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How to Find TikTok By Email

For anyone who has or is currently using TikTok, it can sometimes prove difficult to find someone on TikTok, especially if you do not have their username. This can lead to running down internet “rabbit holes” trying to find solutions to find that person on TikTok.

Whether the person wants to be found or not, this can be very tricky if you do not have the appropriate information.

To find someone using their Email address, you will need to sync your phone’s contact list first. After the sync is complete, you will be presented with a list of people you can add.

Can You Find Someone on TikTok By Email?

Yes, you can (in a way) but only by certain methods. These methods consist of utilizing other sources to get to the point of finding the account you are looking for, using other means such as; syncing your contacts to TikTok, putting their name through Facebook, and or using Google. Even so, sometimes, if the person you are searching for does not want to be found on TikTok or otherwise.

How to Find TikTok By Email

There are a number of possible ways to find a TikTok account by email address, such as syncing your contacts to TikTok.

You can also use your Google browser to help find a reverse email tool to assist you in finding out their identity, which helps you all the more in finding their TikTok account.

This can be quite useful if you are trying to find someone who is attempting to stay hidden on TikTok and otherwise.

1. Ask For Their TikTok Account By Emailing Them

One route you can take with trying to find someone’s TikTok is to simply email them by their email address and ask them for their TikTok account.

If they do oblige you, however, you are not sure how to email a TikTok link in order for you to get to their account. You can follow these simple steps to send an email containing a TikTok link:

Step 1. Tap “Settings” and then “Privacy”.

Step 2. Choose “Manage Account” then select “Email”.

Step 3. Log out of the account.

Step 4. Tap “Profile” in the bottom right.

Step 5. Tap “Sign up”.

Step 6. Tap Log in at the bottom of the page.

Step 7. Select “Use phone /email /username”.

Step 8. Choose “Email / Username”.

This will enable them to send you their link to their TikTok through the email, giving you access to their profile, like, follow, and/or whatever your goal may be.

This is an easy and good way to go about this situation, as you are asking the person directly and not “snooping” for information which can come off a little awkward if not done correctly.

2. Pick Out Their Name on the Email and Search It on TikTok

Many folks will come up with interesting and creative ways of making a username for an email address; sometimes, these usernames can contain birthday dates, pet names, and/or their real name / a variation of their real name.

If the person you are trying to find their TikTok account is a coworker, it is likely that they already have their actual name in their email address.

Now, if they have their name or nickname in their email address, it is possible and likely that they would have the same name in their TikTok username.

If you are able and confident enough to find their name in the email address, you can certainly take that info and enter the name or nickname in the TikTok search bar.

If you know enough about the person, such as their look, style, and common nicknames, you should be able to pick them out of the crowd that will appear when searching for them on TikTok.

3. Sync your Contacts on TikTok 

A very good and reliable option for trying to find someone’s TikTok account is to sync your contacts with TikTok. This will give TikTok the permission and access needed in order for them to locate the account you are attempting to find.

When considering this option, you should also consider what access you are granting to TikTok because if there are certain boundaries you would like to keep in place with TikTok, the access that will be granted; must be known and weighed.

Depending on the information you choose to share with TikTok, they may show a suggested account to you because the account belongs to:

Someone whose phone number is in your phone contacts, and you’ve chosen to sync your phone contacts in the “Sync Contacts” and Facebook friends setting.

If you would like to sync your contacts with TikTok, you follow these easy steps to do so: Tap “Settings” and then “Privacy”. Tap the toggle icon next to Sync contacts to turn on or off.

To find friends from your contact list:

Step 1. Tap “Profile” in the bottom right.

Step 2. Tap “Find friends”, located on the upper left corner.

Step 3. Tap “Find contacts”.

Step 4. Allow TikTok to access your contacts.

Step 5. Find your friends!

This will both sync your contacts to your TikTok and give TikTok access to your contacts. Now, so long as you are okay with giving this permission to TikTok, you should have no problem finding your friend’s

TikTok account while using this method. Also, ensure you have added their email to your contacts to ensure this method works properly.

4. Reverse Email Search on Google

Another viable option for finding someone’s TikTok account is to perform a reverse email search. Keep in mind that this is indeed a service. Therefore, it will cost you. However, there are free alternative services.

