Gay Genshin Impact Characters

Gay Genshin Impact Characters

Some Genshin Impact players have been wondering which characters in the game are gay. The world of video games could use some more gay characters since in the past such characters typically have been noticeably absent.

Does Genshin Impact Have Gay Characters?

Thankfully, Genshin Impact does have gay characters. As previously mentioned, gay characters have been noticeably absent from many “realistic” video games, which is not to say that Genshin Impact is a realistic video game.

Though characters play a big role in video games and they can even be a character that we see ourselves in, which can also make you curious about other information about such a character.

Seeing yourself in a video game character is not only understandable but it also what the developers likely want since the more you relate to a character, the more likely you are to enjoy the experience.

Not only do video games offer fine-tuning of skills such as motor skills, memorization, and reaction time but they also provide an escape, which can be welcomed by anyone who enjoys video games.

These video games such as Genshin Impact allow us to escape to another world and also have some fun while we are at it while also usually taking in an incredible story.

Luckily, Genshin Impact took the good route by not just having straight characters, which would not only impact their range of audience but could have shined them in a negative light.

Thankfully, this is not the case for Genshin Impact since there are more than a few gay characters in the video game.

Now, Genshin Impact is luckily available to play on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows, and it is also soon to be released on Nintendo Switch.

It is reassuring to know that the variation of consoles and devices the game can be played on is matched by the accurate amount of different sexual preferences.

It is genuinely refreshing to see a video game implement such character features, as this opens the video game’s arms so to speak, wide open for anyone who wants to have some fun adventures in Genshin Impact. This is certainly an accuracy everyone wants to see more of in the world of video games.

List of Gay Genshin Impact Characters

Fantastically, Genshin Impact has a vast amount of gay characters, which is not only refreshing to see in a video game, but it also helps anyone to be able to relate and get into the world/game of Genshin Impact.

Now, while the cutscenes in Genshin Impact are rather short, it may leave something to be desired for some players; however, you have likely heard about all of the fan fiction that has been created by players.

As previously mentioned, many players have been wondering which characters in Genshin Impact are gay and luckily, we have the list for you.

  • Chlide
  • Zhongli
  • Kaeya
  • Diluc
  • Jean
  • Lisa
  • Chongyun
  • Xingqiu
  • Ningguang
  • Beidou
  • Xiao
  • Venti

That is only listing a few of the gay characters that are in Genshin Impact, as there are genuinely too many to completely list.

It is so good to see a video game take a positive stance with gay characters, this is a type of game that has been missing from the gaming world and with its anime meets Zelda: Breath of The Wild kind of style, it is only up from here for Genshin Impact.

How to Tell if A Character is Gay on Genshin Impact

It is important to note that both the Genshin Impact developer miHoYo and the game itself are not shy or subtle about showing which characters are gay.

However, some may still have some trouble picking up on certain cues that suggest that some characters are indeed queer.

One of these moments was at the gacha game’s anniversary web event, during which a playable character Chongyun blushed when he stood beside another playable character, Xingqiu. So, it can be something as obvious as that display of affection.

Although, it can also be something more subtle but still noticeable such as during the Moonchase Festival main quest where Xingqiu made an offer to read a romance poem to Chongyun.

Sure, these queer moments can be more subtle than others but Genshin Impact is not shy about showing off which characters are gay, which is fantastic to see in a video game.

With this in mind, as many, as there are gay characters, there are nearly as many situations that point out their sexual preference.

Genshin Impact is an excellent video game that is holding the queer flag up loud and proud, which is fantastic to finally see in the world of video games.

Sure, the game has received some scrutiny for its lack of hetero relationships; however, there are more than plenty of other video games that put hetero relationships center stage.

This means that these arguments are simply haters looking for anything to complain about and some would say “bad publicity is good publicity.”

With that said, Genshin Impact is having no trouble at all staying in the limelight and with its proud portail of queer characters it will most likely remain current and popular.

It is genuinely refreshing to see a video game have such relatable characters and this will only further their popularity and attractiveness for anyone who may want to start playing Genshin Impact.

With that said, no matter what your sexual preference may be, do not let queer characters stop you from giving Genshin Impact a try, it is a fantastic game that is going to continue to expand.

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  1. That was terrible to read, as if it was made by someone who has never even played the game. The closest person to Zhongli was Guizhong, who is a lady.
    Basic human affection = gay it seems

    • Thx to exist bud, these kind of shippers need a father figure and to touch some grass/weighs ngl 🤝🔝

    • WTF go back to Twitter you fkn retard, did you also played Genshin on the Fkn Twitter because it seems like it after reading the paragraphs which are oozing shit, there are no LGBTQ characters go cry about that trash shit somewhere else.
      So let me educate I am talking to you “Retarted admin”, Mihoyo is a Chinese company and China, Asia and Middle east don’t give a crap about LGBTQ and put trash where it belongs in the bin.

  2. All of this was cooked on twitter, the closest person to Zhongli was Guizhong who is a lady…
    Literally baseless assumptions by someone who has never played the game. I can’t even wrap my head around the mental gymnastics for 10 of those characters you have listed.

  3. none of the characters are gay wtf.. I’m through with the whole storyline and sidestory and there is not a single hint for it.. those gay shipper things are terribly annoying at twitter and else where.. It’s superficial like say all those perfect feminin looking asian boys are automatically gay..


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