YouTube Sidebar Not Showing? Try These 11 Fixes

YouTube Sidebar Not Showing

If you log into your YouTube account on your PC and notice your sidebar is gone, your immediate reaction is to wonder why the sidebar is gone? The reason is never certain on what caused this event.

However, after the sidebar disappeared, some users said that the YouTube sidebar shows up on the left side of the screen after several minutes. This issue tends to happen with Samsung TVs as well.

This is an issue that can drive you up the wall. You are in the right place at the right time to figure out why this happens and what to do to fix it.

Why Is YouTube Sidebar Not Showing

1. Is it Possible You’ve Got a Bug?

Fix – Use

A fast method that can quickly isolate this problem is by using the web browser on your device instead of using YouTube. If you are using the YouTube app, there is an issue with the application itself. So, what’s the next best alternative? Use 

Going directly to will provide a more efficient experience, and you may be able to access and see your sidebar.

Most people would consider this to be an extensive process. However, although you have to go directly to the website to access your sidebar feature, this will isolate the issue to your YouTube app being the issue rather than the website. 

Using will give you access to the full functionality of YouTube, and you will have access to all of the needed features, including the sidebar on

Besides, when using the website, you will be able to select the options quicker than using the application where you would have to toggle in order to reach a certain feature. When utilizing, not only will you be able to see your sidebar, but you will be able to select features more quickly. 

Fix 2 – Use YouTube on Your Browser

Before attempting this, ensure you can access a dependable web browser on your mobile device. There are many awesome browsers to choose from: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and the list goes on and on.  

To use YouTube  on your PC, follow the steps accordingly:

1. Once you have the web browser open on your PC, in the search bar, type in, this will take you to the login screen for accessing your account.

2. Once you are on the YouTube login screen, sign into your account with your credentials. 

3. After you are signed into your account, your sidebar should automatically come up on the left side of the screen. 

And if you have to, you may have to disable or update your browser plugins. 

To disable plugins, you must: 

1. Open Google Chrome and then access its menu.

2. Click the more tools option and then choose the extensions option.

3. Switch off the bar for the plugin you want to disable.

4. Next, you have to update the plugins. 

To update the plugin:

1. Go to chrome://extensions/

2. Then, activate the developer mode at the top right corner and then click the update button. 

3. When the updating process has been completed, go to the YouTube page and see if the sidebar appears.

4. Utilizing a web browser is a beautiful alternative that will allow you to isolate this issue quickly.

If you are able to see your sidebar on the web browser rather than the application on your PC or Samsung TV, there may be a more internal issue going on when it comes to the YouTube app. 

Fix 3 – Log Out and Log In

Sometimes, the best way to resolve a bug issue is to log out of the account and log back in. This is a quick and feasible way to reset YouTube.

To log out of your YouTube account on a PC, 

1. First, tap your profile icon located in the right corner of the YouTube page.

2. Scroll down until you see the option to sign out.

3. Tap on the sign-out option.

4. After you have logged out of your YouTube account, sign back in using your credentials. 

Fix 4 – Clear the Cache

Clearing your cache is a great way to clear out any bugs with YouTube. After clearing your cache, everything will be back to its full force potential, and your sidebar will appear.

To clear out your cache, you must do the following:

1. If you are using Google Chrome as your primary web browser, open the Google Chrome browser.

2. Once the browser is open, open the menu by clicking the three vertical dots at the top right corner. For other browsers, the menu button will possibly be different.

3. Select the more tools option from the menu and then select the Clear browsing data option.

4. Under the basic tab, select the time range and browsing history, and other site data, or cached images and files. 

5. Click clear data to remove the YouTube cache and cookies.

To clear your cache on your Samsung tv, you must: 

1. Tap the home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote.

2. Go to settings.

3. Select apps.

4. Go to the system apps.

5. Choose the app you want to clear the cache with.

6. Tap the clear cache option.

7. Tap OK to confirm. 

After the cache is cleared, reopen YouTube on your PC, or Samsung TV will appear.

Fix 5 – Update the App

You may want to check for updates to eliminate that nasty bug. Updates are a vital part of an app’s safety, security, and functionality. So, updating Twitter may be a great option to proceed with.

If you are using a Windows PC to update your YouTube, search for the YouTube app. Select the YouTube app. Select update.

If you don’t have this option, it means your YouTube is running the latest version.

If you are using a Mac to update YouTube, launch the app store on Mac and visit the update section from the bar. From here, you can look for all the apps that are available for an update.

