Hinge Symbols Meaning

Hinge Symbols Meaning

Before you start swiping away on Hinge, it is important that you understand exactly what everything on the app means as well as how it works.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Hinge, specifically what the icons, symbols, or buttons on the application represent.

What Does the House Mean on Hinge?

This is different to the location pin icon. This shows the home town of someone, as in where they consider home. Whereas the pin location icon shows where they currently are. 

Hinge Heart Symbol

This symbol is practically the “Like” button on Hinge. If you tap on it on your Discovery screen, you will like the profile that is currently on the screen. 

This is definitely the most important feature that Hinge offers. If you see someone you like, you can press the heart icon to like that person you’re looking at. From there, they will be notified that you like them.

Upon matching with someone on Hinge, that’s when two people can start messaging one another. The purple heart is very important because it simplifies expressing your interest in another person. There are no limits on how many people you can like. If there are enough people in your radius, you can swipe all day!

Hinge Rose Symbol

This purple rose star is equivalent to the Tinder “Super Like” if you’re familiar with Tinder. This is a feature that allows you to show someone that you really like them. If you click the star icon at the bottom, you’ll be shown standouts and you’ll only be able to send them roses rather than likes because they’re where your exact type is shown.

If you receive a rose, you will see the rose icon next to the persons name that liked you in  the likes section, symbolized by the heart at the bottom. Hinge makes it fairly obvious that someone has sent you a rose, so it is difficult to miss while you’re looking through your likes. 

There’s some social controversy around whether sending someone a rose is weird/too validating, but I’ve done an article on this that’ll help you come to a decision. In a short answer, only send it to people you’re extra keen on getting to know and they fit all your criteria.

If they receive it and they think you’re a good fit for them, that rose will let them know you’re extra keen on getting to know them. It’s for that that like people who show high interest in them, not for those who find it a turn off when someone shows high interest in them.

Hinge X Symbol

This icon is the icon that allows you to show that you don’t like someone. It’s effectively the same as pressing X. In other words, you can tap this icon when you don’t want to match with someone whose profile you see while swiping. Tapping this icon is just like swiping left, so you can use the two functions interchangeably.

Most people rarely use this X symbol while they’re on the discovery screen. It is important to note, however, that tapping this icon will not work if you liked the person, it only works if you clicked x. You may be wondering if you x someone, will they still be able to like you, I’ve done an article on this that answers every question related this.

Second Look Symbol

The rewind symbol allows you to take back your last swiping decision. Perhaps you accidentally pressed x on someone that you were actually interested in and you quickly realized was actually pretty cute immediately after. Either way, this feature allows you to “rewind” your last decision and choose again.

Black Heart Symbol at the Bottom

The black Heart symbol represents who likes you on Hinge. This feature displays all of the individuals who have liked you before you have even liked or x’d them.

You can view these profiles, like them, and get an instant match with them.

Start Symbol

This is self explanatory because it’s described to you when you go here. This is where you’ll be shown people that ‘standout’ and you’ll be able to send them a rose. These are people are you consider very attractive and you’ll can only connect with them by sending them a rose.

Blue Boost Symbol

This is a symbol that will allow you to buy boosts to your profile. There are a few options to choose from when you click on this symbol. The concept is if you pay for a boost, you profile will be show to 11x more people that normal. So if you’re not one that gets liked often, this will run for an house and definitely get you some likes.

Plaster Symbol

This symbol allows you to know if someone has been vaccinated or not

Suitcase icon

This symbol allows you to know where someone works.

Globe Icon

This shows someone’s race/ethic background

Maple Leaf Icon

This shows if someone smokes the green stuff, if you know what I mean.

Random Astrology Symbol

The reason I’ve called this the random astrology symbol is because there are several astrology signs so this will be different depending on the profile you’re viewing.

Graduation Hat Symbol

This graduation hat symbol shows where someone went to university

Book Symbol

This shows what religion someone is

Dome with 4 Lines

The dome with 4 lines beneath it shows what someone’s political beliefs are

Chinese Letters

This shows the language someone speaks

Magnet Symbol

This shows someone’s sexual orientation

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