BeReal Not Showing Friends Posts? Try These Fixes


A lot of people complained on forums that BeReal was not showing them their friends’ posts. This is quite inconvenient and you do not want to suffer from FOMO when you cannot view your friend’s BeReal post. Lucky for you, we have the answers to why this happens and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is BeReal Not Showing Me My Friends’ Posts?

Because your friends have not posted anything, BeReal is not displaying their posts. On the BeReal app’s home screen, under the “My Friends” category, you may see what your friends have posted.

Additionally, it is conceivable that BeReal is not displaying your friends’ posts because your internet connection is unstable or unreliable. It is also likely that it is a bug or glitch in the BeReal app if you are certain that your friends have posted on BeReal but it is not visible to you.

You should consider all of these factors when you are trying to figure out why you cannot see your friend’s BeReal post.

It is important to get to the root of the problem so that you do not have to waste your time checking other possibilities. Keep in mind that bugs and glitches are quite a common occurrence on apps and it is very possible that this is the issue that is preventing you from seeing what your friends have posted on BeReal.

1. Weak or Unstable Internet Connection

It is very possible that the reason why you are not able to see your friend’s posts on the BeReal app is that your internet connection is either too weak or is unstable, which means your device will not be able to load in your friends’ posts.

Any actions you make online (including in apps) requires an internet connection and a reliable one at that. This applies even more so to the BeReal app since most posts on the app are videos, which requires a better internet connection rather than photos or text.

A wavering internet connection can certainly cause trouble when you are attempting to view your friend’s post’s on the BeReal app.

Fix – Check/Switch Internet Connection

If you are attempting to check out your friends’ posts on BeReal and are having problems, you should make sure that you have a decent internet connection.

If you are using your mobile service data, you would likely be better off switching over to a WiFi network (if possible). This is because a WiFi internet connection is typically more reliable than mobile service internet data.

With that said, if you are using a WiFi network, you should also consider switching over to your mobile service internet data, as this could also offer a better internet connection.

There could be an issue with the WiFi internet connection, which could mean that your mobile service internet data could be the wiser decision.

2. Issue With The App

We use apps all of the time and many of us enjoy keeping up with what our friends are up to at the moment. This does not exclude the BeReal app, as this could be the reason why you are not able to check out what your friends have been posting on the BeReal app.

This can be something as little as an internet connection issue or as big as a software problem. This is because apps are still a part of technology, which means that it is susceptible to bugs, errors, and malfunctions.

Sure, apps have come a long way since they were released; however, they are still far from perfect. 

Interestingly, the application that is considered to be the first mobile app to be released is “Snake,” which was a simple arcade game in-built into the 1997 Nokia 6110.

Fix – Restart BeReal App

This is a simple yet effective solution that you may not have thought of trying. It is also possible that you thought that you closed and reopened the BeReal app but in actuality, you may have switched to another app, then switched back to BeReal.

You should make sure you completely closed out the BeReal app, then you can reopen the app and find out if that fixed the problem. Unfortunately, it is feasible that the issue could repeat but this could be a quick solution.

When you close the BeReal app, it will also close out all of the possible actions you were making on the app such as loading in your friends’ post feed.

3. Account/Log-In Problem

Many people love what the BeReal app offers but not everyone has a BeReal account. With this in mind, you may be using someone else’s BeReal account, which can also cause problems such as attempting to play a song when someone is using that BeReal account.

As you may know, only one person can use a single BeReal account at one time. So, if you are using someone else’s BeReal account and they sign in on their device it will kick you out.

While this is inconvenient, it is simply how BeReal provides its randomized post method. Unfortunately, two people cannot use the same BeReal account at the same time, especially if the other person is the original owner of the account.

Fix – Log In With Your Credentials

If you try to log into your BeReal account using your email address and get the message “no account found” or “the email address isn’t associated with any account,” then something is wrong.

You can try logging in using your appropriate credentials. To access your account, you must use the account username. When you do this, your username rather than your email will be used as your login information.

If you are still unable to log in, your account might have been hacked. While it is unlikely, it is not unheard of to have your account hacked. This should fix the issue at hand and if it does not, try the next fix.

4. There’s A Bug

As previously mentioned, the BeReal application is far from perfect, which means that it is almost guaranteed to experience issues such as bugs, glitches, and malfunctions.

This is all part of technology, especially when we are talking about services that are still being worked on. As this was put quite eloquently by D’Angelo, “In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time.”

It is very possible and likely that there is a bug causing the error to occur on their side of BeReal. This is because a technical bug that we speak of is essentially that, an error, which also means that it can and will be corrected.

This is also why they encourage users to contact their help center if the problem persists since this will help them to pinpoint issues in the system and fix them accordingly, which means that the error that occurred will be less likely to happen in the future.

Fix – Clear App Cache

As you may know, the cache for an app holds and stores data that can be used in the future to make your requests quicker.

However, the app cache can also hold bugs. We obviously do not mean literal bugs but rather a technical bug and this technical bug can become recurrent, especially when it is being held in the app cache.

This is because the cached data is accessed every time you use the application, which can cause the app to kick you out or even log you out.

Clear the cache for the BeReal app and this should clear up the issue you are experiencing. With any luck, you will be back to catching up with your friend’s posts on BeReal.

5. Device Software Outdated

While it is unlikely, it is still a possibility that your smartphone’s software is out of date. Updates are important for all devices, as they offer both software and hardware updates that are critical for your device.

This can certainly be the cause of why you are unable to view your friend’s post’s on the BeReal app. This can be a software compatibility issue or may even be an update for the BeReal app that you might have somehow missed.

Fix – Update Device/App

If you believe that your device might be out of date or that the BeReal app may need to be updated, then you will want to update both the device and the app. This is because updates bring critical software and hardware updates that keep your device and/or app running properly. 

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