YouTube TV Blurry? Try These 13 Fixes

YouTube TV Quality Bad

YouTube TV being blurry is a frequent problem, and you can resolve it by adjusting a few settings and identifying the underlying reason for the problem. The video quality is often blurry because of the limited bandwidth available on your YouTube TV.

Even while your Youtube TV player displays the HD or 1080p sign, this does not necessarily imply that the video quality will be streaming in high definition. Instead, it shows that the video quality can be streamed in high definition (HD) depending on your device and internet bandwidth.

Is YouTube TV Only 720p?

With YouTube TV, you can watch content in resolutions of up to 1080p, depending on the channel or program you’re on. Most of the content is streamed in 720p even though YouTube TV is capable of 1080p.

YouTube TV bolts past most of its competitors regarding TV streaming quality as Hulu has only just started streaming some channels at 1080p.

Your YouTube TV streaming service is HD and most channels are streamed at 720p. So although you won’t be enjoying the maximum 1080 quality when watching most programs, you can appreciate that some channels offer that.

A few people have questioned if YouTube TV is only 720p. If you’ve not yet come across a channel that’s high quality that streams content in 1080, you’re going to think that YouTube TV is only 720p when that’s not the case.

Why is YouTube TV Quality So Bad

1. The Program’s Quality is Low

Many individuals believe that YouTube is the best, most refined platform for watching internet videos. Compared to other video-hosting services, YouTube is the only one capable of streaming 4K video content.

While YouTube can provide the most OK quality video streaming available, there are instances when it can be slow or become clogged with traffic. When this occurs, you’ll frequently encounter blurry pictures. If the channel or show you’re watching was uploaded as low resolution, it’ll be blurry when you watch it.

2. Internet Is Bad

The algorithm used by Youtube TV is pretty effective at determining the ideal channel resolution at which your device can operate smoothly and without buffering. On the other hand, YouTube TV may attempt to stream the movie at a higher quality despite a limited bandwidth or sluggish internet connection.

It results in bad picture quality, sporadic wi-fi connections, and data saved on your device’s Youtube TV software. Check that your internet connection has a low ping rating and can perform fast downloads and uploads.

In terms of ping times, they reflect how easily packets are downloaded and transferred via your internet connection. A ping time of less than 20ms is deemed satisfactory. To stream high-quality films without buffering or lagging, ensure that the download speed is at least 35 Mbps, considering the starting speed and the ping.

3. The App is Out Of Date

Developers are working around the clock to improve the applications so users can have a fantastic experience. It is necessary to upgrade the app to receive the most recent version. Updating does not necessitate a significant investment of your time or work.

Although it is all relatively straightforward, many people do not pay close attention. Without the updates, the applications you have won’t run as smoothly as they should, and your entire TV can become sluggish due to the lack of performance.

Furthermore, you can encounter specific difficulties, such as program crashes or unclear videos. Even if you try different fixes, the pixelated pictures on Youtube tv will not get fixed until you update the app on your smart TV. When experiencing blurry pictures, check that your app is up to date and if it’s not, update it.

4. App Is Glitching

A glitch is a technical word that refers to a tiny and transient fault in a system that happens due to unknown factors. However, while the exact source is unknown, it can result in small error messages and blurry picture.

A common symptom of an app that frequently crashes is that it is not running on the most recent version of your operating system.

Most of the time, older versions of an app aren’t entirely compatible with the most recent operating system available for your TV, so you may see blurry channels on YouTube tv. If a glitch causes your blurry picture, you should see a Youtube tv update that will fix the glitch in no time.

5. The Stream Itself Is of Bad Quality

As viewers, we’ve almost certainly all seen difficulties such as buffering, lagging, and low quality at some point. This kind of quality error can be aggravating for viewers, and it can leave them with a negative impression.

Even while streaming quality is improving across the board, there can be times when you come across a terrible stream. One of the most frequent objectives of professional broadcasters is to provide a good viewing experience for their audiences.

The quality of a live broadcast directly influences the experience of watching it. The quality of a live broadcast is determined by the streaming technology employed, which might result in bad quality visuals.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to fix if the stream is blurry. Regardless of how you try to change your settings, watching an awful stream will affect the quality of the video.

6. Intermittent Internet Connection

When your router drops your broadband connection at random intervals, this is an Intermittent Connection. Contrary to Speed Faults, which cause your connection rates to appear slower than usual, this is not a technical problem.

Internet connectivity problems can occur for various reasons, including insufficient signal strength or device malfunction. If you experience YouTube TV at only 720p, it could be caused by an intermittent internet connection.

