Xbox Controller Blinks Twice and Turns Off? Try This

Xbox Controller Blinks Twice and Turns Off

Along with evolution, technical difficulties will follow. There have been consumers complaining about the Xbox controller blinking and then suddenly switching off.

Many Xbox gamers are wondering why this is happening. There are a few instances that can contribute to this issue, as well as simple troubleshooting methods that you can follow through with to resolve the issue.

This problem will be out of the way before you know it! So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive into these awesome alternatives to get your Xbox controller working and back to normal.

Why Does Xbox Controller Blink Twice and Turns Off?

1. Bug

Fix – Unplug Xbox for 60 Seconds, Then Plug It Back In

For this first alternative, it is simply you performing a reset on your gaming console. A reset is a quick and simple way for you to redirect the electrical current that is flowing through your controller or device.

And the great thing about performing a soft reset is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. 

To perform a reset on your Xbox, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. Go to the outlet your Xbox is plugged into and gently unplug the console from the outlet. Once the gaming console is unplugged, this will automatically shut the system off completely, and no other connected devices will be in use once the system is disconnected from the outlet. This includes your controller.

2. After the game console is unplugged from the outlet, it is essential to wait exactly 60 seconds before reconnecting the plug back into the outlet.

3. If you need assistance keeping track of the time, it would be best to set a timer on your phone for one minute. If you decide to proceed with that alternative, it would be essential for you to start the timer immediately after unplugging the console.

4. After 60 seconds have passed, reconnect the plug for the console back into the outlet. 

5. After the console has been reconnected, power the system on. 

6. Once the system has power back on, ensure that your controller is connected to the console and give sight of the blinking error and see if the controller switches back off.

If the controller doesn’t start blinking and switch off after the reset is done, then unplugging and reconnecting your gaming console has resolved the issue.

However, if you notice the issue persists, proceed to the next alternative to see if that will resolve your issue. 

Fix 2 – Hard Reset Controller

For this following alternative, you would have to play around with your controller. If the issue persists after proceeding with the previous alternative, you may want to consider performing a hard reset on your controller.

Performing a hard reset on your controller is similar to performing a hard reset on your console. In other words, performing a hard reset will clear out any electrical current that is hindering the productivity of your device.

To proceed with performing a hard reset on your Xbox controller, you must continue with the following steps:

1. Press and hold the Xbox icon button. Hold down the button for approximately 5 to 10 seconds. After holding down the button, the controller will then power off.

2. After the controller has powered off, you must wait a few seconds before powering the device back on. There is never a set time frame that is recommended to wait. However, attempt to wait for approximately 30 seconds.

3. After a few moments have surpassed, press and hold the Xbox icon button once more for the controller to begin powering back on.

After your controller has powered back on fully, pay very close attention to see if the blinking still persists and if the controller powers back off.

Fix 3 – After Turning Controller On, Hold Sync Button

For this next alternative, you will need to utilize the sync button to troubleshoot your controller. This is an action that needs to be done as soon as the controller is powered back on. 

To sync your controller, you must proceed with the following steps:

1. Direct your attention to the top of your wireless controller. At the top of the controller, there will be a USB-C input. Next to it will be the sync button.

2. Press and hold this button until the controller’s power button starts to flash. This flash will resemble the blinking on your gaming console. 

And basically, that’s all! After your Xbox controller has been synced, attempt to use it to see if the flashing continues or if the controller starts to power off.

Fix 4 – Use Another Controller

This next alternative is a simple method to proceed with. And that method is to use another controller simply. Typically, when you purchase an Xbox gaming console, you will receive two controllers. 

On the opposite side, if you only have one controller and are experiencing this issue, you might want to consider purchasing a brand-new controller.

Before purchasing a new controller, if you already have an alternate, proceed to connect that controller to your gaming console. Normally, this will isolate the issue being the controller that you were previously using.

And if you connect a different controller to your gaming console and the issue does not persist, then the issue is your old controller. So, you might want to consider replacing that controller (view on Amazon) instead.

But if you don’t want to go through the replacement process and you want to purchase a brand-new controller. Instead, there are many electronics department stores at your disposal for you to shop for the controller you need. 

You can purchase an Xbox wireless controller from anywhere.

There are many vendors online where you can purchase an Xbox controller from.

Also, if you have purchased your gaming system from a retailer such as Walmart or best buy, if you have a warranty on your console, you might be eligible for a replacement controller. So, this is something to take a look into in your spare time definitely.

