Eufy Robovac Red Light? Try These 11 Fixes

Eufy Robovac Red Light

The Eufy RoboVac is a popular smart vacuum that has made its way into homes across the globe. The vacuum offers app controls and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with a suite of other features that help raise this vacuum above the competition. It is great for automatic cleaning and vacuuming under areas where a standard push model vacuum cannot reach.

One of the most common questions people have about the Eufy RoboVac is, why is my Eufy RoboVac light red and beeping? Typically, a red light on your Eufy RoboVac accompanied by four or five beeps indicates an issue with charging or the battery.

There are some other reasons that your vacuum could be beeping and showing a red light that is less common, but still a possibility.

This detailed guide will break down many of the common reasons for the beeping and red light on your Eufy RoboVac, as well as many troubleshooting methods to help you easily resolve your issue.

What Does Eufy Robovac Red Light When Charging Mean?

A red light on your Eufy RoboVac is meant to indicate some type of error, usually associated with charging or the battery in your machine. The red light is usually accompanied by four or five beeps, ensuring that the user is notified of the potential error.

Although it can display incorrectly, typically if you are seeing a red light on your Eufy Robovac, it means that there is some sort of issue keeping it from being charged correctly. If your Eufy is beeping 4 times with a red light, then this signifies another issue.

Why Is My Eufy Light Red?

Now that you understand more about what the red light on your Eufy RoboVac is meant to indicate, this guide will go over many of the common causes for this issue.

Correctly identifying the root of the problem with your machine can help you pick the right troubleshooting method, ensuring that you can remedy the issue quickly and easily.

There are several reasons that you could be experiencing issues with your Eufy RoboVac displaying a red light and potentially beeping. This guide will help you determine the source of your issue so you can better decide how to approach solving it. Some of the most common reasons for this error are listed below:

1. You Have A Battery Issue

As mentioned previously, a red-light indicator on your Eufy RoboVac acts to notify the user of a potential charging or battery error that it has encountered after recently being plugged in. One of the potential issues it could be alerting you of is that you need to replace the battery in your machine.

While most rechargeable batteries are created to last the lifetime of the object, there can be some instances where they simply cannot hold a charge anymore.

If you try and charge a faulty battery in your Eufy RoboVac, the red light will turn on and your vacuum will beep, indicating that it could not connect to the battery successfully to charge it.

2. The Charging Contact Pins On Your Eufy RoboVac Are Dirty Or Dusty

If you inspect your Eufy RoboVac after being displayed the red light and notice that the charging port pins have started to collect debris, this could affect your vacuum’s ability to successfully charge. Your Eufy RoboVac depends on clean charging pins to effectively transfer power to your battery.

Things like dust and dirt can become trapped in your vacuum’s charging port, leading the pins to become dirty or dusty. When that happens, you can expect connectivity issues when you try to plug in your Eufy RoboVac, leading to the red light and beeping.

If you have just recently started experiencing these issues, a dirty charging port and pins could be the problem.

3. You Do Not Currently Have The Charging Base Plugged In

Out of all the reasons for the red lights to appear when charging your Eufy RoboVac, the one you should hope for the most is that you simply do not have the charger plugged in properly.

This is an easy fix, so it is the preferable cause of any potential issues with your vacuum, as it does not indicate a problem with your machine.

If you are having problems while attempting to charge your Eufy RoboVac, then make sure that the charger has not somehow become fully or partially unplugged.

If the charger is not able to draw any power for the battery of your Eufy RoboVac then it will show the red light to indicate no charging is being done.

4. You Have A Damaged Power Adapter

The Eufy RoboVac charging cable uses a standard power adapter to plug in and draw power for the battery. If your power adapter has become damaged somehow, then you will find that your vacuum lights up red and beeps to indicate that there is currently no power being drawn to your device.

To test this, try using an alternative power adapter and see if the problem persists. If you can charge your Eufy RoboVac using another power adapter, then your problem likely stemmed from the old one.

If you do not have another power adapter available, try plugging it into another outlet and that could help you determine whether it is a faulty power adapter.

5. Faulty Power Outlet

As previously mentioned, your charging issues causing a red light to be displayed on your Eufy RoboVac could be caused by a faulty power outlet.

If the charger is not able to draw any power from the outlet to charge your vacuum’s battery, then it will display a red light to let you know that there is a problem.

Faulty power outlets are fairly common, especially in older houses with less modern electrical work and wiring.

You should avoid plugging in your appliances to any outlets that you have identified as faulty, as they could cause damage to anything plugged into them. You will need to hire an electrician to remedy any issues you are having with faulty outlets in your home.

