Why Is My TV Purple?

Why Is My TV Purple?

This guide will provide you with all of the information that you need to resolve your purple TV screen issues. It is important that you address purple TV screen issues as soon as possible to regain full functionality of your TV.

Why Is My Samsung TV Screen Purple

1. There’s A Bug

All smart TVs, and any device that connects to WiFi, can become targets of malware and viruses.

We are used to having our computers scan periodically for possible viruses, bugs, and malware, but you may not think to scan your smart TV for these things.

On your computer, you may install virus-seeking programs, fire walls, shields, and other protective measures specific to your system. The good news is that your TV is more simple than your computer.

There is no need to spend hours searching the Internet for the best antivirus and anti-malware options or to sift through pages and pages of customer reviews to select the program or programs that will best protect your computer from viruses and information thieves.

Samsung smart TVs automatically check themselves for viruses very often, just as many computers do. Sometimes, one gets past all the fail-safes and is able to cause problems.

It is an unfortunate truth that hackers are always thinking up new and innovative ways to get around these protections for as many new ways and new programs as computer programmers and designers can think up.

Your Samsung TV is designed and programmed to protect itself against a variety of harmful intruder programs, but there will always be some viruses or bugs that are so new and novel that they are not noticed by the currently installed anti-virus software.

Fix – Restart TV

Restarting your Samsung TV is very quick and easy. Restarting your device is the most straightforward method to try when your TV (or computer, phone, or any other electronic device, for that matter) is having any sort of issue due to any number of reasons.

Many times, a simple restart can be all it takes to correct the problem and for your electronic smart device to start functioning predictably and like new again.

1. Simply turn the TV on, and then press down on the power button for several seconds until the TV shows that it’s beginning the process of restarting.

Do not press any other buttons on your TV while it is going through the restarting process as this can cause your device to experience any number of problems. Never interrupt your TV or any smart device while it is restarting itself. Leave it alone until it has completed the task.

2. Then, press the power button again to turn the TV back on. If your screen has returned to normal color, your problem is now fixed. If it remains purple, please proceed to the next step.

Fix 2 – Cold Restart TV

The cold restart method will allow your Samsung TVs main board to reset itself. This will clear many problems and allow your device to refresh and to banish a virus. It is a simple and quick method.

1. To begin the cold restart, turn your TV on. Then, while the TV remains on, press down the power button on your device’s remote and hold it down for several seconds or up to a full minute. The TV will turn off and then turn back on.

2. Continue to hold down the power button until the TV has turned back on. Now you have completed the cold restart of your device. Did this fix the problem? If the problem has not been fixed and the screen continues to appear purple, please read on to the next step.

Fix 3 – Factory Reset TV

You have tried to restart your Samsung smart TV, and the purple screen saturation problem was not resolved. Then you performed the cold restart of it, and so far, this does not appear to have worked either.

This means that it is now time to try out the factory reset method. Do not be intimidated. It will be very simple to do. Please follow these instructions to complete a factory reset of your smart TV:

  1. Using your TV remote control, please open the ‘Settings’ menu and then select ‘General’.

2. Now, choose the ‘Reset’ option from the ‘General’ menu. Enter your pin when it prompts you for it. If you are unsure of your PIN or do not remember what it is, you have a couple of options, so do not worry.

First, try to enter ‘0000’ as the PIN. This is the default PIN your smart TV comes programmed with.

If you have never set up a PIN for it, this is probably going to suffice. If your Samsung device does not accept this generic PIN, you will need to try to enter the PIN that you created for it.

If you do not know what the PIN you created might be, then you may need to contact Samsung’s customer care service by navigating to the Samsung website on your computer or smartphone and choosing the ‘Customer Care’ menu.

You will have the option to either call Samsung’s customer care phone line, to live chat with a Samsung customer care representative who should be able to help you after asking you to answer a few initial questions.

3. Once you have discovered the correct PIN to use or if you have been able to reset your PIN, simply select ‘Reset’ once more on the on-screen menu and hit ‘Ok’.

Your smart TV will now restart itself. Has your screen color returned to the normal color and saturation settings? If not, please proceed to the next step.

2. Issue With Cable Connections

Before you proceed with the following methods of testing the picture on your smart TV and adjusting the picture settings, always double-check all cable connections first. This can save you a lot of unnecessary time and energy as it is a very quick fix.