2. Low Battery

Proceeding forward to the next source of information in this article, if your Xbox controller is flashing and then suddenly powering off, there is a strong possibility that the battery is low.

The battery is the dominant power source of any device that you are using consistently. If you have used your Xbox controller constantly and it hasn’t been charged, the battery just might be low, without a doubt.

The battery level is always accessible on your controller. However, if you have an issue locating the battery level indicator, you can check the indicator by proceeding with the following steps:

1. First, on the home screen of your console, go to profile.

2. From here, navigate to settings and then tap on devices and connections.

3. Next, tap on the accessories section. After tapping on accessories, locate and navigate to the controller you are using.

4. From here, you can check the battery level of the controller you are currently using for your Xbox.

If you manage to check the status of the battery level by taking a look at the indicator on your controller or navigating through your settings on your console, if you notice the battery is deficient, it would be critical for you to go ahead and charge the controller.

When you charge the controller, ensure that the battery level has reached 100% before you decide to use it. For better and faster efficiency, waiting until your controller has reached 100% will allow your controller to have smooth productivity when in use. 

Fix – Replace Battery (view on Amazon)

Let’s say that you have checked the battery level by taking a look at the indicator, noticed the battery was low and proceeded to charge it. And after you have charged it, you notice the issue has gone away.

So, that would be no big deal. However, let’s say you went through the charging process, and you noticed the battery wasn’t charging at all. What do you do?

The best option for you to proceed if you encounter this issue is to purchase a brand-new battery for the controller.

Holding on to a damaged battery can cause more headaches than help.

If you already have a battery on standby, go ahead and install that battery into the controller to get the device working and back to normal.

However, if you don’t have an alternate battery on standby, there are retailers and electronic department stores that may have the battery that you’re looking for. 

Once again, if you don’t have an alternate battery pack available to install into your controller, consider replacing the battery very soon to prevent any possible future damage to your controller.

3. It’s Plugged Into An Extension 

As we advance, if you are experiencing a technical issue where there is a flash on your controller and it Powers off suddenly, if you have the device plugged into any extension cords or external outlets, this may be the cause of the issue.

If so, there is a simple adjustment to make for this issue to be resolved. And that would be to plug the device into a wall outlet instead of an extension cord or external outlet.

Fix – Plug It Into A Wall Socket

Although extension cords can’t be handy dandy, they are not always friendly to use for certain devices for long periods of time. If you have your controller plugged into an extension cord, it will be best to unplug the controller from the extension cord and into a wall outlet. 

Some gamers don’t like using a wall outlet due to the fact that sometimes based on the positioning of their gaming system and their display. A wall outlet is sometimes out of frontal view.

Meaning that some gamers would prefer an extension cord since they are able to place the extension anywhere in front of them so that the cord can reach. Whereas using a wall outlet is out of view.

If you encounter this minor dilemma, you may want to reposition your gaming system and your display to where you are able to plug your controller into a wall outlet that is within frontal view.

Normally, if you are using an extension cord, there are most likely other devices or resources connected to it. This may be a big problem if you have your Xbox controller plugged into the extension cord as well.

Before trying a wall outlet, you can attempt to unplug some of the devices from the drop cord or extension cord to free up space. However, if you are a serial gamer, you might not want to unplug any other devices connected to the extension cord.

So, you can attempt to unplug other multiple devices connected to the extension cord to see if that will resolve the issue with your controller.

However, it would be best to proceed with plugging your controller into a wall outlet instead. 

Final Thoughts

As stated earlier at the beginning of this guide, the Xbox controller has evolved so much over the years. However, just like any other device that has evolved in this technological world, there are technical difficulties that follow.

And the main technical difficulty that Xbox gamers have complained about is when their controller flashes twice and then powers off unexpectedly. Many gamers want to know what causes this and what can be done to resolve it.

Well, rest assured this information is at your disposal if you are an Xbox gamer who has encountered this wonky error.

If this happens, there may possibly be a bug. If there is a bug by chance, you have the option to unplug your Xbox and then reconnect it, perform a hard reset on your controller, sync your controller, and even use an alternate Xbox controller if you have one available.

And if you notice the issue is the battery, it would be best to replace the battery. It is also essential to remember that extension cords are not always beneficial. So, the next time you encounter this issue, resort to this information to “X” out of this Xbox controller issue.

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