Can Someone See Your Phone Number on Snapchat?


Snapchat is a social media app that allows users to share photos, text, send videos, view stories, and create and send snaps. Snapchat is popular for allowing its messages to disappear after a few seconds. As time went along, snapchat created stories which meant people stay on the app more, so it’s been more addictive than ever.

Snapchat allows you to add people using their username, snap code, or quick add. Your Snapchat experience is based on who you have as friends and the type of content that you see on stories. When making a Snapchat account, you have to provide a phone number. This will allow people to find you if they have you in their contacts.

Can Someone See Your Phone Number on Snapchat?

Can Someone See Your Phone Number on Snapchat

No one can see your number on Snapchat from when you were creating your account. Snapchat doesn’t display your number anywhere on the app no one can find your number. The number you added when you were creating your account is required for when you can’t remember your Snapchat password.

A code will then be sent to your number so that you’re able to verify that you’re the owner of the account. Another reason Snapchat uses it is to sync your contacts to help you add people who have a snapchat account linked to the number in your contacts. This will help you have more friends on Snapchat.

When someone adds your number to their contacts, if you have your number connected to your account, they’ll be able to see your account on Snapchat. From here, they’ll be able to add you just by knowing your phone number. But if they already have you as a friend, they won’t be able to see your number on the Snapchat app.

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