You’re Offline. Check Your Connection. Retry

You're Offline. Check Your Connection. Retry

Yet, you are having trouble accessing said applications (apps) and or websites, due to being told “You are offline. Check Connection and Retry.”

This certainly is an inconvenient problem that stops you from enjoying YouTube. Luckily, we have some helpful fixes for such a situation.

How to Fix You’re Offline. Check Your Connection. Retry

As stated above, this is an inconvenient and can be frustrating issue to face when you are trying to use / enjoy your favorite apps and or websites.

So, let’s talk about internet connection and start with the basics of what exactly the internet is. The internet is a worldwide computer network that transmits a variety of data and media across interconnected devices.

It works by using a packet routing network that follows Internet Protocol (IP) and Transport Control Protocol (TCP).

Knowing this information; when you are encountering the “You Are Offline. Check Connection and Retry.” message, this means there is clearly a problem somewhere in the process of you receiving an internet connection.

These internet connection issues can stem from something as little as a poor internet connection, where you have a connection, but it is too weak to carry out the processes you are attempting; to larger issues such as, a bug in your device causing trouble with the connection capabilities of your device.

While the severity of these problems can vary; however, they can all be fixed, some simpler than others and some a little more complex.

Follow along below to get some helpful fixes to these internet connection problems and they could be the answers to your internet difficulties.

1. Poor Internet Connection

As mentioned previously, a poor internet connection does not mean you do not have an internet connection at all. It simply means that you have a weak internet connection, which is still capable of carrying out simple tasks such as sending / receiving texts (sometimes) and uploading very small amounts of data.

For example, if you are on Facebook and your feed loads up just fine; however, when you stop on a video to view it, it will lag and buffer, essentially trying to load the video, but the internet connection is too weak to remain fluent and play properly.

This can be quite frustrating since it gives the impression that you are connected yet, it will not load up everything on said page.

See, your internet starts by being sent to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), then it is sent to either your device or (in the case of WiFi), your modem to your router. A router connects your devices to each other and, in hard-wired connection setups, to the modem.

The router connects to your modem and then to your devices (laptops, smart TVs, printers, etc.) via either an Ethernet cable or, in the case of a wireless router, WiFi signal. This is quite the understated process of the internet connection and can have problems along the way. On that note, let’s get this fixed.

Fix – Turn Your WI-FI Off Then On

One possible answer to this internet connection issue is to turn off your WiFi (if you are on WiFi) and then turn the WiFi back on. This can provide a very soft restart to your internet connection and WiFi connection.

If you are by chance on your PC, it is quite simple to go about this action as all you have to do is, bring your mouse cursor down to your toolbar and locate your WiFi connection / internet connection symbol then bring your cursor over the symbol and click on it; which will pop the connections menu, go to the one titled “WiFi” and click on it, here you will be able to toggle the “On” and “Off” options.

Select the “Off” option, it is good to give it at least 30 seconds and then simply select the “On” option. That is it, and hopefully, this will restore your WiFi internet connection to its former glory.

When attempting this off and on, very soft restart of your WiFi internet connection is luckily, very easy if you are on Android, and the same could be said for the iOS system.

All you must do in order to achieve this is, swipe down your notifications bar at the top of your devices’ screen, then locate the “WiFi” icon, which is usually the very first icon from left to right, then simply tap on it to set it to “Off” (give at least 30 seconds) then tap it again to set it back to “On”.

The WiFi icon will be emboldened when it is on, and that’s all. This could very well restore your WiFi internet connection.

Fix 2 – If You’re Using Data, Get Into an Area With Better Signal

Almost all of us have been there. You are on the hiking trail getting those steps in, and you remember you did not text your friend back when you meant to earlier.

So, you pull out your phone and get to typing up a response then you hit the “Send” icon yet, it will not send, it simply keeps trying so you continue walking up the hill. You reach the top of the hill and boom, your text sends no problem at all.

