When you have an Xbox, the main purpose of it is functioning as a game console. Part of it being a game console is playing games, most of which you have on a disk that you insert when you want to play it. If you can’t insert the disk, then you’re limited to the games you have downloaded on the console.

One of the main issues that people have that prevents them from playing disks is having a disk tray that won’t open, and this can be annoying to deal with since you can’t put another disk in. There are a few ways to fix a stuck disk tray.

How to Fix a Xbox 360 Disk Tray That WOn’t Open

Check for the Xbox Light

Look at the front of your Xbox to see if a light is on. If the light isnt on, this means that your Xbox isn’t on. Having an Xbox turned off means that the device doesn’t have any power and the disk tray can’t open without power. If you do see the green light, then the Xbox is turned on.

If your Xbox wont turn on, then check if it’s plugged in since it needs power to turn on. If you find that plugging it in doesn’t turn the Xbox on, then change the outlet it’s plugged into or see if the charger is broken.

Once the Xbox green light is on, then try to open the disk tray. If it doesn’t open, then this wasn’t the issue.

Look for Plastic Strip

Is your console new? If so, it might be the way the packaging was done that’s preventing you from opening teh disk tray. When the Xbox console is packaged, the disk tray needs to stay shut so it isn’t broken or damaged during shipment. To prevent damage, there is a plastic strip placed on it to keep it closed. Look for this clear strip on your device and remove it. Now, press teh eject button to see if the tray opens.

Remove the Faceplate

Removing the faceplate can be an easy fix.This faceplate is the plastic cover on the front of the original Xbox 360, so only try this if you have that model. The faceplate is the part on the front on the console that you can customize, which means you shouldn’t have to try super hard to remove it.

  1. Put your console horizontal, laying flat on its side.
  2. Unplug all cables and turn off the console.
  3. Use your thumbs to push the faceplate away from the console with some force.
  4. Now, reconnect the power cord to the device and turn the console on.
  5. Press the eject button and see if the disk tray opens.
  6. Line up the faceplate tabs and press until it clicks into place.
  7. Open and close the tray a few times to ensure the faceplate isn’t obstructing the tray.

Use a Paperclip

A paper clip can help you open your disk tray.Then, uncoil a paper clip. Depending on the Xbox model you have, the holes needed to make the tray pop out might be in different places.

If you have the original Xbox 360, then first you have to remove the faceplate as instructed above. Below the right side of the disk drive, there is a small round hole that you can stick one end of the paperclip in. You should feel a little resistance and then the disk tray should eject. If that hole doesn’t eject the disk tray, then you need to stick the disk tray into the first of the two holes below the left side of the disk tray.

If you have the Xbox E or the Xbox 260 S, then you’ll need to turn the box horizontally so that it’s laying on its side. Then, look for the yellow sticker on the left side of the device beside the vents. The eject hole is directly above that sticker. Push one end of an uncoiled paper clip into the eject hole, and the tray should pop out a little.

If none of the above options work, then you should take your Xbox to an expert to be serviced.