Look for the YouTube app and click on the update button adjacent to it. Alternatively, you can also search for the YouTube app on the App Store and update it. 

If you are updating your apps on a Samsung TV, you must: 

1. Press the Smart Hub button on your remote.

2. Select featured. 

3. Navigate to an app that needs updating; in this case, you will be selecting YouTube. Then press and hold the enter button until a sub-menu appears.

4. Select update apps.

5. Click select all.

6. Select update.

Any apps with an available update will begin updating immediately.

When the update is complete, be sure to sign back into your YouTube account on your PC or Samsung TV to see if the sidebar will appear.

Updates are a critical process that is part of the application and other system functionalities. If an app is out of date, you may experience issues such as lagging, certain features not appearing, or in this case, your sidebar not being visible on your home screen, and many other possible issues that may take place.

Fix 6- Reinstall YouTube

To reinstall youtube, you must uninstall it from your PC or Samsung TV first. 

From your Windows computer, open Microsoft Edge. Click the Settings and more button in the top right corner. Select the app’s submenu. Click the manage apps options. Under the installed apps section, click the details button for youtube. Click the Uninstall button.

After the application is uninstalled, to reinstall YouTube again, open Microsoft Edge and then navigate to Click the Settings and more button in the top right corner. Select the app’s sub-menu. Click the install YouTube option. Click the install button.

To uninstall YouTube from your Samsung tv, turn on the TV and press the home button. Select apps and then go to the Google Play store. Select my apps on the top left-hand side. Choose youtube. Press uninstall.

To reinstall YouTube back to your Samsung TV, open the main menu on your tv. Click on the Samsung apps icon. You should see a search bar in the top left corner. Click on it and type in YouTube. Press the enter button.

The first result should be a YouTube app. Once the app appears, click on it to open it. Then, click on the install button to begin the installation of the YouTube app.

If you are using a Mac OS to uninstall YouTube, locate the app in the finder window. Drag the app to the trash, or select the app and choose file, then move to trash.

If you are asked for a username and password, enter the name and password of an administrator account on your Mac. To delete the app, choose finder and then empty trash.

To reinstall on Mac OS, navigate to your app store and search for YouTube. After locating the YouTube app, select the install button to begin the installation.

After the YouTube app is redownloaded on your Samsung TV or PC, open the app and sign in with your credentials. After you are signed in, your sidebar should be available on the left side of your home screen. 

If the sidebar is not available, navigate to the next alternative in this article. 

Uninstalling and reinstalling the application again on either device will give the app a fresh start. Before resorting to factory resetting or any other hard reset, it will be best to uninstall the application and then reinstall it.

Fix 7 – Contact YouTube

If you have been having an issue with resolving the problem on your own, their next bet would be to contact YouTube support for further inquiry and assistance. 

To contact support from your pc, open a web browser, and in the search bar, type in This will take you directly to the YouTube Contact Us page. From here, you will be able to type in your issue in the search bar to navigate to particular articles based on your issue.

If the Articles from support aren’t any help, you have the option to ask the community on the Contact Us page. From here, you can submit an inquiry by giving details of your issue, and the inquiry will be forwarded to support. Once the inquiry is submitted, a representative will contact you promptly.

If you are looking to contact support via email, go to and sign in with your credentials. At the bottom, under Need More Help, select contact us. From there, follow the prompts to email the Creator Support team.

Contacting support would give you the opportunity to have a representative isolate the issue for you, especially if you have been having trouble isolating the issue yourself.

Before you think there is a problem with your connection, an issue with your PC or Samsung TV, or an issue with the app, when in doubt, reach out. YouTube has highly trained professionals to investigate, isolate, and resolve quickly.

2. The bummer of them all…YouTube is down

Yes, if YouTube is down, this can be a major bummer. Most likely, the server for YouTube connections and Communications may be down for a while.

When a server is down, there is little that can be done to resolve any issue since the issue is out of your hands. The problem is now in the hands of the developers of the website/app.

Fix – Wait For YouTube Servers to Correct Itself

YouTube development is connected to a server, just like other popular social media platforms out there. Sometimes, when an application or website isn’t working properly, it is due to the server for that app or website currently being down.

That cannot be very pleasant for some consumers. However, the only option available is to wait for YouTube to come back up.

Usually, suppose there is an internal issue with the app or website. In that case, the app developers will send out a notification to consumers via email or text message, notifying them that there is an ongoing issue that they are working hard to resolve.