If you are unfamiliar with what a reverse email search service is, here is a quick summarization: A reverse email lookup service is a service that helps people find out the identity and background of people via their email address.

The application would ask you to enter that person’s email address and then show you matching results. This can be mighty helpful when trying to track down that friend’s TikTok account.

As mentioned before, this is a service and can cost you; however, there are free services as well such as:

1. SearchPeopleFree is a free online reverse email lookup website that lets you search for people based on their email addresses. You can use several advanced features like filters, how to find probable matches, and full-text search.

2. RealPeopleSearch – Reveal the Details of the Email.

3. Instant Checkmate – Handle Multiple Email Search Quickly.

4. PeopleFinders – An Authentic Way to Search an Email.

All of these reverse email search services are free and can aid in your search for your friends or whoever’s TikTok account.

5. Plug their Email into Facebook and Find Their Name, Then Plug It Into TikTok

Another way to go about finding your friends or whoever’s TikTok account is to put their email on Facebook, track down the appropriate person, and search their name on TikTok.

This can certainly be an effective way to find their account, seeing as Facebook can take you straight to almost any account simply by entering their email into the Facebook search bar.

Once you have entered their email into the search bar and results have appeared, you will have to track down the person you are looking for; once you have obtained their name and information, you can then take their name and then go into your TikTok and enter it into the search bar.

So long as their name appears in their TikTok username, you should find them easy as pie, sometimes if there are enough similarities; this can also be enough to find the friend’s or person’s TikTok account.

6. Invite Friends to TikTok by Email

Another way to find someone’s TikTok account is to invite them by email, now, this can get a little tricky and does require the contacts access permission for TikTok to be given. However, if you follow these steps you will have no problems.

Step 1. Open the TikTok app: You will see a black icon with a white music note on your device. This is the icon for the TikTok application. Tap on the TikTok application to open it.

Step 2. Go to your profile: You can go to your profile by tapping on the person icon at the bottom right corner. This will redirect you to the profile page.

Step 3. Tap on the Find Friends option: On your profile page, you will see the Find Friends icon at the top left corner. Tap on it to open the Find Friends page.

Step 4. Tap on Search Contacts: On the Search Friends page, you will see a contact option. This will help you find friends in your contacts who are using the TikTok application.

Step 5. Tap Invite Friends to invite contacts: You can also invite your friends by tapping on the invite friends option. This will allow you to invite friends who are not using TikTok.

Step 6. Tap on Invite: You will see your contacts who are not using the TikTok application. You can invite them by tapping on the Invite button immediately next to the contact name.

Step 7. You can choose from a number of available options: You can invite your friends from the number of available options like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Twitter and etc.

Step 8. You can also email and invite your friends: Tap on Email option and then you can invite your friends just by emailing them. Inviting friends is easy with the TikTok application.

This will enable you to invite the friend or person you are attempting to find their TikTok account and email.

7. Search the Email in Google

Another option for tracking down that TikTok account is to search their email with Google. By searching their email address, you can find all manner of things on that person, such as; information, profiles, and accounts.

This is where you can find that person’s TikTok account. Searching their email address could lead you to their TikTok account by maybe a Facebook account or even take you directly to said TikTok account.

This is also quite simple, seeing as all you will need to do is enter their email address (you can copy and paste it too), then enter it into the Google search bar and of course, hit “Search”.

This will bring up all the accessible information attached to the said email address and could possibly also bring up that precious TikTok account.

Another thing to remember in this scenario is that the friend or person you are trying to find on TikTok; may not want to be found.

See, with the TikTok, it has essentially unlocked another form of self-expression, and this can take many different forms for each person. That this app/site gives the ability to any account user to start recording and sharing almost any content they deem fit.

This of course, has been done before; however, not quite in this capacity, where it sets a neutral environment to dive into, gather information and preferences, then tailors it to fit you.

Along with this form of self-expression and the potential to reach out to like-minded users and even people who do not have a TikTok account.

Seeing as what content you share lets you shape the experience and perspective, granting the option to essentially create a whole character for the said account that is technically separate from whom they really are.

That said, the person or friend may not want you to find their TikTok account as they may want to portray themselves in a different light or in a different character. In conclusion, be respectful and mindful to these requests as it is a freedom of self-expression and exploration.

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