Can Someone See If You’re Online on WhatsApp If They Are Not A Contact?


WhatsApp provides the ability to manage your “status,” which users may refer to their contacts to see whether you are online or not. However, you cannot remain anonymous when you are online, your connections, or anybody else.

There is virtually no way to conceal that you are online, not only from your contacts but from almost anybody else on WhatsApp. It leaves the door open for stalkers to figure out if you are online by monitoring your activity.

Do People That Are Not On My Contact List See My Status Updates?

Put your status updates on private to limit what others can see. Open Whatsapp and go to the status section of the menu (icon with an upwards arrow). Now choose edit status and select Privacy. You can now choose between setting your update as public, so everybody can see it, or private, so only you have access to it.

There is also a third option to let contacts follow your online status if they are not in your address book but have your phone number saved in their phones because they too use WhatsApp. You can find this option under ‘Who can’ just below the privacy options described above. If you want to change who can see your status updates, later on, open the Status section of Whatsapp and select Edit Status. If you do not wish to view your status, you need to familiarize yourself with privacy settings.

Who Can See When I Am Online?

All of the people on your contact list will be able to view your current online status at any point in time. On the other hand, the online status does not leave any information if you fix your settings. To prevent others from knowing when you were last online, ensure your privacy settings get set appropriately. If someone is not on your contact list, they will not be able to see you online. It is not possible to update your online status. As a result, you will not be able to alter the privacy settings for this.

Whatsapp Privacy Settings

You might not know, but WhatsApp has some security settings that you should check out. One major issue with WhatsApp is that whenever your phone connects to the internet, the app tells other users that you are online, even if they aren’t on your contact list. People may think this is okay because they only see the word “online,” but it tells everyone “x is online” in their chats.

First off, make sure you are only connected to the internet when sending out a message. To do this, go to Whatsapp > Settings > Mobile Networks. Checkmark the “Data roaming turned on” box and then turn it off when you don’t need to use the internet.

Secondly, security settings for WhatsApp must get checked out if you want a more private experience of the app. To get to these settings, click on Whatsapp > Settings. Now click on the last option in the list named “Security. “There are many different things that you can do here, but I recommend enabling these two checkboxes: “Show Security Notifications” and “Require Passcode. ”

Other security settings for WhatsApp include the ability to delete your history so other users cannot see what you have been messaging. Just go to Whatsapp > Settings > Chats > Chat History. Un-tick the box named “Keep chat history” and then hit the back button. This way, whenever you go into a chat, the app will say that it is empty.

Can Unsaved Numbers Send Me Messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has a ‘Click to Chat’ function that allows you to start a conversation with someone even if their phone number isn’t registered in your address book and you might not know. You need to make sure that the unsaved number is registered with WhatsApp, which means that the person you’re sending the message should have a WhatsApp account set up for the phone number. This functionality is available on both the WhatsApp phone app and the WhatsApp browser for PC users.

The Takeaway

Whatsapp is one of the most used platforms, and it has features that people enjoy using. One of the features that people love from WhatsApp is blocking contacts and choosing who gets to see your status updates. A WhatsApp message is far more versatile than a text message.

It can function on WiFi or any 2G/3G network and does not require a solid phone network. Users use WhatsApp for various reasons, one of which is that it gives them a variety of possibilities and is affordable. They may, for example, transmit, receive, and forward a variety of messages, including photos, GIFs, audio, and video.


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