Xbox Twitch Party Chat Not Working? Try These 19 Fixes

Xbox Twitch Party Chat Not Working

However, some Xbox users report that even after properly setting up Twitch Party Chat on Xbox, they are still unable to interact with their friends on the app.

Normally, the steps to set up Party Chat are:

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller

2. Select Parties and Chats from the menu

3. Then select Start A Party

4. Select Invite More and invite the friends you want to have on your party

5. Then click on Invite Selected People

6. Back at Parties and Chats, select Include My Audio if you want others to be able to broadcast their audio

Next is to set the volume of the chat and make sure it’s not muted. Then, importantly, set the volume of the audio of your friends relative to the volume of your game and your microphone.

To make this adjustment:

1. Open the Twitch app

2. Scroll down and select Audio Sources

3. Go to Party Chat. If it is muted, Mute will be highlighted in blue. Click on it to unmute.

4. Then adjust the volume to your desired level

If you are having any troubles with your Twitch Party on Xbox, please read on to discover all the possible causes and their solutions.

Why is Xbox Twitch Party Chat Not Working

1. You Haven’t Allowed Permissions on Xbox Settings

In the setup above, we showed you how to set up audio permissions to let people in your party share their audio and interact with each other in the party. However, those are not the only settings that control your Twitch party experience on Xbox.

There are background settings that control how you interact with your friends on Twitch like:

  • Being able to play with users outside Xbox
  • Being able to communicate with users via voice and texts
  • Being able to use video for communication on Xbox

These settings are important because not all your friends may be playing on Xbox. If you do not grant permission to players using other devices, you will not be able to interact with them, hence the error you may be having on your party.

These permissions have default settings which are used to protect your privacy and safety. However, if you are having issues with your Twitch party chat on Xbox, you need to set custom settings as shown below.

Fix – Allow Permissions in Privacy and Online Safety Settings

We are going to go through a series of permissions to ensure that you’re able to enjoy a Twitch party chat on Xbox without hassle.

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller

2. Select Settings

3. Then, select Account

4. Select Privacy & Online Safety

5. On the next page, Select Xbox Privacy

6. If it is on any defaults, select Custom instead, then click on View Details and Customize

7. On the page that opens, scroll down and select Communication & Multiplayer

You will see a series of controls in different tiles. Make the changes given below:

  • At You Can Join Multiplayer Games, select Allow
  • At You Can Join Cross-Network Play, select Allow
  • At Others Can Communicate with Voice, Text, or Invites, select Everybody
  • At You Can Communicate Outside of Xbox with Voice & Text, select Everybody
  • At You Can Use Video for Communications, select Everybody
  • At Others Can See Your Activity Feed, select whatever option you desire.

After making these changes, try getting on your Twitch party chat again to see if your issue is resolved.

2. Party Chat Server Is Down

Party Chat is only a feature on the list of features available on Twitch. On Twitch servers, it is hosted as an application and service.

Sometimes, the Party Chat service may be down due to a technical fault, or the back-end application may run into a bug and cause Party Chat to stop working. This is often hard to figure out because you may find that other features on Twitch are working normally except Party Chat.

If you started your troubleshooting by checking the permissions detailed above, and you find that other features on Twitch are working, then it is likely that the problem is with the Party Chat service or application alone.

Fix – Wait for Party Chat to Get Back Up

Twitch now has a new status page on Twitter where you can check out the health of their services. The page not only provides live feeds on status but also history of reports from the past days. You could go to this page to check for reports on the Party Chat service.

Alternatively, you could check sites like Down Detector. Even though these sites only run checks on the entire, they provide reports from users and Twitch support on issues with their individual services like Party Chat.

3. Twitch is Down

As far as video streaming and sharing of games is concerned, Twitch is the number one service in the world. It currently has over 30 million active users daily with about 2.7 million users logging in at any given time. There may be occasions when these numbers become overwhelming for Twitch servers, causing Twitch party to stop working.

Apart from that, Twitch may suffer some technical difficulty such as a bug on their servers, misconfigurations, service upgrades, power outage, or even unplanned shutdown of servers. The point is that there are several reasons why Twitch servers could go down, and this is the case more often than you realise.

Fix – Wait For It To Go Back Up

When Twitch is down, all or most services on Twitch will start working. This makes it easier to figure out the source of the problem unlike when only Party Chat is down.

Again, you could head over to Twitch social media handles and service monitoring websites to check the status of Twitch servers.

4. Twitch Has A Bug

After eliminating permissions and Twitch servers as the possible causes of Party Chat not working on Xbox, the next possibility to consider is that the Twitch app on your Xbox has run into a bug.

There are several possible causes of a bug on your Twitch app. As such, there are several fixes to try in order to eliminate the problem. Please try the fixes below in the order that they have been presented in order to debug your Twitch app on Xbox.

