Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed? Here’s the Meaning

Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed

As your call goes out, you hear the message “Your call Cannot be Completed as Dialed.” Did you dial the wrong number? Does the number no longer exist? Did their battery die? Learn the reasons you might be getting the dreaded message and how to respond to it.

What Does ‘Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed ‘Mean?

Whenever you get the message “Your Call Cannot be Completed as Dialed,” means that the number you were trying to reach was unreachable.

Why Does It Say ‘Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed?

There are various reasons why the “Your Call Cannot be Completed as Dialed” message might be popping up while you are trying to reach a number.

The most common reason is that the number was not dialed correctly, another reason pertains to the number being unknown or disconnected, or it might be that the number could simply not be reached.

1. You Have Typed In The Incorrect Number

The most common reason why you might be getting this message might be that you did not call the correct number. To see if this is the reason you are getting the message, check the number you are dialing.

See first if the correct amount of numbers is being dialed. At times it might be that we miss one or two numbers when calling a certain phone number. If you notice that the amount of numbers does not match the required amount for your call.

Since October 2021, all calls made on a local line must have 10 numbers, the area code, plus the contact number. This means that most of the calls you will be making must have 10 numbers on them.

If you are missing this amount, you might need to check. If the number you are trying to call is for a company that is widely known, there is a big chance that the number will be listed under their company information.

If you are calling a local retail store, the number will be posted under the exact locale you are trying to reach.

If the number you are calling is not a number that will be widely available for you to look up, try asking common friends for verification of your friend’s number.

This might be necessary if you are trying to reach a person you know but don’t have all of their contact information memorized.

If you believe you might have their wrong phone number try asking them directly if they can give you their number again. You can ask them in person or on any social media you might share with them.

It might be the case that there was a problem while communicating their phone number, and you ended up with the wrong phone number by accident.

2. They Have Changed Carriers

If a person changes their carriers currently, there is a possibility that there might be some obstacles when trying to reach them. If you are certain that the number you are dialing is the correct number, it might be that they changed carriers.

There are times when a certain phone number has problems in the process of porting the number to a new carrier. If there have been previous problems ever since changing to a new phone company, the case might be that the connection was not done completely.

Since all carriers need to process all of the calls that might be received on a phone number regardless of where the call is coming from, a problem with unprocessed calls can really jeopardize the quality of service of the company.

If you notice that someone has not been getting your calls lately, talk to them about it. Since it might be the case that many different people are unable to call the same number, they might ask others around and find that there is a problem with their mobile service.

It is much more likely for these problems to arise in the earlier months after the carrier change. Due to the fact that newer lines do not have the same log of service as older lines have, more problems are probable to come up in newer lines.

There is also the possibility that the carrier that they switched over to does not have the same type of coverage as the other. Therefore they might experience blank spots of the signal.

This means that there might be places that they regularly frequent where their new carrier does not give a good quality signal. After changing a carrier, there are many things to take into consideration since no carrier will act the same as the others.

3. They Did Not Pay Their Bill

If they did not pay the bill, it might be the case that the calls that they receive will not process all the way through.

If the person you are calling did not pay their past bill, their phone number would not be disconnected, but all of the calls they receive will be directed to the message.

The phone number that you are calling still exists, but the service provider of the person you are trying to reach will not let any calls reach the user. If the case is that they did not pay the bill is not as they will openly tell you this is the reason.

Rather they might say that there is a problem with their line. Asking another person directly if their phone number is no longer available because they did not pay the bill is simply something no one should do.

This explanation is an explanation that is meant to be pondered and not acted upon.

4. They Have Changed Their Number

If you change carriers, there are times you will be unable to change to your previous number. Getting a new number can be tiring since there is the need to let everyone in your social circle know that there has been a change in number.

Telling every single one of your contacts to change your number can be a task that takes up great amounts of time.

If the person that you are trying to reach is a person that you frequently communicate with, the odds are that they will let you know once they change their phone number.

If a person does not let you know right away, this does not mean anything other than the fact that they did not give you the new number. Did they forget? Did they not want to? As long as you do not ask them correctly, the only thing you can do is speculate.

If you have a way to reach the person other than through phone communication, try to ask them why you are having problems reaching them. After asking, they might tell you that they recently changed their phone number and give you the updated phone.

If they do give you their new phone, the first thing you should do is call and make sure that your call gets through.

5. Their Phone is Temporarily Disconnected

A temporary disconnection happens when there is a wide range of problems affecting an area’s cellular signal. It might also be the case that the person has not paid their bill in a long time, and the service provider is thinking about permanently deleting the number.

If a telephone number is temporarily disconnected, no call will be able to reach the number. Even though the account is temporarily disconnected, the number still does exist.

If a phone number has been temporarily disconnected, even the voicemail service will be unavailable to be reached.

