Does the Order of Snapchat Stories Mean Anything?


Does the Order of Snapchat Stories Mean Anything

The order of Snapchat stories is ordered the way Snapchat wants to recommend stories to you. The order does have a meaning and the whole bases of it is that Snapchat wants to keep you engaged on the app for as long as possible so they’re going to show you stories that they think will keep you on the app.

The order of Snapchat stories is ordered the way Snapchat shows story recommendations for you. They order it in a way that they think you’re most likely to watch them. If you’re on Snapchat every day and you observe the way the stories are ordered, you’ll always notice that your friends are usually at the start of your Snapchat story. This is because of the Snapchat stories order.

They can determine who your friends are by how frequently you watch their stories, how much you interact with them when you’re snapping at each other, and how often they watch your stories. The more often watch the Snapchat story of a friend, the more often those stories will appear at first. After seeing the initial group of stories of all of your close friends, you’ll then see stories from accounts that you like. Then the stories of other accounts will follow.

Why Does Someone’s Snap Story Appear First

Someone’s Snapchat stories appear first because they’re the story that Snapchat things you’re most likely to watch. If you’re usually the first few people to watch their story as soon as they post it, then Snapchat is going to think that you want to see their story the most which are why they’ll show it first. If you talk to this person every day, you have a streak with each other, and you’re constantly red and purple snapping each other, then their story is going to appear first.

Another reason why someone will appear first in Snapchat stories is that they just posted. If you’ve gone through all of your favorite stories and there are only a few left, if someone posts something to their story, chances are it’ll appear first on the Snapchat story list. Not necessarily because Snapchat thinks that it’s a story you’ll be interested in watching, but because it’s fresh content for you to watch and they want you to stay on the platform for as long as possible.

How Does Snapchat Order Stories

Note: Snapchat consistently changes the way their stories are sorted so the way they’re ordered now may not be permanent.

If you’ve been on Snapchat for a while, you may have noticed how much the app has changed. The way their stories used to be ordered was in a reversed chronological order. This means that the newest story appears at the start of Snapchat and the oldest story appears at the end of Snapchat.

This means that people who post content frequently were at an advantage because they’ll always be first on people’s feeds. This isn’t traditionally a good way to sort out a feed because it means that you may miss a story from someone that you like just because you weren’t on Snapchat at the time it was posted.

Now, Snapchat stories are ordered algorithmically. This means that your feed is sorted based on an algorithm and not in reverse chronological order. Snapchat orders your feed on who they think you want to watch first and this algorithm is based on who’s stories you watch the more, who you talk to and snap a lot, whether your best friends with someone if you have mutual best friends and if they tag you in their story.

This makes a lot more sense because it means that you get to watch who you want to watch the brief moment you visit Snapchat rather than who posted at the time you opened Snapchat. Also, algorithmically sorting feed has traditionally grown social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

1. You Speak To Them Everyday

If you speak to this person every day frequently on Snapchat, whether it’s on red snap or blue chat, chances are they’re going to appear towards the top of the stories list. It’s not common for someone to speak to someone every day frequently so if you do this with someone, Snapchat is going to think that you want to see their stories so they’ll promote them to the top and you’ll be able to see them. If this isn’t the case, and they’re always first on the stories list, it’s likely because of another factor.

2. Is The Stories List In Order Of Interaction?

Another high factor that will position people towards the top of the stories list is whether you interact with them or not. Interaction is a strong factor that Snapchat uses to order stories. If you and someone else, always reply to each other’s stories, or you always tag each other, or you’re in the same group chat etc, then they’re going to appear towards to the top of your stories.

Since they always interact with you and Snapchat wants you to click on people’s stories, they’re going to position people you interact with first because they want you to click on their story which means you spend more time on Snapchat.

3. Do Stalkers Appear First on Snapchat Story Order?

On your stories list, you may be under the assumption that people who stalk you are at the top of the list. This is regardless of if you interact with them much or not. If they constantly visit your profile and stalk you, they’re not going to appear first in the list of stories. The fact that they stalk you isn’t part of the stories order algorithm. But, if they stalk you as well as interact with you, then chances are that they’re going to appear on the top of the story’s order. They can also appear towards the top if they constantly message you or watch your stories.

4. If They Post Lots Of Stories

Another algorithm factor that might position someone slightly above someone else when it comes to the story order is how frequently they post. When someone posts more frequently, it means that they’re more likely to be shown first. This is because they have more content which means that you’re likely to stay on Snapchat if you were to click through and watch all of their stories.

Snapchat cares about you staying on the app for as long as possible, so they’re going to do everything they can to make sure that you do this. If that means prioritizing accounts that post stories more frequently, then that’s what they’re going to do.

5. How Recently Someone Posted

If someone has posted recently, then Snapchat is more likely to favor them when it comes to positioning their story first. If you’ve scrolled through all the stories and someone posts a story, Snapchat will show them at the start as they think that you’re more likely to watch it as it’s another option to choose from. If you’ve seen the other stories and you haven’t watched them, you’re more likely to watch something that was just recently posted.

6. Geo-Location is a Factor

Another factor of the algorithm that can determine if someone is first on your stories is their location. Someone with a location that’s closer to you city-wise is more likely to appear first at the top of stories. If you’ve gone through all of your stories and there are stories in the US, and stories in the UK, but you don’t interact in any way with these accounts, say you live in the US, Snapchat is likely to show the people that live closer to you first as they think that their stories would be more relevant.

This is only effective when they live very close to you, and what can strengthen this is if they’ve interacted with your account before. This will lead Snapchat to think that you might know this person which is why they’ll favor them in the stories list in the rare event that you might swipe and interact with them, spending more time on Snapchat.

7. Mutual Followers

If you have mutual friends with someone, they’re more likely to be at the top of the stories list. When the person’s got mutual friends with you, Snapchat is going to think that you’re interested in this person’s account rather than someone who you don’t have mutual friends with. When you’ve got mutual friends, it’s likely that they know you so in the chance that you might know them, Snapchat will favor their stories in the list first in the chance that you might interact with them.

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