So, if you are having an issue with your sidebar disappearing, it’s possible that the server connected to YouTube decided to shut down for a while.

But don’t worry and don’t panic, for this is something that only lasts for a little while. If the server is down, the app will come back up in a timely manner before you know it. 

While you’re waiting for the server to come back up, try utilizing your time wisely to pass the time. If you are a YouTuber and the server crashed before you posted your latest video, drum up other ideas for your next video.

So once the new video is posted, you can immediately dive into creating your next video.

If you are someone who enjoys watching other videos from other YouTubers, try to follow their content on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, and more.

Doing this will allow you to stay calm and at ease while you’re waiting for the server to revive itself.

3. How’s Your Internet Connection

There are many people who fail to realize that their internet connection could be the issue for why they are experiencing technical difficulty.

Your internet connection is the life source for the devices you use as well as the applications that are downloaded on your devices.

Think of it like this; the server is the heart of the application, the application is the functioning body, and your internet connections are the veins that provide a steady flow of signals to the application.

Just like a blockage could hinder blood supply to your brain and other parts of your body, if there is a blockage in your internet connection, you could experience technical difficulties, no doubt.

This can cause the application to work twice as hard, especially if you have access to other features such as your sidebar on your PC or Samsung TV.

Fix – Restart Internet Connection

If your network on your PC or Samsung TV isn’t cooperating, it may need a reset. This will flush out any issues with your current connection. Before attempting a network reset, ensure you are logged out of the YouTube account before proceeding with the steps below.

To reset your network settings on your PC, go to the start menu, settings, Network and internet, status, and Network reset. 

If you have a VPN or a proxy server, it may need to be reconfigured following the reset.

Resetting network settings removes any network adapter installed on your system. 

To reset network settings on your Samsung tv, you must: 

1. Using your Samsung remote go to settings by tapping the source button and then select the gear icon on your TV. 

2. Once the settings are open, navigate to general settings. General settings will be indicated with a wrench next to it. Tap on General to open. Tap on the network option.

3. On the network screen, scroll down until you see the reset network section. Tap on reset network. When you are asked if you want to reset the network settings and are you sure, select yes.

4. The reset of the network settings could take a couple of minutes. So be patient.

5. Once the reset is successful, a prompt will appear stating, “The network settings have been reset. You can set them again by selecting network settings.” Go back to your network settings by tapping on the network settings tab on the prompter.

6. From there, you will be able to input your Wi-Fi password and link your TV back to your connection.

7. After resetting your network settings, sign back into your YouTube account on your PC or Samsung TV to see if your sidebar is visible on the screen.

Fix 2 – Restart Router

If you have attempted resetting your network settings and there is no progress, you may want to attempt to restart your router. There are many ways to restart your router.

The simplest way is to unplug the router from the wall outlet, wait for approximately 10 seconds, and then plug the router back into the wall outlet.

Before attempting a restart of your router, it would be essential to make sure you are logged out of your YouTube on your PC or Samsung TV. 

After your router has restarted, into your YouTube account on your TV or PC. 

Fix 3 – Reset Router

The last and final option is to reset your router. A reset and restart are two different alternatives. And restart is considered rebooting the system. Whereas a reset may take a little longer. 

Most routers have a tiny reset button located at the back of its’ panel. You may need a pen-pointed tool to reach the reset button in the back of the router.

If you have a pin-pointed tool, press and hold the small reset button on the back of the router. Press and hold the button for approximately 10 seconds, and then release. This will automatically reset the router.

Once the router is reset, log back into your YouTube account on your Samsung TV or PC. Once you are logged in, your sidebar should appear on the left side of your screen. 


Having the sidebar on your YouTube page is a cool toggle that allows you access to other YouTube features. But, let’s say that you log into your YouTube page one day and don’t see the sidebar anymore.

There are many causes that could contribute to this effect. Also, there is always a resolution available if there is an issue.

The alternatives in this article are provided to ensure a relief of stress. So when the issue occurs again, you’ll know what steps to take to fix the issue right away.

Some of these self-help strategies involve using YouTube on your browser, logging out and logging back in, clearing the cache, updating the app, reinstalling YouTube, and contacting YouTube support.

And if you have attempted everything there is, you may have to wait for the YouTube server to come back up or try playing around with your router to see if it’s your internet connection that’s the issue.

However the issue proceeds itself, you have probable causes that may contribute to the issue, which makes it easier to isolate the problem.

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