Hinge Not Sending My Likes? Here’s Why


Hinge users can see when they have received a like, then they can decide to either match with the person by sending a like back or they can skip the like. However, many users have noticed that their likes are not being sent. Allow us to explain why your like may not be sending on Hinge.

Why Is Hinge Not Sending My Likes?

Hinge is a relatively popular dating app that is used by many people, which means that your friends probably use Hinge and you may have seen them using the app, then you could not help but notice that your ‘like’ did not send to them.

Sure, this may have gotten in the way of your cute moment of hopefully seeing the reaction of your friend receiving your ‘like’ on Hinge; however, there are many possibilities that could cause your ‘likes’ to not successfully send.

The most common and likely reason is that it takes time for people to receive your likes.

You should always provide ample time for your likes to be sent to someone on Hinge. So, while timing is not always everything, it may be when it comes to sending likes on Hinge.

However, since Hinge is an application it is also susceptible to errors, bugs, and malfunctions, which means that one of these issues could be to blame as well and should not be counted out as a possibility.

There is also the factor of Hinge relying on a server just like any other app and/or website, as server downtime could also cause likes to not be sent on Hinge .

All of these possibilities could cause your likes to not be sent on Hinge and should be taken under consideration.

Keep in mind to have patience when you send someone a ‘like’ on Hinge, as it can take some time for it to be received by the other user. However, this is only a brief overview of these possible problems and will be covered in more depth going forward.

I’ll start with the most likely reason why your likes are not being sent on Hinge and will progress to less likely reasons; however, even though they might be less likely does not mean that they should not be considered.

1. It Takes Time For People to Receive Your Like

As previously mentioned, when you send someone a ‘like’ on Hinge, it takes some time for the other user to receive your like. In today’s world of high-speed everything, many of us are used to instant gratification.

However, it is important to keep in mind that even as incredible as apps are they are still limited in their functions. With that said, any actions you make on Hinge such as sending a like, need to be sent to a server, which is known as a request.

Once the server for Hinge has received your request, then it will process the request and respond by allowing the appropriate function, which in this case, is sending your like.

It can take some time for a request to be processed and not to mention that is also feasible your like could have been successfully sent but it has not yet been displayed to the other user.

This does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with Hinge or their device, it simply means that the like you sent has not been fully processed yet for whatever reason. With that said, your like could show up in a couple of seconds or even a few hours. 

Fix – If You Think Someone Didn’t Receive Your Like, Wait For A Few Hours

As previously depicted, if you are certain that you sent someone a like on Hinge and you do not believe that they received your like, then you will want to wait for at least a few hours for the like to go through.

Keep in mind that when you send a like to someone on Hinge, it is not too different from sending someone a message.

However, either way, the like that you sent is a request that has to be received by Hinge’s server, then processed and approved by the server by responding to your request.

This typically only takes a couple of seconds but it can also take longer in some scenarios.

With that said, the like that you sent has to not only be received by the other Hinge user but it can also take some time for the like to be shown as received to the person you liked. It is quite common for likes to take a while to be successfully sent on Hinge.

With this in mind, try to have some patience when you send someone a like on Hinge, as it could take a couple of hours for it to be successfully sent to the other person.

2. They Did Receive Your Like But Told You They Didn’t By Mistake

When you send someone a like on Hinge and you think the like did not send to them, it is possible that they did receive your like but they told you they did not by mistake.

As previously mentioned, it can take some time for your likes to be sent successfully on Hinge, as it could take a couple of seconds or a few hours. With this in mind, they could have received your like but it did not appear on their Hinge profile yet so they told you that they did not receive your like.

However, your like could appear to them in a couple of hours. So, they could certainly be forgiven for thinking that your like did not successfully send. 

With that said, it is also possible that they do not know where or how to view all of their likes on Hinge. Luckily, it is simple enough to view likes on Hinge.

Fix – Tell Them to Check Properly 

You should keep in mind that it is also possible that the person you sent a like to might be using the basic version of Hinge, which means that they will only be able to see a select few of their likes at a time.

They can see their likes by selecting the “Likes You” option, then they can view each like one at a time and decide to either Skip or Match with you. This is because you must be a member of Premium Hinge to see all of your likes on Hinge.

However, if they are a Premium Hinge member be it Hinge+ or HingeX, then they can easily see all of their likes by selecting the “All” option in the top left-hand corner of their screen. They should be able to find your like under this menu option.

3. Problem With The App

When you have sent someone a like on Hinge and you know for certain that they have not received it, then it is very possible that there could be an issue with Hinge.

As previously mentioned, Hinge is an application, which means that the problem could be due to a bug, error, or even a malfunction. Sure, apps are quite incredible in their capability; however, they are not perfect, which is made evident by the fact that updates are released regularly for them including Hinge.

With that said, the reason why your like is not being successfully sent could be because there is a problem with Hinge.

Fix – Report The Issue to Hinge

If you believe that the reason why your likes are not being successfully sent is that there is an issue with Hinge, then you will want to report the problem to Hinge.

This way they are not only made aware of the problem but they can also know where to focus their efforts when making fixes to Hinge.

To report an issue on Hinge you will want to look for the “Help” or “Support” option while on Hinge, then you can follow any necessary steps to report the problem that you are experiencing with sending likes on Hinge. 

4. Hinge is Down

As previously mentioned, much like any other app or even website, Hinge runs on a server. The server is responsible for not only holding and storing users’ data but also for receiving requests, which the server will then process and then respond to by allowing the action.

In this case, the action would be sending your like to another user on Hinge. Servers go down all of the time, which can be for a number of different reasons such as a power outage, a damaged IP card, or simply some regularly scheduled maintenance.

Servers are usually not down for too long, the server could be down for twenty minutes max.

Fix – Check and Wait For The Problem to Go Away

Luckily, you can check if Hinge’s server is down or not by using a server status-checking site such as Isitdownrightnow or Pre Post SEO. If it is down, then simply give Hinge’s server time to come back up. After that, you should have no problem sending your like to someone on Hinge.

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