7. Conflict in Stored Data

Almost all smart televisions are equipped with built-in storage. When there is a conflict in stored data, it may result in blurry tv. From time to time, you need to make sure that you clear your history and tv data to avoid conflicting data disrupting your tv viewing.

8. Issue With Firestick

The Firestick is a fantastic product, yet, like many electrical devices, it is occasionally plagued by problems.

In most cases, when you notice a bad picture quality on YouTube Tv, the firmware on your Amazon Fire TV/Stick is outdated. You will need to troubleshoot your Firestick to find out what is causing the blurry tv then you can fix it.

9. Issue With Smart TV

An incorrect resolution produces a bad resolution most of the time. The wires can cause it or the TV you’re watching YouTube TV on. Alternatively, the picture settings on your television may have been mistakenly altered, resulting in a stretched picture that is also low quality.

You can perform a soft reset to see whether the problem is only a small one. If it doesn’t work, you’ll want to double-check your connections and any other devices that are connected to your television.

10. The Channel Maxs Out at 720p

Any show uploaded with a 60fps refresh rate is only displayed at a maximum resolution of 720p on a television.

Shows on YouTube that aren’t uploaded at 60 frames per second or in 4K will play at their highest resolution, and sadly there is nothing you can do about it. Once the channel maxes out at 720, the resolution may be blurry, but there is nothing you can do on your part.

11. Google Cloud Service is Down

When Google’s cloud service is down, you will experience problems watching YouTube TV. Unfortunately, if Google’s cloud service goes down, many other apps go down with it.

How to Fix Bad Quality YouTube TV

Suppose any YouTube TV users are currently experiencing poor picture quality with the live TV streaming service. In that case, reviewing the current YouTube TV settings may be worthwhile and making any necessary adjustments to the service.

1080p is the highest playback resolution accessible to clients who subscribe to the basic plan. However, that does not guarantee that the solution will always get set to the highest level. To fix blurry quality Youtube tv:

1. Adjust Picture Quality

One option to get rid of a bad or low-quality stream on YouTube TV is to manually move between the quality settings, which will cause the YTTV player to adapt and pull a higher quality video stream from the YouTube server.

YouTube TV’s PQ (picture quality) may be modified manually, and the picture may seem grainy even though it is getting broadcast in high definition at times.

In some instances, you’ll need to toggle between lower and better quality to reset the picture settings. Even if it is set to Auto, it is still recommended to adjust it manually because the settings on Auto have been corrupted, resulting in fuzzier pciture.

how to change youtube tv to 1080p:

1. Open a YouTube TV.

2. Scroll down to the HD symbol.

3. You may now choose a resolution and return to the previous screen.

4. Allow a bit of time for the modifications to occur, and the channel will transform from blurry to crystal clear.

2. Clear YouTube Cache

If your video quality is still not up to par, here is another way that, when used in conjunction with the previous method. The YouTube TV app must be installed and utilized instead of direct streaming through the browser to watch YouTube TV through any device.

Static data, such as cookies and cache, are saved to help the program run more quickly and efficiently. As you go around the app, every video you watch and every setting you change is held, and the data is retrieved as you move across the app.

It results in the cache and other data being stored and updated within the App data, which might cause contradictory data to be stored and updated, which must be manually removed.

3. Fix Internet Issues

It is necessary to do a proper power cycle of your wi-fi router by removing it from the power supply and putting it back in after a few minutes so that all devices have had time to cool down and you receive a new IP address.

It is necessary to close the Youtube TV program and reopen it on your device when the required power cycle has been completed, regardless of whether it is a Smart TV or Firestick.

After that, your YouTube TV app will start streaming in good quality again, and you will no longer see a bad quality, blurry stream that was previously displayed.

In addition, it’s worth remembering that the greater the number of people viewing YouTube at once, the slower the internet gets, which will almost surely affect families that share a YouTube account.

Other than the internet connection, some additional variables might be to fault for the lesser visual quality than was anticipated.

You can reduce the visual quality if your device does not support VP9. Certain movies may not be available for viewing in HD due to technical limitations. It is in addition to the fact that not all viewers will have access to the most excellent quality from the beginning.

4. Update App

Without updates, your applications won’t run as smoothly as they should, and your entire TV can become sluggish due to the lack of performance. Aside from that, you may encounter various difficulties, such as the program crashing or poor visual quality.

The most recent version of your applications offers you access to the most recent features while also improving the security and stability of your apps.

If you are experiencing blurry channels, you should check if there is an app update that you need to install. Most people like to update their apps because they don’t see the need or find it hard to keep up with all the updates. To spare yourself the trouble, you can choose to have your apps update automatically.

