place.

It’s a big part of their terms and conditions. As well as the conduct of behavior. If you are hurting other people, you will be and should be removed from the app and banned permanently.

If you haven’t done anything to violate the terms and service, then you can contact the company and find out what triggered the ban. If it’s something you can fix, then you probably should.

Then you can contact them and see if they will allow you to get your account back. Simple mistakes are usually given a warning, and the account stays intact, but sometimes you have to talk to them to get that.

2. Change Your Phone Number

Changing your phone number might get your device around a ban simply because it won’t come up under the same account.

If you use a google voice number or another service, you won’t have to change your device and can use the new number to get around the ban potentially.

Grindr is always updating the way the app works, so it’s possible they will eventually find a way to see the numbers and that they are on the same account.

If that happens, you will either have to get a new device, or you will have to try a different way to access the service. Some of the best options for this are to use a google account number when you sign up or another number service that you can find online.

This way, you don’t have anything invested in the number or be upset when you have to change it for this or something else you might need it for. There is also no limit on the number of phone numbers you can have this way.

So, you can have several to circle through if you need to. Changing your phone number is usually a fairly easy thing to do.

You’ll simply call your provider and ask them for a new number. They can normally do it on the same day. This means you can be back up and running fairly quickly.

3. Make A New Account

Sometimes the best option is to create a different account. This means you’ll lose your history on the service, but you will still be able to contact people and use it. If you have to start over, you can attempt to set your account up in the same way you did before.

You might also just choose to do it differently this time and use different photos and items that will showcase who you are.

It’s really going to be up to you and what your preferences are. This is probably going to be the easiest option for you to do. Creating a new account is fairly easy.

You will have to redo your account, but you will have control over your account again, and as long as you are following the rules, you will be able to keep the account and not have any issues.

You can also sometimes appeal the original account while using the new one and get the old account back. If that happens, you can keep both accounts and use the second as a backup in case it happens again.

The other option is to close the secondary account in order to keep yourself from getting in trouble by having two accounts.

Sometimes that’s an issue and can cause problems for you. It may lead them to close both accounts and make you start all over again. Be sure to take that into consideration when you decide whether to keep both or just the one.

4. Replace Your Device

An easy but expensive way to get around a Grindr ban is to get a new device. This might be simple if the device is older and you are ready to get something new, but it can be a nightmare if you already have a nice new phone and don’t want to replace it yet.

The fact that it’s saying you’re banned also might be a glitch with the phone itself, and in this case, the new device would solve the problem.

This is rare and usually not the case. You can also try using a computer or tablet instead of a phone if you have been using the phone for the service. It might just be something with the device that is causing you issues.

Try another device and see if that changes things. You can also look at using a different carrier. Sometimes that helps if the connection is what is causing the issues with using the service.

This isn’t going to help if you are banned for some reason, but it can help if you are just having issues connecting and using the service. You may also just need to get a new device because of age.

An older device isn’t going to run as well and could give you problems when connecting and using apps or services. If your device is over five years old, it’s probably going to be a good idea to get a new one anyway, just so it works better for you and connects properly.

5. Replace Your Sim

You can also change your sim. The easiest way is to get a prepaid sim from a cellular phone company. You don’t even need to activate it for the phone to have a different number. It shows the device as a different one when you do that to most companies.

You can also look at using something that masks your IP and your phone number if it doesn’t work. Sometimes this makes the difference you need. Just search for the one that works best for you.

When you change out your sim, you are telling whoever connects to your device that you are using a different number and a different carrier. Sometimes this is enough to get around a ban, but you will probably have to make a new account in order to use it.

You can try logging onto your old account and see if it works, but it may force you to create something new.

This also won’t work if you are in a country that doesn’t allow Grindr. As much as that is unnecessary, it does happen. Make sure it’s legal in your country as well as that is a reason you might have been banned in the first place.

6. Tell Your Carrier to Delete Your Number

This only works if you have another number to work with. You might not want to get rid of your number all the way.

