7 Best Site to Create Avatars of Yourself

Best Site to Create Avatars of Yourself

Are you tired of the same old selfie? Like it’s always the same way every time you take one after the other? Do you want something extra like make your selfies different than it was before?

Well, don’t lose your hope because in today’s modern world nothing is impossible. In this world where almost all things around you can be virtually created, get ready because you are about to create your own avatar out of your selfies with the help of these amazing avatar websites.

The following websites allows you to create customized avatars of yourself which will essentially be useful for your new social media profile photo. In this guide, you’ll find the seven best websites to create avatars of yourself.

1. Avachara Avatar

Avachara Avatar provides a huge number of variation of faces, clothes, and accessories that you can try on so making a unique avatar is fun and exciting. Avachara Avatar is one of the sites that offer a high number of options for faces, clothes, and accessories.

As you start creating your avatar, you’ll start by making the face. So you’ll customize the head shape, eyes, nose, lips and hair. Then, you can set the skin tone, color, and other important facial features. Once you’re done, you can proceed to the fashion area which will help you customize your avatar further. You can put on fancy tops, shirts, dresses, and accessories. When you’re done, simply click on the camera icon which will let you download the finished imaged in PNG format.

2. Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker seems to be a Japanese made site for making icons and avatars. If you’re looking for a funny and casual avatar creator, then this one is worth checking out. One of the things you’ll find nice about this is that they have lots of options. They even have popular features from various anime and manga characters.

If you get tired of going through the several options, you can have some fun with the randomizer. This “Randomizer” will be responsible for choosing the different features of the avatar. You can click on randomize as many times as you want. Each time, the outcome is different because this site has so many options in terms of hair styles, face shapes, special features, and top portion clothing.

Click on the gear icon to set the format of the image you want. It could be set in PNG, JPG, or GIF. When you’re done altering your avatar and you think you’re satisfied with the outcome, just hit the download button to save the image to your computer or mobile device. After a few clicks, you can share your newly created avatar via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

3. Face your Manga

Next on the list is Face your Manga. The Face your Manga is one of the best websites which can help you in creating an avatar version of yourself. So far, it seems to bring that best virtual cartoon-like version of yourself. The Face your Manga website lets you make unique avatars through their own web editor.

Based on the name of the service, manga is a Japanese term for comic book. So the appearance of your avatars will definitely appear as if they were fresh out of a comic doodle. Compared to other websites, Face your Manga has more features including adding blemishes to the face of your avatar, birthmarks, scars, moles, or even a third eye. The best part of this is you can also set the best eyebrow according to your choice. From the time of writing this, this site has already created more than 14 million avatars.

4. Marvel Superhero Avatar

Are you a web slinger or hot shot tycoon who owns thousands of iron suits? Maybe you’re the super strong captain guarding the entire space sector.

The Marvel Superhero Avatar creators is one of the most unique avatar creators you’ll encounter. The website’s main target audiences are the loyal Marvel fans and those who are just getting to know the hot shot heroes of the Marvel Universe. The Marvel Superhero Avatar lets you create not just an avatar version of yourself but a Marvel Superhero avatar. This website helps you achieve your superhero dreams, at least in a digital way. So far, you can create superheroes under the Spider man, Iron Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy themes.

5. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot is one of the top websites where you can create an avatar version of yourself, but it only offers a small number of options to choose from unlike the previously mentioned websites. However, My Blue Robot has the capabilities to create the best animated avatar version of yourself. Right off the bat, there are a few things you can do with your avatar, especially because you immediately start editing without having to sign up or upload anything. The website allows you to magnify a specific point or part of your face like making your cheeks, nose, eyes, and ears bigger than its normal size, you can also set your eyes wider apart or closer together. On top of that, you can move your eyes up and down depending on your actual facial features. Some parts of your face can also be moved and set according to your creativity and imagination. You can also tilt your head to change its position just as if you would be doing your signature pose.

6. Voki

The next website to create your own amazing avatar is Voki. Just like the other websites, Voki lets you create an avatar version of yourself out of your selfies. You’ll need to use your imagination and creativity because there’s a free editor which allows you to customize to a wide range of looks.

Voki is one of the easiest and quickest way to create your avatar version in a very simple way. This also produces a fantastic and amazing outcome for your avatar. The website offers a wide range of options to choose from and also have amazing features. The very unique part of this website is that once you’re done creating your avatar, you can animate the output to speak your voice. Sounds pretty amazing right? Listen to your animated voice spoken by your avatar.

Voki is actually an educational tool so you’re having fun and learning at the same time.

7. Charat

Several websites like this are competing against each other to be the best among the rest. You saw different websites that have their own way of attracting their audience, but this one has one of the best strategic way of getting its audiences and it’s very timely because the features of this website are similar to the anime series created by artists in Japan. So if you’re really into anime, then this is the best avatar creator for you. Charat lets you create your animated avatar version of yourself. This is really the best avatar creator for anime lovers. Just like other websites, Charat will provide you with pre-made anime characters, colors, and different adorable costumes. You can go ahead and use this site for free.

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