This is of course due to the strength of your cellular mobile service being better and more clear at the top of the hill, in contrast to the bottom or midway up the hill. Unfortunately, with cellular mobile service, location is almost everything when you are trying to complete an online action.

With all of that said, when you are experiencing problems while attempting an online action, the issue could be with where you are. This can be quite evident in spots known as “dead zones” where you will have absolutely no service on your mobile device.

So, be sure you are indeed in an area with at least decent service and if you are not, then move to an area where your service is considerably better.

It seems so simple and obvious yet, it is all too easy to mistake this bad service for a larger problem when attempting to complete online actions.

Be sure you are in an area with good service, indicated by having full or close to full bars and of course 3G, 4G or even 5G.

Fix 3 – Switch from WI-FI to Data Vice Versa

Another viable, optional, and possible answer to this internet connection issue is to switch from using a WiFi connection to using your data internet connection.

Whether you may be on your mobile device or on your PC laptop utilizing your mobile data hotspot; this may be the answer to your problem.

You might assume that there is no difference between using a WiFi connection and using your mobile data; however, your WiFi connection is provided through your modem and in turn your router, whereas your mobile data is sent to your device from a cell tower.

Not to mention that the quality of said connection can vary between the two as well; however, this could be your advantage to this situation.

If you are using a WiFi internet connection and are experiencing problems with the connection or there is no connection to speak of, it could help to switch over to your mobile data. If you are on your Android or on iPhone, you can easily switch over to your mobile data by:

Step 1. Swipe down your notifications bar on the top of your device’s screen, locate the WiFi icon, and tap on it to turn it off. If the WiFi icon is emboldened, this means that the WiFi connection is on. If this is the case tap it again to where it is not emboldened to ensure it is indeed off.

Step 2. Once you have turned off your WiFi connection, locate your mobile data icon and simply tap on it to turn it on; which will embolden the icon to show it is on.

This very well could resolve your internet connection issue.

If you are connected to the your mobile data and are experiencing issues with the connection, you can switch over to the WiFi connection to see if this will provide a better quality of internet connection for your Android or iPhone device.

Luckily, it is quite simple as well. You just have to repeat the previous steps except for the opposite. That would mean:

Step 1. Slide down your notifications bar from the top of your device’s screen.

Step 2. Locate your mobile data icon and tap on it to turn it off. The icon will be emboldened if it is on.

Step 3. Locate your WiFi icon and tap on it, this will embolden the icon, indicating that the WiFi connection is enabled.

It is as simple as that and could fix your internet connection problem.

If you are by chance on your PC laptop utilizing your mobile data hotspot, you can switch over to your WiFi connection (if possible) in order to hopefully rectify this issue.

Step 1. Turn off your mobile data hotspot by swiping down your notifications bar on your device and select the hotspot icon to where it is not emboldened.

Step 2. After, on your PC laptop; move your cursor down to the internet connection symbol and click on it.

Step 3. This will pop up a connections menu, where you can select your WiFi network.

Step 4. Enter the correlating password (if need be) to connect to the WiFi.

This could very well answer the internet connection issue and you can also repeat these steps to achieve the opposite for your PC laptop.

Step 1. Slide your cursor over the internet connection symbol on your toolbar.

Step 2. Locate your WiFi network and click on it to toggle connection options.

Step 3. Select the “Off” option to turn off your WiFi connection.

Step 4. Go onto your mobile device, swipe down your notifications bar and select the hotspot icon until it is emboldened to indicate it is on.

Step 5. Look on your PC laptop’s internet connection menu and your hotspot network should appear. Step 6. Select your hotspot network, enter the correlating password and this will connect your PC laptop to your mobile data network.

Fix 4 – Turn Off VPN

You may not know but your VPN (Virtual Private Network) can and will slow down your internet connection speed, this can be so little that it will go unnoticed to most users; however, this can also reach a point of becoming a snail’s pace, which can really put a damper on anything you are trying to do online.

If you using your PC, you can easily do this by following these steps:

Step 1. Go to Settings then to “Network & Internet”.