6. The Power Switch Is Off

Your Eufy RoboVac can be charged while turned on, enabling fast charging so you can get back to cleaning quickly and easily.

If you find that you are having issues with your vacuum showing a red light and beeping while off and trying to charge, you could need to turn on the vacuum to encourage the machine to draw power.

This is not a common cause of the red light and beeping on Eufy RoboVac’s but it is a possibility that you can consider. Ensuring that your vacuum is set to the “on” position can help you determine more about the root cause of your problem.

7. You Are Using Outdated Firmware

Unlike your standard push vacuum models, the Eufy RoboVac is a smart vacuum that depends on periodic firmware updates to properly function.

Since the Eufy RoboVac uses Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced algorithms to do its job, you must keep up with any potential updates that your machine might have.

Using out-of-date firmware can not only potentially cause the red light to appear when charging your Eufy RoboVac, but also many other problems. The purpose of these firmware updates is to ensure that any potential bugs or glitches are patched out.

If you find that you have not updated your vacuum in a while, you can expect to encounter errors of this type more frequently till you download and apply the update.

8. You Have A Damaged Circuit Board

A damaged circuit board is a serious issue that could potentially cause you to have to replace your whole Eufy RoboVac unit. One of the indicators of a damaged circuit board is the red light accompanied by beeping while trying to charge your vacuum.

The circuit board is one of the most important components of your vacuum. If it is damaged or for some reason not functioning correctly, you will know due to the number of issues you experience when trying to use your Eufy RoboVac.

If you only experience issues randomly, now and then, then you probably do not have a damaged circuit board. If you are experiencing persistent issues that eventually led to a full loss of function of your machine, then a damaged circuit board could be the cause.

How To Fix Eufy RoboVac Red Light

Now that you understand a little more about the common causes of the red light on your Eufy RoboVac, you can start examining the different troubleshooting methods that are available to solve your issue.

There are several verified methods of resolving red light issues, most of which are fast and simple. This guide has broken down many of these methods in detail below:

1. Reconnect the Power Adapter to the Charging Base and Make Sure The White Power Indicator Is Showing

The first thing that you should attempt if you encounter the red-light issue when charging your Eufy RoboVac, is to reconnect the power adapter to the charging base.

Often removing and reattaching the power adapter can help jog a faulty connection or correct any improper connection by the user.

This can also help you indicate whether or not your power adapter is faulty. If you reconnect the adapter to the charging base and are greeted with the white light, this indicates that the connection has been made and that charging is possible.

Most times simply reconnecting will help resolve any potential charging issues, as generally the red-light indicator is caused by some sort of error in the connection.

If you find that this simple fix is not relevant to your issue, then the troubleshooting methods below will examine some of the more complex fixes that you can consider.

2. Make Sure That The Charging Pins Are Clean and Properly Connected

Should you be experiencing red light issues with your Eufy RoboVac, one of the first things that you should examine is your vacuum charging port and charging pins.

If the charging port or pins are for some reason unable to make a stable connection to each other, then it will cause the vacuum from being charged properly, leading the red light to be displayed.

Charging pins are prone to attracting dirt and grime and should be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal performance.

Charging pins are also in danger of getting bent, which could cause them to not properly link up with the charging port on your Eufy RoboVac. If this happens you should try and carefully bend them back into shape or send them off for repair.

3. Remove The Battery On Your Eufy RoboVac and Wait 5 Minutes, Then Put Battery Back In

Sometimes there can be connection issues with the battery in your Eufy RoboVac. Since the battery can be removed, this can sometimes lead to the battery port in your vacuum becoming damaged over time.

Though generally, simply removing the battery from the vacuum and waiting for at least five minutes before replacing it can give your Eufy RoboVac time to end any erroneous functions that could be causing charging issues.

This can also help to remedy any potential faulty connections that could have been caused by not replacing the battery properly after removing it.

4. Charge Your Eufy RoboVac For At Least 6 Hours To See If The Charging Light Turns Blue

This can be the number one way to determine whether the problem you are experiencing with your Eufy RoboVac is caused by your charging cable or the battery itself. If you are only sometimes experiencing the red-light error notification while charging your vacuum, then you should consider plugging it in and letting it charge up to full.

If your Eufy RoboVac’s charging indicator turns orange, then that indicates that it is currently charging. After around six hours, your vacuum should be fully charged, with a blue light to indicate this.

