How to Close Apps on Samsung Smart TV

The main part of your Smart TV is viewing shows, movies, and other content via streaming. You can stream content view apps. Almost all Smart TVs have a load of pre-installed apps and you also have the option to add more.

Since Samsung released the smart TV in 2008, every year has brought different ways to how Samsung Apps are used and access. It may not be so obvious how to close apps on your Samsung smart TV since there’s isn’t a close button on the remote.

Sometimes apps on your Samsung Smart TV can freeze, crash or just stop working properly. On newer versions, these crashes rarely happen but if you have an older Samsung TV model, then chances are that you’re always having issues with apps.

Closing apps, also known as quitting or killing an app is a useful step to know because some apps have functions that run in the background that you may want to stop. For example, music apps. Music apps play in the background even when you go off the app and this can cause your Smart TV to crash a lot – closing background apps will stop background processes from running.

Closing Background Apps

1. Press the RETURN button on your remote.

2. A Window will appear labeled Edit.

3. Move your cursor on Exit and press the Enter key to execute.

Note: Some apps won’t bring up a window asking if you want to exit. In cases like this, the app will close as soon as you press the RETURN button on your remote.

If an app is causing you problems, you update your Samsung Smart TV to a newer version, or you can delete the app that’s causing you problems. To check for a software update, go to Support > Software Update > Update now.

To delete an app that keeps crashing:

1. Press the home button on the remote control

2. Move the cursor to the app you’d like to remove and press the down button

3. Move the cursor to Remove and press the enter button

4. Move the cursor to Remove and press the enter button again