Step 2. Select “VPN” in the left-side menu.

Step 3. Select the VPN connection you want to disable.

Step 4. Click Disconnect.

This will turn off your VPN for your PC and could help with your internet connection speed. If you are using your Android, you can turn off your VPN by following these easy steps:

Step 1. Open your phone’s Settings app.

Step 2. Tap “Network & internet Advanced”. VPN. If you can’t find it, search for “VPN.” If you still can’t find it, get help from your device manufacturer.

Step 3. Next to the VPN that you want to disconnect, tap “Settings”. To disconnect: Turn off that VPN.

This will turn off your VPN for your Android device and could restore the capability of your internet connection.

If you are on your iPhone, you can do this by following these three easy steps:

Step 1. On your iPhone, go to your Settings and click on “General”.

Step 2. Find and select VPN.

Step 3. Having done this, you can now toggle the VPN status to Not Connected.

This will turn off your VPN for your iPhone and should help with your internet connection issue.

Fix 5 – Restart Router

When having problem with your internet connection and that connection is coming from a WiFi network, sometimes it can help to restart your router.

Seeing as your router is responsible for receiving the internet connection from your modem and distributing it to all of your devices’ that are connected to said WiFi.

This can help with most issues with the router that can bring on internet connection problems. This is a relatively easy process that you can perform by follow these simple


Step 1. Press the power button or unplug the power cord to your router.

Step 2. Turn it back on or plug it back into the electrical outlet and wait 30 seconds.

Note: Always keep your router plugged in and turned on so that your router can function properly. Restarting is the only time to turn it off.

This will restart your router and should certainly help with the internet connection problem, especially if you believe it to stem from the router itself.

Fix 6 – Reset Router

When you are experiencing this internet connection problem and have tried restarting your router than it is good idea to try resetting your router.

Now, you may be wondering “What is the difference between restarting my router and resetting my router?” and it is quite simple really, see when you restart your router it does just that; restarts it simply powering it off then powering it back on.

When you reset your router, it is restored to its factory settings, certainly setting a difference between the two. Now, in order to reset your router, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Keep your router plugged in.

Step 2. Find your router’s reset button. This will be on the back or the bottom of your router.

Step 3. Use a paperclip to hold down the reset button for 30 seconds.

Step 4. Release the button.

Step 5. Wait for the router to power back on.

This will reset your router and should restore your internet connection.

2. YouTube Is Down

When using applications (apps) or even websites, it is important to remember that these utilize servers in order to receive and hold information and data while also serving for things such as, network protocols.

Now, these servers can and will go down time to time and in turn the website or app can become unavailable for use. Hence, why the site or app will tell you to wait for the server to be resolved.

Fix – Wait For YouTube To Go Back Up

This is also where that disclaimer of “Wait for the server to be resolved” comes in, as previously depicted; both, the YouTube website and app run off of servers that receive, hold and store information and data while also carrying out certain processes for the website or app.

Sometimes these servers will go down, a server can go down for many reasons. Maybe a physical machine loses power, or perhaps the operating system or network card experiences an issue. It is also important to remember that a “server” implies to two things:

One meaning: A computer program that is designed to listen for requests on a network and send replies back. This would include; a “database server”, a “web server” a “mail server” etc.

Another meaning: The computer that such a program runs on.

So, knowing this when they say a server is down it essentially means that the program that is designed to respond is not doing so.

As stated before, this can be due to various reasons; however, the solution remains that you cannot do anything to help this other than waiting until the server(s) are back up which brings the site or app back up as well. So, be patient and it will come back up eventually.

3. There’s An Issue With Your Device

It is very possible that the problem could be brought on by your device, no matter how good your device maybe it is still a piece of technology; therefore, it is susceptible to bugs, errors, and dysfunction.

While it can sometimes be hard to accept that your device may be experiencing issues in it’s functions; however, it is not only possible but is rather likely. Luckily, there are easy fixes to this problem and are also provided below.

