If I Log Into Snapchat on Another Device Will My Memories Be There

If I Log Into Snapchat on Another Device Will My Memories Be There

Snapchat allows you to store memories which are videos and pictures that you’ve taken via the Snapchat camera and saved them to your memory.

Anything that you click the download button to after taking a snap will be saved as a memory and you’ll be able to look back on the memories a year after once Snapchat reminds you or whenever you like if you chose to view your memories.

Another feature they have is the camera roll memories. Once you give them access to your camera roll, you’ll be able to view your camera roll from the Snapchat app and from here, you’ll be able to edit pictures and videos that you’ve made with your native camera and send them to someone on Snapchat. You’ll also be able to save snaps from the camera to your memories.

If I Log Into Snapchat on Another Device Will My Memories Be There

Yes! If you have your Snapchat username and password, you can log-in to your account on any device. However, the app is formatted for mobile use, so keep this in mind. Once logged in, all your Snapchat memories are still there.

Additionally, Snapchat saves memories to the cloud on Apple Devices so that if your phone is wiped or lost you can retrieve the data once you login again. Also, keep in mind, the memories are available but the Camera Roll is not as this is individual to the device.

Can Other People See Your Snapchat Memories

No! Even with a public Snapchat account, no one can see your saved “memories” unless you post them to your story, a public story, a group story (shared), or send them to a specific person.

If you would like people to see your memories, you can select a snap and tap the blue arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will give you options as to how and where to distribute the content.

You can, then, share to one or a few people or post it onto your story that every follower sees. Before sharing, you can choose to include a small comment or caption with the shared memory.

All memories or snaps sent to your story or within an individual chat will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. Within an individual chat with another user, you or the user may choose to ‘save’ a sent snap or memory if it was saved by you prior to sending it.

They can save it in the chat, memories, or to their camera roll, but they can only do this if you send it to them in the first place. The only other option may be that your account may be hacked!

If you have a weak or predictable password, people will be able to see your memories if they login to your account from anywhere!

Can Anyone See My Camera Roll on Snapchat

No! No one can view your personal camera roll on a public or private Snapchat account.

This is only available to the account user. Additionally, if you have any private photos or memories you would like to mask, you may set up the snapchat “My Eyes Only” section.

This will prompt you to create a password to access an album of images that can ONLY be viewed by the password.

If you lose the password, the photos will be forfeited and there is no way to retrieve them or change the password. This is in the memories section under the tab in the far right of the menu options.

Can You See Someone’s Camera Roll on Snapchat

No, you cannot see someone’s camera roll on Snapchat. The only user that can access the attached camera roll is the user that is logged in with the secure username/email and password. This private data can only be accessed by the user, and the device in which it is being used.

If a new device is used in which the user would like to access the camera roll of said device, the app will prompt to ask for permission to allow access to certain photos, all photos, or no photos.

If you’re looking for your own camera roll on Snapchat, then make sure to log-in on a device that has the camera roll available and permission (your own devices most likely).

Who Can See My Camera Roll on Snapchat

The only one that can see your camera roll on Snapchat is you, the user, or anyone with your login information. (ONLY ON THE SAME DEVICE OR ANY DEVICE/DEVICES THAT HAVE YOUR CURRENT DATA; MOSTLY APPLE PRODUCTS).

You may add any photos to your device as you would like (as long as you have the virtual storage space), and Snapchat will automatically update the growth of your camera roll so that you have the most recent photos at the top! Keep in mind that, although your photos are private to anyone on Snapchat, your photos may not be hidden from the cloud or anyone who has your phone.

Is Camera Roll on Snapchat Private

Yes! None of your friends, family members, followers, commenters, or viewers can view or access your camera roll on Snapchat unless you choose a specific photo and make it public by “posting” it on your story or stories.

Your story is a type of feed or display that your followers can view and react/comment on. You can add an unlimited amount of photos to your story, and if you would like to save a certain compilation of photos you can “Save Stories” in the archive.

This feature is available because posts on your story automatically delete after 24 hours, and people cannot see your past posts after this period unless they screenshot (which will notify you!)

How to View Someone’s Camera Roll

On Snapchat, it is unfortunately not possible to view another user’s camera roll with your device or account, or without their account details and device. However, there may be another alternative:

Get a Hold of Their Phone Somehow

If you can obtain their device or phone that they are using the app on, you will be able to view their camera roll through this.

This is because only the user can access their camera roll, and the user in this case is the owner of the device. Therefore, the only way to view another Snapchat user’s camera roll is to somehow access their device.

If Someone Logs into Your Snapchat Can They See Your Memories

Yes, if someone logs into your Snapchat they will be able to see and view your memories. However, if an unrecognized device logs into your Snapchat account you will be emailed a warning and confirmation that the device is known.

If not, you should be able to change your password to prevent hacking! Make sure to keep your Snapchat login details private to avoid people you don’t like or approve of from seeing your memories.

Additionally, if you would like to hide certain memories from anyone who may access your account, you may create a “My Eyes Only” tab. You can add memories or photos from your camera roll here and they will be password protected.

So, no matter who logs into your account, these photos will not be seen unless they know the 4-digit numeric password set solely for this section. If you add memories here, they will move and disappear from the memories tab.

However, if you add photos to “My Eyes Only” and don’t want them being seen, make sure to delete them from your camera roll as they will not erase from there. If you do, the photos will not delete from the “My Eyes Only” tab as they were manually placed there.

The “My Eyes Only” password cannot be found or accessed in any part of your account on mobile or web Snapchat.

If Someone Logs Into Your Snapchat Can They See Your Camera Roll

If someone has logged into your Snapchat account, they won’t be able to see your camera roll in the memories section.

When they go to the camera roll section in your memories, they’ll be prompted to give Snapchat access to their camera roll so that they’ll be able to see their camera roll in your Snapchat memories, not your camera roll.

The camera roll of whoever is using the Snapchat account will be shown in your memories, not your camera roll.

They would be able to see all of your memories including the ones that you’ve saved from your camera roll to your memories. However, it would be completely impossible for them to see your camera roll because they’re not using your phone. If they logged into your Snapchat account on your phone, they would be able to see your camera roll.

If You Want To Make Sure That They Don’t View Anything From Your Camera Roll

Make sure that they don’t log into your Snapchat account via your phone because they will be able to see your camera roll in the memories section.

If they log into your Snapchat account via their phone, you need to make sure that anything from the camera roll that you’ve saved as a memory is deleted and sent into my eyes only because they’re going to be able to view everything you’ve saved as a memory since it’s saved into the cloud.

If they’ve logged into your Snapchat account with unauthorized access, then you need to log back into your account right away to log them out and change your password to make sure that they never log in again.


The only one who can see your camera roll, once unlocked and allowed to the app, is you! Unlike some other applications like Instagram or Google, on Snapchat you can only login to one account on one device at once.

Therefore, no one can view or access your camera roll unless they have your username and password! Additionally, you cannot view any other user’s camera roll at any time unless you have access to their device! Lastly, Snapchat’s feature called “My Eyes Only” allows you to mask or hide particular individual photos from your camera roll or memories.

Reminder: Remember your password! The Snapchat app does not save or recover the My Eyes Only tab across devices, and if the password is forgotten there is no way to re-access the photos that were placed in this album.

Also keep in mind that, although you may not be able to access or have your camera roll accessed through a different device, your memories are tied to your account and not your device.

This means that, only on your account (NO ONE PUBLIC), anyone on any device that has your password and username can access your Snapchat memories.

Snapchat privacy is very advanced, and they take your personal and device security seriously. Therefore, be careful with your online information, photos you may not want public, and snooping on others!

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