You’re on YouTube and you click on your favourite YouToube video only to realize that the video won’t play.

This can be a frustrating situation and it can ruin your mood especially if you need to watch the video for a significant reason.

The Reason YouTube Videos Won’t Play

Since YouTube hosts all of their videos on a server, problems are going to arise at some point because servers aren’t always 100% reliable. If there’s a problem with their servers, for example, the servers aren’t responding to the IP requests, then this could be a good reason why the app isn’t working properly.

YouTube also uses HTML 5 to play back all the videos when you click on them – if there’s a connection issue between your iPhone and the HTML 5 player, then the videos won’t play.

These are the main reason why you’re going to experience problems so, I’m going to show you how to fix this down below.

Reduce the Quality of the Video

Low video quality on YouTube

The first thing you’ll need to do to fix this is to reduce the quality of the video you’re trying to play.

If you’re trying to stream a video at a high quality and your internet connection isn’t strong enough, the videos aren’t going to play or they’re going to freeze regularly.

So, you’re going to have to lower the quality of the video.

You can do this by clicking the settings icon on the video and choosing a lower quality – the lower the quality, the higher the chance that the YouTube video is going to play so I’d recommend 144p.

After you’ve done this, you should notice that your YouTube videos start to play.

If this tip didn’t work, go to the next step.

Change from Wi-Fi to Data Vice Versa

The next thing you’ll need to do is to change from WIFI to data because there could be a problem with your internet connection.

YouTube needs an internet connection to work properly so if you switch to a reliable source of the internet such as your data, this could fix the problem. If you tried this and it didn’t manage to fix the problem, then you’ll need to go to the next step.

Switch YouTube Accounts

Sign out of Google Account

There may be a problem with the Google account you’re currently using for YouTube, so you can try and switch to another Google account if you have one.

This will rule out the options that the videos aren’t playing because there’s a problem with your account.

You can switch account accounts by:

  1. Tap your account photo
  2. Tap Switch account
  3. Tap Use YouTube signed out
  4. Sign into another google account

After you’ve switched accounts, check if you can play YouTube videos properly.

If it doesn’t play or it starts to freeze, go to the next step.

Delete the YouTube App

Delete YouTube app from iPhone

The next thing you should do to fix this is to wipe the apps cache – this gets rid of the app’s history on your iPhone. To do this, you simply need to delete it then reinstall it in the Apps Store.

Deleting the apps memory on your iPhone should help to fix the problem. After reinstalling the app on your iPhone/iPad, videos should start to play normally.

Close all the Apps in the Background

The next step you need to take to fix this is to close all the apps in the background because it’s possible that an app in the background is stopping YouTube from functioning properly.

In order to eliminate this option, you’ll need to close all the apps in the background including YouTube.

After you’ve done this, you can open the app again and see if videos are playing. If YouTube is still experiencing problems, go to the next step.

Check if YouTube is Down

Check YouTube in Downdetector

If you’ve tried all of the steps above and none of them worked, it very likely that the servers hosting YouTube are down.

This means that when you request a video to play, their server isn’t responding to your IP address, therefore the video won’t play.

You can check if their servers are down by doing a simple Google search – type in ‘is YouTube down’. After doing this, click on the downdetector result and you’ll be told if there’s a problem with YouTube servers.

If there’s no problem, you’ll see ‘No problems at YouTube’.