Fix – Force Restart Device

When experiencing these issues and if you believe the problem to be with your device, a good answer to this issue to perform a force restart with your device.

Now, you may be thinking “Can’t I just do a regular restart?” and while sometimes this could surface; however, there is a distinguishable difference between a regular restart and a force restart.

A regular restart simply gradually, powers down your device and then powers it back up; with a force restart the power is cut off immediately and is powered back up when you start it again.

Now, you can even perform a force restart with your PC and can do so by following these steps:

Step 1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del key together on your keyboard.

Step 2. On the bottom right, click the power button while holding down the Ctrl button.

Step 3. Press “OK” to confirm the Emergency restart message.

This will force restart your PC and very well could resolve the issue at hand.

If you are on your Android device, you can also perform a force restart by simply: Simultaneously press and hold the power and volume keys down for more than seven seconds.

This will force restart your Android device and could restore the devices’ integrity.

If you are on your iPhone, you can perform a force restart easily by: Pressing and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

This will force restart your iPhone and should help with the problem.

Fix 2 – Update Device

The problem could possibly be that your device is due for an update, see phone companies regularly release updates for almost all of their models and for good reason; seeing as software becomes outdated quite quickly in the ever changing landscape that is technology.

It is important to install these updates as they are critical to your device working properly and efficiently.

Keep your mobile device up-to-date, safely and quickly upgrade to the latest software available for your phone, and enjoy enhancements like new features, extra speed, improved functionality, OS upgrades and fixes for any bug.

The updated version usually carries new enhancements and aims at fixing issues related to security and bugs prevalent in the previous versions.

With this said, you can see why it would be good to keep up on updating your devices’.

If you are on Android, you can update your phone by following these easy steps:

Step 1. Open your phone’s Settings app.

Step 2. Near the bottom, tap System. System update.

Step 3. You’ll see your update status. Follow any steps on the screen.

This will update your Android device and will help in all catagories of function.

If you are on iPhone or iPad, you can update your device by following these simple steps.

Step 1. Plug your device into power and connect to the internet with Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Go to Settings then to “General”, then tap “Software Update”.

Step 3. If you see two software update options available, choose the one that you want to install.

Step 4. Tap “Install Now”.

This will update your iPhone or iPad and could rectify many issues experienced with your device.

Finally if you are using your PC and want to update it, you can update your Windows by following these steps:

Step 1. Open Windows Update by swiping in from the right edge of the screen (or, if you’re using a mouse, pointing to the lower-right corner of the screen and moving the mouse pointer up).

Step 2. Select Settings > Change PC settings > Update and recovery > Windows Update. (If you want to check for updates manually, select “Check now”).

This will update your Windows for your PC and can help with many issues that may experienced with your PC.

4. There’s A Bug

It is very possible that there may be a bug and by “bug” we do not mean an actual insect bug but rather a technical bug; if you are not familiar with the term, a bug refers to an error, fault or flaw in any computer program or a hardware system.

A bug produces unexpected results or causes a system to behave unexpectedly. In short, it is any behavior or result that a program or system gets but it was not designed to do. You can see how this is a problem yet, luckily it can be fixed.

Fix – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of YouTube Bugs

If you are using a iPhone, you can clear the app cache for YouTube by following these steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings app and scroll down to Safari.

Step 2. In the Safari settings, scroll down and tap ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

Step 3. Tap ‘Clear History and Data’.

This will clear the app cache for YouTube on your iPhone.

In order to clear app cache for YouTube on your Android, follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings on your Android device.

Step 2. Tap “Storage”.

Step 3. Tap a category to clear the android cache for that category.

Step 4. Choose an app to clear the app cache files for that particular app (YouTube).

Step 5. Tap on “Clear cache” to clear the app cache for that app.

This will clear the app cache for the YouTube app, on your Android device.

Fix 2 – Update YouTube to Get Rid Of Bugs

Sometimes, when having problems with an app it can be best to update the app. An update will help your mobile app to have access to the new software and hardware feature sets introduced by the manufacturers. All of these will help with the proper functions of said app.