Fix – Restart the App

There are several reasons why restarting the Twitch app on your Xbox could fix the Party Chat not working issue including:

  • Error loading cached files: When you open Party Chat, Twitch loads some data from the cache files stored on your Xbox before the application loads fully. If there was an error when loading the files, Party Chat will not work well.
  • Glitch in Party Chat: Also, the Party Chat software may run into a temporary glitch that causes it to freeze or lose audio.

In both scenarios, restarting the Twitch app will cause it reload its software and start working properly again.

To restart the Twitch app on Xbox:

1. Go to the Home screen on your Xbox

2. Select My Games & Apps

3. Select Apps.

4. Highlight the Twitch app, then press the Menu button (3 horizontal lines) on the controller.

5. Select Quit from the options

6. Wait one full minute, then go back to My Apps & Games to select Twitch

Fix 2 – Switch Accounts and Check

Another possible reason why you are unable to use Party Chat is that there may be an issue on your account. It may have been flagged for violation of rules, for example.

The first thing to do if you restart the Twitch app and you still can’t use Party Chat is to switch accounts and see if Party Chat works on the new account. To switch accounts:

1. On the Twitch app, hover over your profile silhouette with Account written on it

2. Press the menu button (3 horizontal lines)

3. Then select Switch user from the popup

4. Head to on your PC or phone and sign in with another account

5. Enter the code from the Xbox on the website and click Activate

6. You will be signed into Twitch on your Xbox

Fix 3 – Wait for Them to Come Out with A Fix

There are also times where the issue with Party Chat on Xbox is a result of a software code error on the app. For errors in software code, the software developer, Twitch in this case, is usually aware of the problem and work to release a fix for it.

Such fixes usually come in the form of update patches or recommendations on steps to take to resolve the issue. Therefore, you could just give it a while and see if Twitch come up with something.

Fix 4 – Log Out Then Back In

Another possible cause of Twitch Party Chat not working on your Xbox is because there may be an issue on your current login session. The issue may be caused by a bug which causes you to lose access to Twitch servers without your knowing.

When you log into your Twitch account on your Xbox, your account is assigned a token to access the features, services and settings on Twitch. An error on the Twitch serves or on your Xbox may cause you to lose that token. When this happens, you are no longer able to access features like Party Chat.

To fix this, you need to log out and then log back into your Twitch account using the steps below:

1. On the Twitch app, hover over your profile silhouette with Account written on it

2. Press the menu button (3 horizontal lines)

3. Select My Account on the pop up

4. Then select Log Out. Afterwards, log back in.

Fix 5 – Update Twitch to Get Rid Of Bugs

We mentioned earlier that Twitch release update patches to fix bugs in the software that may be causing Party Chat to not work on Xbox. Bugs on Twitch are not uncommon on Xbox because they require even more detailed integration than on the Twitch phone app or website.

You should always ensure that your Twitch app is up to date, not only to fix bugs but to improve performance and enhance compatibility with your Xbox.

To update Twitch on Xbox:

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller

2. Select My Games and Apps

3. Select Apps

4. Scroll to Twitch and highlight it

5. Then press the menu button (3 horizontal lines)

6. Select Manage Apps

7. On the Twitch management page that opens, click on the Updates tab

8. If there are updates, select Update to install the updates

Fix 6 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Bugs

If installing updates does not fix the issue, or if there were no updates available for Twitch, another fix you should try is to clear the Twitch app cache to get rid of bugs that may be causing Party Chat to not work on your Xbox.

You may remember earlier that we explained how Twitch loads data from the cache memory when you launch the app. If the cache memory is corrupt or full, some features on the app such as Party Chat will not work properly.

To clear cache on Xbox:

1. Press the Home button on the Xbox controller to open the menu

2. Select Settings

3. Select Devices and Connections or Devices and Streaming

4. Select Blu-ray

5. Scroll down to Persistent Storage

6. Click A to bring up a menu, then select to Clear Persistent Storage


1. Power off your Xbox and unplug it from power supply

2. Press and hold the power button on the Xbox console for 10 seconds. Then repeat 3 times more

3. Plug the power cord back in

4. Wait one full minute, then press the power button to power on your Xbox

Fix 7 – Reinstall Twitch

Clearing the cache usually resolves most bug-related problems on Xbox. If Party Chat is still not working on your Xbox after clearing the cache, the last resort to fix a bug is to remove the app completely and install a new version.

To uninstall Twitch:

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller

2. Select My Games and Apps

3. Select Apps

4. Scroll to Twitch and highlight it

5. Then press the menu button (3 horizontal lines)

6. Select Uninstall

7. Confirm to uninstall Twitch

8. Then, go back to the home screen

9. Scroll to the right and select Apps

10. Select Twitch from the tiles and install it again

Fix 8 – Contact Twitch Support

If you are still unable to use Party Chat on Twitch after trying all the fixes so far, then contact Twitch support to report the issue. When you contact them, be sure to detail all the fixes you have already tried so they are guided on how to assist.