6. They Have Spoofed Their Number, So When You Call Them, It Doesn’t Work

If the person you are trying to reach is not a person that you know with certainty, it might be the case that they spoof their number. The action of spoofing pertains to creating a fake number with fake identification details.

Spoofing is a method that is used by scammers in order to make people believe that the call they are receiving comes from a number they trust.

In this particular case, the person we are talking about might have spoofed their phone number because they do not know you with certainty. Don’t feel attacked or disrespected in any way if this is something that has happened to you.

There is always a need to be protected, which means placing your security before the feelings of others.

It might be possible that the person who gave you the fake phone number is someone you have only seen once, so asking them why their phone number might not be something you can do.

Spoofing numbers is a method by that people can give others their numbers without placing their privacy on the line.

7. Their SIM Is Not Functioning Correctly

A phone’s SIM is the one responsible for getting and processing calls. Every single SIM has a different phone number. This makes it possible for so many different numbers to existing without a great strain on the power needed to do this.

If their chip has been recently damaged, it might be what is causing the “Your Call Could Not be Completed as Dialed” message.

If you know they have had problems with their phone before or if you know that they are prone to dropping their phone, their chip might be damaged. The chip is found inside all phones in a special compartment meant only for the chip to be inserted.

This is the only instance in which the problem is not upon the service provider or the user but rather on the equipment itself.

If the person you are trying to call believes that there are things wrong with their phone, they might want to take it to their service provider and check the device to see what is causing the problem.

If you are able to communicate with the person you are trying to reach by other means, you can ask them to check their SIM.

If the chip seems to have damage caused by water, if the chip is chipped anywhere, or if there seems to be dirt in it, there might be problems with the SIM.

If there is a problem with the SIM, the best course of action will be to reach their service provider and ask for another SIM chip. If the problem comes from the chip, the only solution will be to place a chip that works on the device.

8. They Have Set Their Number Up, So They Do Not Receive Incoming Calls

Various phones are able to block calls from numbers that are not registered on the phone. This means that if your phone number is not found on their contact list, your call will not reach them.

People might decide to do this because they get too many scam calls or error calls. If they have set up their phone number this way, the only solution will be for them to either add you or get rid of the setting.

It might also be the case that the phone is currently being placed on “Do Not Disturb” mode. Any phone calls that your device receives will be sent to voicemail. If they are using, Do Not Disturb, they might have turned on the option to receive calls that are repeated.

Try calling them a couple of times to see if your call goes through. The most likely scenario is that the person you are trying to reach does not have your number saved on their phone and so your call is not reaching the user.

If you know for a fact that the person you are trying to reach does have your phone number on their contact list, it might still be the case that their phone is on Do Not Disturb.

9. Poor Network Reception

A poor network connection area will cause any calls made and received in the said area will not to be processed with the accuracy they are meant to work around.

Network connections have various areas in which their signal is not as strong since there is a poor concentration of users in said areas.

If a person is in a poor network reception area, they will be unable to communicate with anyone since the signal will not be strong for any calls to be made.

This is most likely to occur in rural areas since most of the people in said areas will not be connected with servers that are based in urban areas. Try calling the person a few times to see if the problem is with their service.

If the person is actively moving around the area they are in, and it might be possible that they will connect with different service towers in their travels.

Does ‘Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed” Mean You’ve Been Blocked?

The option no one wants to deal with: you may have been blocked. Phones have the ability to block any given phone number for any reason, so it might be that they have blocked your number.

Don’t panic, though. This is only one reason why your call might not be reaching them. One thing you might want to do is call the phone number while both of you are in close proximity to see if they get the call.

If they do not get the call, this does not mean that they have blocked you, but it might be an indication that this is the case.

If you notice that the person you are trying to reach does receive phone calls from others, the problem might be only with your number.

Asking them directly if they blocked you might be very awkward, so instead, try to point out that you’ve been having problems reaching them recently.

They might try to deflect the question, but they might also directly tell you that you are unable to reach them since they blocked you.

It is unlikely that someone will tell you directly that they blocked you from their phone, but if you do not ask them, you will never know.

You are calling your friend to congratulate them on their projects, or maybe you are planning a dinner with someone you met over the weekend.

You try to reach out to them, but then you hear the message “Your Call Cannot be Completed as Dialed.” Why is this happening, and what can you do to make sure that the person you are trying to reach gets your phone call?

The most likely explanation if this was to happen is that the number you are calling was written wrong. If the number you are calling is not correctly dialed, the call will not reach its destination.

If the number is right, but you are still not getting through, it might be because they are currently in an area with poor service, they are not receiving calls from anyone at the moment, or they might have even blocked your number.

Remember that the cause of the problem might not be you or the person you are trying to reach. Keep trying and complete your dial.

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