Celebrities That Have BeReal 

Celebrities That Have BeReal 

Do celebrities take part in BeReal? And if so, which celebrities are on BeReal? In this guide, I will not only go over the celebrities who use BeReal, but it will also explain how to follow these celebrities and how to see their content.

Can You Find Celebrities on BeReal?

Unless you have the celebrity’s BeReal user name you can not add them, the chances of finding them are rare. Like any social media, be weary of fake accounts, people using the celebrity name and photos, but not the actual celebrity.

There could even be fan page accounts, made by a fan and sharing the celebrity’s content. These fake accounts are popular on most social media. Either it is a fan account or a person using the celebrity name as their username.

The celebrity could manage to appear on your discovery page, which is extremely unlikely to happen. The best way to find the celebrity you are looking for is by their BeReal username or find out if they go by a nickname.

Though if you are looking to see their daily photo you will have to be added back by the celebrity. If you can not find the celebrity you are looking for it could be that they are not on BeReal or they go by a different name on the app.

A List of Celebs That Have BeReal 

1. Jimmy Fallon. The late-night talk show host posted his BeReal alongside Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, and Noah Schnapp. Jimmy captioned this BeReal “ Oh- I am soooo real right now.”


2. Olivia Cooke. Olivia has starred on HBO hit fantasy drama House of the Dragon, playing the beautiful Alicent Hightower. Olivia even shared a BeReal during a watch party with Emma D’Arcy for the finale of House of the Dragon.


3. Joe Biden. Yes, even the president of the United States found his way on BeReal. Keeping up to date on the recent trending social media to spread awareness concerning vaccines.  


4. Jade Beguelin. Co-founder of 4A.M Skincare, on her personal account she had been posting the photo she shares on BeReal. They are not sure if they will be promoting their 4 AM Skincare on BeReal, but it is a possibility. 


5. Katie Feeney. An influencer on TikTok with nearly 7 million followers, Katie uploaded a slideshow of her BeReal photos for her followers on TikTok.

A Caveat to Adding Celebs That Have BeReal

BeReal unlike most, in order to see the celebrity’s photos they share, the celebrity must add you back. Simply adding them will not give you access to their photos. You must be added back to get the daily photo.

Along with that to even see the celebrity, either you must know their username or be mutual friends with anyone the celebrity might know. BeReal will only show you the daily photo when you are friends with them and you too have participated in the daily photo.

Can You Follow Celebrities on BeReal?

No, if you are looking to see the celebrity’s content they will have to follow you back. In other words, if you want to see the daily photos these celebrities are sharing you will have to be followed by them as well. Sending a friend request is simply not enough to look at their content.

This celebrity must add you back, after that, you will have access to the photos they are sharing daily. BeReal might make it difficult for you to follow your favorite celebrities. Unless you share mutual friends with this celebrity it is not likely the celebrity will add you back. 

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