Facebook Dating Symbols Meaning

Facebook Dating Symbols Meaning

Before you start swiping away on Facebook dating, it is important that you understand exactly how the app works. In the following article, you will learn all about Facebook dating, specifically what the icons, symbols, or buttons on the application represent.

Facebook Dating Purple Heart Symbol

heart symbol

This symbol is practically the “Like” button on Facebook Dating. If you tap on it on your Discovery screen, you will like the profile that is currently on the screen. It does the exact same thing as if you were to swipe right on the individual’s profile.

This is definitely the most important feature that Facebook dating offers. If you see someone you like, you can press the purple heart to like that person you’re looking at. From there, they will be notified that you like them.

Upon matching with someone on Facebook dating, that’s when two people can start messaging one another. The purple heart is very important because it simplifies expressing your interest in another person. There are no limits on how many people you can like. If there are enough people in your radius, you can swipe all day!

Facebook Dating Secret Crush Symbol

secret crush

This double heart symbol represents a “secret crush” on Facebook dating. This is ta feature that enables you to show someone that you like them without her or she matching with you first.

You can find this double icon in your Discovery screen, allowing you to add someone, either a facebook friend or Instagram follower as a “secret crush”. 

If you’ve been added as a secret crush, you’ll be notified, and if you add someone as a secret crush, they’ll be notified. But the name of the person they added as a secret crush won’t be revealed unless they also add that person as a secret crush.

Facebook Dating Red X Symbol

secret crush

This icon is the equivalent of swiping left on someone’s profile on Facebook. In other words, you can tap this icon when you don’t want to match with someone whose profile you see while swiping. Tapping this icon is just like swiping left, so you can use the two functions interchangeably.

Most people rarely use this red X symbol while they’re swiping. There is something to be said about physically swiping left on someone if you’re on the mobile application.

Second Look Symbol

second look

The second look symbol allows you to Facebook dating Rewind feature that allows you to take back your last swiping decision. Perhaps you accidentally swiped right on someone that you weren’t actually interested in – or, perhaps you accidentally swiped left on someone that you realized was actually pretty cute immediately after. Either way, this feature allows you to “rewind” your last decision and choose again.

It is important to note, however, that tapping this icon will not work if you matched with someone immediately after liking his or her profile. In this case, you should simply go to the individual’s profile and unmatch with them. It is highly likely that you will have time to unmatch with them before they see that you matched. If this is the case, they will never know about your little accident unless something happens and you decide to tell him or her.

Smiley Face Symbol

discover through interests

There’s a smiley face feature that allows you to solely like someone as a friend rather than a romantic potential. This is ideal for those are aren’t looking for something romantic and it can allow you to foster new friendships if you don’t mind doing it through an online platform.

Astrology Symbol

make new friends

The astrology symbol allows you to discover people through interest rather than through the normal algorithm that facebook uses. This symbol lines people up that have the same interests as you – this is how it’s done normally on the discovery section but instead you just seeing their whole profile as a first look, with the discover people through interest section, you’re shown a picture as well as the interest you have in common with them.

Browse Instagram Posts Symbol

browse instagram posts

There’s a browse Instagram posts symbol and this allows you to discover people through their Instagram posts rather than the posts that they’ve uploaded on facebook dating. For whatever reason, you may have a preference to viewing people Instagram pictures than the one that they’ve uploaded on Facebook dating. 

Star Symbol

exact match symbol

There’s a start symbol you may see on some people’s profiles and this is called the exact match symbol. It basically lets you know when a potential someone meets all of your preferences.

When initially making your facebook dating profile, you get to set preferences for people that you want to be shown to you. 

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