This is especially true if it’s your main phone number. This usually only works well if you have a second number you don’t use much and are okay with changing or deleting.

Consider getting a number through an app service if you think you will be changing it more than a few times. This way, you will be able to do this option if you need to and will not have to worry you are losing a number that you really need.

You can also just take your sim card out of your device and use it that way. It may not connect to the old, banned account, and you can get around it and make a new one.

Just remember to put the sim back in, or you won’t be able to use the device on anything but a WIFI network.

If you have more than one device at home but don’t want to use the other one, you can also use the sim card from the other device. This will get you around the ban and allow you to create a new account.

Just remember to put the other sim back into the original device, so you don’t get confused.

If you want to use a different sim, even one that’s not in service, to get around the ban, you may be able to, but you also won’t be able to connect to anything beyond WIFI. If this is okay for you, then go ahead and give it a try.

7. Wait A Few Weeks

Sometimes just waiting for a bit can help you. If your account was banned without cause, then you will probably be able to file an appeal and get it back activated.

You will need to file a report with Grindr and explain why it should be reactivated and how you will use it. Once they review your account, they will make a determination and decide if you should get it back or if the ban was done for a good reason.

If they deny it again, you will probably have to go a different way to get a new account or the account back. If you decide to wait, you can use a different service or just take a break if you want.

You might just want to meet back up with others you’ve met using the service you got to know for a while. This way, you can give the app a chance to fix any bugs, and you can see if the account comes back.

There have been times when the app glitches and accounts don’t work right for a short time. You can also check their social media and see if there are any issues on their end that are causing you to get a ban glitch.

There may be something on their end that is doing that to more than just you. Their social media accounts are going to be the best way to find that out and get updated information.

8. Use A VPN

You can try using a VPN to hide your device. This will make your network private and will keep the service from being able to track you fully. It also gives you more control over your privacy, with is super important.

If you are worried that your location and information may be traced, you can start out with a VPN and then change it to a different one if you get banned for some reason on your device.

Not only will it keep your account private, but it will also help you solve these issues if they arise again. You can also try to turn off the VPN and see if that will allow you to get your account back or at least get a new one.

The VPN being off will allow your device to look like a different one and help you potentially get around the ban or at least set up another account if you want to. Just remember to put it back on once you’re done with the service so you can maintain your privacy.

You also can use this option if you are in a country that doesn’t allow Grindr. This is risky, but you can use it to get around that legal issue and still be able to connect with others on the app.

If you are doing it, for this reason, you will need to be extra careful as some countries could have severe legal ramifications.

9. Use A New Email

This is probably going to be one of the easiest ways to get through a ban. You might have to use the new email with a new account as it won’t register and link it to your old one all the time.

You can try connecting it to a different email before losing the account. If you are able to get a new email connected to your account, it might allow you to get around the ban, but that is probably not going to be what happens.

You will probably have to use a new email to set up a new account and go from there. You also can have more than one email set up on your account and try logging in from both to see if one will let you in.

You might get lucky and be able to get the account back. You might also just get a warning for the account if you have done one or two things wrong with it. It’s really going to depend on what happened to cause the problem in the first place.

Look at your email account and see if it tells you what the violation was in the first place. This will let you know if you have a shot at getting it back.

If there is no information, which happens more than you might think, then you can just submit, and they will tell you what happened or how to appeal the decision.

The original email may also have a link you can use to submit an appeal, and they will look at your information and what happened to see if they can give the account back of if it’s gone for good.

That’s going to depend on what they are saying caused the ban in the first place. If it’s a large or repeated violation, then they will ban you and not give the account back or give you a chance to fix the issue.

That is not what anyone wants to hear, but it’s the way they tend to work.

There are a few ways to get your account back from Grindr, but you might just have to bite the bullet and set up a whole new account if nothing works.

Sometimes you aren’t given much of choice, and that is the only thing you can do. Take a minute and decide if it’s worth it to you or not.

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