If you are on your Android, you can easily update your YouTube app or any of your apps by following these four simple steps:

Step 1. Open the Google Play Store app.

Step 2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.

Step 3. Tap “Manage apps & device”. Apps with an update available are labeled “Update available”, also at the top of the list is a “Update All” option if you would like to update all of your apps with an available update.

Step 4. Tap “Update” or the “Update All” option to update all of your apps with an available update.

This will update the YouTube app, so long as their is an available update for the app.

If you are on iPhone, you can also easily update your YouTube app or even all of your apps, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the App Store.

Step 2. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll to see pending updates and release notes. Tap “Update” next to an app to update only that app (YouTube), or tap “Update All” to update all of your apps with an available update.

This will update your YouTube app and if you would like to, also update all of your apps.

Fix 3 – Use on Pc or Browser on Your Phone Instead of App

If you believe that your YouTube app might have a bug in it’s program, than it can be a good idea to switch to using the website on your Chrome browser.

This is also simple enough to do with ease and you may wonder “is there a difference between a website and an app?” and there is; an app, or software application, isn’t directly accessible on the internet.

Rather, it must be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile websites are responsive sites that automatically scale to fit the screen size of your viewer’s device.

Now, in order to go to the YouTube website, you simply open your Chrome browser and enter into the search bar.

This will take you to the website, where you should not encounter any more bug issues with the site.

Fix 4 – Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Another good fix for experiencing a bug with an application (app) can be to uninstall the app and reinstall it again.

This can provide an opportunity for the app to have a “fresh start” in a way; now, it should be mentioned that when you uninstall an app you will not lose any information or data on said app, so things such as subscriptions, liked videos and playlist’s will not be lost when uninstalling and reinstalling the app. With that said, this can help get rid of the bug.

If you are on your iPhone, you can very easily uninstall the app by:

Step 1. Touch and hold the app.

Step 2. Tap “Remove App”.

Step 3. Tap “Delete App”, then tap “Delete” to confirm.

This will uninstall the YouTube app, now to reinstall the app on your iPhone:

Step 1. Open the App Store app.

Step 2. Tap the sign-in button or your photo at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Tap “Purchased”.

If you use Family Sharing, tap “My Purchases” or choose a family member’s name to see content that they purchased.

Step 4. Tap “Not on this [device].”

Step 5. Find the app that you want to download (YouTube) then tap the “download” button.

This will reinstall the YouTube app to your iPhone.

If you are on Android, you can also uninstall the app by:

Step 1. Touch and hold on the YouTube app icon until it starts to “jiggle” (enters edit mode).

Step 2. You will see an “Uninstall” option at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. While holding the app, drag it up to the “Uninstall” option and then let go.

Step 4. This will trigger a confirmation prompt which you will want to select “uninstall” on. This will uninstall the YouTube app from your Android and now to reinstall the YouTube app:

Step 1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Play Store .

Step 2. On the right, tap the profile icon.

Step 3. Tap “Manage apps & device”.

Select the apps you want to install (YouTube). If you can’t find the app, at the top, tap “Installed” or “Not installed”.

Step 4. Tap “Install”.

This will reinstall the YouTube app to your Android device and should clear up the bug issue.

Remember these apps and there issues are pieces of technology; therefore, they are susceptible to issues and these problems can very frustrating and inconvenient; however, these problems are temporary and will be fixed.

With some patience and a little know-how, you can fix almost any problem that may arise with your apps or devices. Once you do know how to fix these issues, you could possibly aid a friend in need of a little tech support.

In order to maintain a “healthy” and optimal functioning device and apps, it is important to keep up on updating both your apps and devices; as these bring new software and hardware also, not to mention possibly very helpful features that can only help your apps and devices’ run properly and efficiently.

So, keep up on your updates and your apps and devices’ will thank you for it (not literally). Treat your apps and devices’ right and they will treat you right.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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