5. Change the Stream

YouTube TV automatically adjusts the visual quality to meet the current circumstances. Some customers may notice that the picture quality varies while watching.

In many cases, the quality of the stream is a significant factor in whether or not YouTube TV makes an automated adjustment to the visual resolution and quality.

If you are watching a stream and the picture is blurry, you can change the stream to see if the picture quality improves. In some instances, some streams will be of low quality, hence affecting the stream’s video quality, leaving you with bad-quality pictures.

6. Reinstall YouTube

1. Go to the home screen.

2. Choose the three horizontal lines on your television screen using your remote control.

3. Go to the Apps menu, and then choose the YouTube app.

4. Select the Delete option from the menu bar to remove the YouTube app.

5. Once the YouTube application has been uninstalled, wait a few minutes before downloading the app.

7. Reboot Fire TV Stick

You can reboot the Fire TV Stick to clear the blurry pictures on Youtube TV. To do this:

1. You can use a remote to reboot your Fire TV Stick; all you need to do is

2. Turn on your television and wait for the screen to display the Fire Stick’s home page.

3. Press and hold the “Home” button on your television remote control for seconds. Then, using your remote control, select “Settings.”

4. In “Settings,” go down to “My Fire TV,” click on it, and then scroll down to “Restart” to bring your device back to life.


Restart the stick in your settings by:

1. On your television, scroll up to the top of the Amazon Fire Stick home screen and select the “Home” menu. Scroll to the right and click on “Settings” to complete the process.

2. Move your cursor to the right and select “My Fire TV.”

3. In “My Fire TV,” scroll to the bottom and click on “Restart,” Your Fire Stick will restart on its own automatically.


You can choose to unplug the stick. Locate the area where your Amazon Fire Stick is linked to your television, and then unhook it from either the television or the power socket where it is attached. After disconnecting your Fire Stick, give it a few seconds before plugging it back in.

8. Change Quality to Auto

In the past, you’ve had the option of adjusting the quality of individual films while playing, but soon you’ll be able to customize the default settings for every stream that plays from the app.

To change the “Video quality preferences,” navigate to YouTube’s settings and choose “Video quality preferences.” It is beneficial since it eliminates relying on Google to select the best quality for your needs.

9. Restart Internet Connection

There is a significant difference when comparing resetting a router to restarting one. One is more transient than the other, and both are employed for specific functions. Allowing the router to cool down and flush out its memory is accomplished by restarting the device.

To restart your internet connection:

1. Unplug the router from the wall. Unplug any additional managed network devices, such as network switches that you may have connected to the network. Unmanaged devices can be switched on, but you should exercise caution if you suspect they contribute to the problem.

2. Wait at least 30 seconds before continuing. During this period, the device may cool down, and it also serves to notify your Internet service provider, PCs, and other devices that the router and modem have gone offline.

3. Connect the modem to the computer. Try again if the computer does not come to life within a few seconds of pressing the Power button.

4. Wait at least 60 seconds before continuing. During this period, the modem authenticates with your Internet service provider and is issued a public IP address to use on the internet.

5. Connect the router to the computer. Some routers require you to push a Power button before they can work. If you are using a combo modem/router, you can skip this step and the next. The software in the device ensures that everything is initiated in the appropriate sequence.

6. Wait at least 2 minutes before continuing. It provides the router with enough time to boot up.

7. When the router and modem have been restarted, check whether the problem has been resolved.

10. Restart The Device

When you have blurry pictures, restart your device to see if the problem goes away. Most times, restarting your device is like rebooting it, and any minor issues will get rectified.

11. Unplug Smart TV

You can unplug your Smart TV to try and fix the blurry Youtube TV pictures. Unplugging your TV will give it time to reboot itself before you try to watch your program again.

12. Update Smart TV

Keeping your smart television up to date with the most recent firmware and software upgrades is critical. These upgrades contain bug fixes and include new essential features and apps, bug fixes, and enhancements to existing functionality.

If you don’t keep your smart TV’s firmware up to date, you’ll miss some essential features, such as security patches and bug fixes that can make your viewing experience more enjoyable. You can also gain access to new features by updating the firmware on your smart TV.

13. Wait for Google Cloud Service to Go Back Up

You can also experience blurry pictures when Google cloud services are down. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do in this situation besides wait for it to go back up.

The Conclusion

YouTube TV can make automated modifications to the visual quality for various reasons, including the internet connection speed at the viewing session. On the other hand, subscribers can verify and modify their picture quality while watching a video by selecting the “More” or “Settings” option and selecting the appropriate quality.

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