If you can charge up to full, then there is likely no issue with the battery, and the cable is likely the source of any charging issues. But if after several hours there is no blue light shown to indicate a full charge, then you most likely have battery issues that you will need to address.

5. Replace The Battery With A New One

As you are probably aware, any kind of battery has a predetermined lifespan that will likely be able to hold a charge. This time range varies but it will typically be many years before you have to replace any kind of rechargeable battery in your machines.

That being said, if you have owned and used your Eufy RoboVac for a while, it could simply be time for a new battery (view on Amazon). How often you need to change your battery will depend on the frequency of use. New batteries can be purchased directly from the Eufy RoboVac manufacturer and can sometimes be replaced under warranty at no cost to the user.

6. Replace the Damaged Power Adapter

A power adapter will typically not need to be replaced due to degradation over time, but they are prone to damage. Any type of mishandling or electrical faults can risk damaging the power adapter, causing your vacuum to not charge when plugged in.

Luckily, a standard power adapter replacement (view on Amazon) is much cheaper than having to replace a whole battery or Eufy RoboVac unit.

Power adapters can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. You will need to check the compatibility of any power adapter you purchase and plan to use with your Eufy RoboVac that is not directly from the manufacturer.

7. Replace Your Eufy RoboVac

Unfortunately, there are situations where the red light when charging the indicator can lead to a total failure of your Eufy RoboVac to function.

While this type of device failure is generally not caused by the red-light error, it can be a precedent to more serious issues that could lead to having to replace your whole device.

If this is the case before you run out and purchase a new one check and see if you are currently under warranty.

If you are, you could get repairs or a whole new unit for free. Generally, it is wise to purchase a warranty for any type of major appliance, like a smart vacuum. This covers you in case of any problems you might encounter.

8. Use A Different Outlet

If you believe that your charging issues could be caused by a faulty outlet, consider plugging your Eufy RoboVac into another outlet in your home and see if that solves your problem.

A faulty outlet can cause serious damage to your machine and can be dangerous. You should routinely inspect outlets that your suspect might be faulty to ensure that they are repaired. If a faulty outlet was the culprit, you will find that when plugged in somewhere else, your vacuum charges with no issues.

To fix a faulty outlet, you will need to contact a licensed electrician. If you determine that your red-light error was caused by this, you should not delay repairs and avoid plugging anything into it.

9. Switch From An Extension Cord To A Wall Outlet

If you are using an extension cord to plug in your Eufy RoboVac for charging, there could be some type of connection issue caused by the extension cord. It is not advised that you plug major appliances like smart vacuum’s into extension cords for charging long term.

You will have more luck charging your Eufy RoboVac if you plug directly into a functional wall outlet, as the power will have less of an area to travel before reaching your machine.

If you mainly plug your vacuum in using an extension cord and are experiencing problems, consider plugging directly into a wall outlet and see if that resolves your issue.

10. Use The Internet To Find More Information

When troubleshooting issues with your Eufy RoboVac, detailed guides on the internet, like the one you are currently reading, are great resources to utilize when looking for ways to troubleshoot your issue.

With the information provided in this guide, you will now have the knowledge to identify and solve any potential issues you might experience while charging your Eufy RoboVac.

While this method cannot directly solve your problem, it can give you a lot of insight into what could be causing it and point you in the right direction to solve it appropriately.

11. Contact Eufy

If you find that you have exhausted all of the troubleshooting methods in this guide and are still having persistent problems with your Eufy RoboVac displaying a red light when charging, then your next step is to get in contact with Eufy Customer Support and have them further investigate your issue.

You can contact them online or by phone to explain your issue in detail. Once you do, Eufy technical support will walk you through any potential troubleshooting methods that you may have missed.

This should be considered only as a last resort, as they will likely suggest many of the troubleshooting methods already mentioned in this guide. Dealing with tech support can be frustrating, so patience will be key to ensure that this method of troubleshooting is fruitful. The team at Eufy will do everything they can to solve your issue to your satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Smart vacuums have quickly started to replace the standard vacuums we are all familiar with. With more people purchasing them for use in their homes every day, they represent a big step forward in-home care technology.

You might be apprehensive if you have never used a smart vacuum, but the Eufy RoboVac is packed with enough features to sell you on them for good. If this article has piqued your interest in the Eufy RoboVac, you now know how to solve any potential issues that you might encounter while trying to charge the machine.

Keeping your appliances working as intended is important. With the information provided in this guide, you now have all the knowledge you need to identify and solve any issues that you might encounter concerning the red-light when charging on your Eufy RoboVac.

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