You could contact Twitch support on their Twitter support page. You could also go through their support webpage.

5. Xbox Issue

So far, we have addressed the issue from the Xbox settings, Twitch servers, and Twitch app end. However, the problem of Party Chat not working may actually be as a result of a bug on Xbox. We are going to move step-by-step to isolate and eliminate any issues on your Xbox that may be causing Party Chat on Twitch to not work.

Fix – Restart Xbox

It is always best to start with a restart when trying to fix a bug. A restart offloads all the programmes running on the system, clears glitches, and reloads all the programmes afresh. We are going to perform a soft restart and then a hard reboot if the soft restart does not work.

To perform a soft restart on Xbox:

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller

2. Select Profile and System

3. Select Settings and then select General

4. Then, select Power Mode & Startup

5. Select Restart Now and click Yes to restart Xbox


1. Select your profile at the top of the screen

2. Select Settings

3. Select Power & Startup

4. Select Turn Off and Restart

5. Select Restart and confirm Restart

Fix – Cold Restart Xbox

When Xbox reboots, try using Twitch party Chat to see if the issue clears. If it persists, use the steps below to do a cold restart or hard reboot:

1. Select your profile at the top of the screen

2. Select Settings

3. Select Power & Startup

4. Select Turn Off and Restart

5. Select Full Shut Down

6. Then select Turn Off Console

7. Confirm to turn off

8. Wait till the console fully shuts down, then unplug it from power supply.

9. Wait 5 minutes, then plug it back in

10. Turn on your Xbox and check if the problem is fixed.

Fix 3 – Update Xbox

Just like your Twitch app, your Xbox needs to be updated in order to integrate properly with third-party apps like Twitch and also to fix bugs that may be causing Party Chat to not work on your console.

Xbox receives updates at least once a month and these updates are set to install automatically on your console.

However, auto updates do not always work especially because they require your Xbox to be in a certain state in order to work. Follow the steps below to update Xbox manually, and to ensure auto updates in the future:

To update Xbox manually:

1. Ensure that your Xbox is connected to the internet. We recommend using an ethernet cable for this

2. Press the Xbox button on your controller

3. Select Profile and System

4. Select Settings

5. Select System

6. Select Updates and Downloads

7. Select Update Console

To set Xbox to update automatically, you would need to enable Instant-on. This is to enable updates to download and install in the background:

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller

2. Select Profile and System

3. Select Settings

4. Select General

5. Select Power Mode and Startup

6. Select Power Mode and set it to Instant-on

7. Press the B button to go back to Settings

8. Select System

9. Select Updates and Downloads

10. Check the box to Keep My Console Up To Date

12. Also check the box to Keep My Games and Apps Up to Date

Fix 4 – Contact Xbox Support

After updating Xbox and the issue remains, you need to contact Xbox support and report the issue, and detail the fixes you have tried just like you did with Twitch support.

Please use this link to contact Xbox support.

You could also reach out in their official community to get help from both Xbox and other Xbox users. Just click the dropdown beside Community and select Ask A Question.

6. Bad Internet Connection

Most of the fixes in this article require that you have internet connection to perform them. So, the question is whether the connection is strong enough to support Party Chat. To fix issues with internet, please try the fixes below:

Fix – Switch from WI-FI to Data and Check

If you are using WIFI, you may try to connect to your mobile hotspot. Or, if you have access to an ethernet cable, try connecting directly to your router and see if you can use Party Chat

Fix 2 – Turn Off VPN

Most VPNs, especially free ones, slow down internet connections. They are also sometimes blocked by services like Twitch. Therefore, if you are using a VPN to connect your Xbox to the internet, disconnect from it and connect directly, then see if the issue persists.

Fix 3 – Restart Router

It could also be that your router is suffering a glitch that’s causing it to give off weak signals or lose internet connection. To resolve this:

1. Unplug the router from power supply

2. Wait 2 minutes

3. Plug the router back in and check again on Party Chat

If your internet remains poor, please contact your ISP

Fix 4 – Reset Router

If you contact your ISP and they do not find any issues on their end, you may need to reset the router. Resetting the router, however, will clear all settings and customization on the router, including the password.

To reset your router:

1. First go to the website of the router manufacturer to download the user manual. This will provide you with details like login credentials and IP address when setting up your router again

2. Leave your router turned on

3. Use a paperclip to press and hold the Reset hole at the back of the router for 10 seconds

Hopefully, you would have got Twitch Party Chat working again on your Xbox by the time you finish going through the fixes this article.

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