Apple’s macOS comes with an in-built zoom functionality, just like the zoom function on Windows OS. You can use this feature to zoom in on Mac when you can’t read or view small text. The zoom will work throughout the system, including on web browsers.

This post will show you how to zoom in on Mac using keyboard shortcuts, and the Touch Bar on newer MacBook Pro’s.

Zooming in on Mac is quite simple to do using the keyboard shortcuts. We will first show you how to configure the zoom feature using the Zoom panel in Accessibility settings on your Mac. The keyboard zoom shortcuts are usually not enabled, which means that you will have to manually turn it on.

Zoom Settings

To access the Zoom settings on your Mac, follow the steps below. Before you start using zoom, you will need to make sure that all the settings are configured properly. If not, the feature may not work like you want it to. You can change settings and enable/disable zoom in Accessibility.

1. Click on the Apple logo and select System Preferences.

2. Select the Accessibility option.

4. Now select the Zoom panel on this page.

5. You should now be able to see all the Zoom related features.

6. If the Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts aren’t enabled, you will need to turn them on.

7. Check the box that says ‘Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom’.

Also make sure to select the Smooth Images option to make sure the zoomed image or text is smooth. You can also select the Zoom style to choose between Full screen zooming or picture-in-picture zooming.

This is entirely up to you, but Full screen zooming is generally selected for Macbooks. If you have a large display, then you may want to select Picture-in-Picture zoom. You can try them out by clicking on the Options button.

Zoom in on Mac using Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that zoom is enabled on your Mac, you can start using the keyboard shortcuts to use the feature. Below are all the keyboard shortcuts that you can use:

1. Option+Command+(+) – This is how you zoom in on Mac.

2. Option+Command+(-) – You can use this to zoom out on Mac when you’re done zooming in.

3. Option+Command+8 – Use this to enable/disable keyboard shortcuts.

4. Option+Command+(\) – This will enable/disable the smooth images option.

These are the latest keyboard shortcuts available on macOS Mojave. The shortcuts can be different on older version of macOS or OS X, so make sure to check it before using them.
Zoom in on Mac using Touch Bar

You can also use the zoom functionality with the help of the Touch Bar. On new generation MacBook Pro’s, Apple has included an OLED Touch Bar above the keyboard, which replaces the function keys. This Touch Bar will adapt to the app you’re in and provide easy to access tools and actions. The Bar can also be used to display Accessibility shortcuts such as Zoom.

To use to the Touch Bar to zoom in on Mac, you will need to enable the function in the Accessibility Settings. The steps to enable this feature is the same as the one used to enable keyboard shortcuts. Follow the steps mentioned above and then select ‘Enable Touch Bar’ zoom feature.

Now, touch the Touch bar with your finger and place it on it until you see the zoom-in controls appear on the OLED panel. You can use pinch to zoom to zoom in on the screen. Press the Command Key and then do the pinch gesture with your thumb and another finger. To zoom out, pinch out using two fingers.

Zoom in on Mac using Magic Mouse

Another way to use the zoom feature on a Mac, is to use the Magic Mouse. To Zoom in using the Magic mouse, you can double tap on the touchpad. To zoom out, double tap again. Again, you will need to enable this Smart Zoom feature in Preferences > Mouse > Point & Click. You can also change the gesture to perform the zoom action.

There you go, some easy ways to zoom in on Mac. The easiest method is by using the keyboard shortcuts, so do try them out.