Fix – Check Then Reconnect Cables from the TV and The External Device

A common culprit of a purple screen on your Samsung TV can be a poor cable connection. Even if the cables appear to be all the way plugged in, check each one carefully, which may solve the problem.

Make sure that HDMI cables are inserted all the way into the ports on your TV. Then follow each cable down to the power source and double-check that it is correctly plugged into the wall outlet or to another HDMI port on your power source.

To be very thorough, it may help to unplug each cable connection as you check and then carefully plug it back to ensure that each one is complete and correct.

Do not rush through this step, as it can be very easy to overlook an HDMI cable that appears to be correctly inserted into a port but, in fact, is not completely and perfectly connected.

Follow each cable with your fingers to be absolutely sure that both sides of the cable are plugged in perfectly.

3. Incorrect Picture Settings

Your Samsung smart TV comes with default picture settings already adjusted on it. These settings can be easily adjusted on your TV using your remote control.

Since our issue is that the screen is purple, let us check and see if it is a problem with the current picture settings. Please read on to ascertain whether or not the picture settings could be incorrectly set and to find out if that is what is causing your device’s problem.

Fix – Run Picture Test

For this test, all you need is for your Samsung smart TV to be on and you will use the remote control to navigate.

1. Now press the ‘Settings’ button on your remote control and choose the ‘Support’ menu option on the TV screen.

2. Now, choose ‘Device Care’ in the menu options list and then select the ‘Self Diagnosis’ option.

3. Then select the menu option for ‘Picture Test’ and press ‘Ok’ to begin the picture test. Further instructions will now appear on the screen, and the TV will tell you how to complete the picture test correctly.

Follow the on-screen instructions. Has your problem now been fixed? If it has not, let us reset the picture. Please proceed to the next step for instructions on how to accomplish this.

Fix 2 – Reset Picture

Resetting the picture on your Samsung smart TV is simple and easy. Turn the TV on and use your remote control.

1. Find the ‘Settings’ menu on your remote control and select the option for ‘Picture’ on the on-screen menu.

2. Now, choose the ‘Expert Settings’ option and then select ‘Reset Picture’ from the menu.

3. Your TV will now ask you if you are sure you want to reset the picture. Choose ‘Yes’ to this question.

Your TV will now accomplish the task of resetting the picture settings. You have now completed the reset of the picture.

Was this method useful in solving your TV’s color saturation problem? If the problem continues to persist, please proceed to the next step and follow the instructions listed.

4. The Color Purple is Over Saturated on TVs Picture Settings

If you see that the color purple is over-saturated on your Samsung smart TV’s picture settings, you will need to adjust the levels of saturation.

Do not worry, as this is something that can be easily done. Please follow the instructions in the next step to adjust the hue on your Samsung smart TV.

Fix – Adjust Hue

1. Turn your Samsung smart TV on and press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote control.

2. When the menu appears on your screen, use the up and down arrows to navigate to the ‘Picture Mode’ option.

3. Now press ‘Enter’ to expand the ‘Picture Mode’ menu on the screen. You may now adjust the color saturation of your TV display by using the up and down arrows on your remote control to change the color saturation value to higher or lower levels of saturation.

You can experiment with the saturation levels and adjust them up and down as needed to find the picture saturation quality that suits you best.

This is something you can always adjust any time again if you find it has become too saturated or if the colors appear to be too light.

5. Part of the Video Feed Has Gone Down

Sometimes, a purple or green screen display on your Samsung smart TV can indicate a problem with the video feed. Please see the next step below to find out what to do to resolve this issue.

Fix – Wait For Video Feed to Come Back

If your Samsung TV’s video feed is having problems, the TV may resolve the issue on its own. Follow all of the previous steps for trouble-shooting the purple screen issue.

If none of those options have worked, it is possible that your device’s video feed is the culprit. If the video feed is the actual problem at hand, the best method for dealing with this is to restart your smart TV manually.

Simply turn your TV off for at least thirty seconds or up to about one minute, and then turn the TV back on. Did that fix the purple screen problem?

If the screen is still purple after turning the TV off and then turning it back on, we may be dealing with a more serious problem than you will be able to fix by simply adjusting the picture and color saturation settings.

Please proceed to the next step to learn what to do if this is the case.

6. TV Damaged

So, now you have tried all of the above methods to solve the purple screen problem, and nothing has worked so far.

The issue is too serious to be fixed by changing picture settings, color saturation and hue settings, TV menu settings, or even restarting the TV in each of the above-listed ways.

What are your remaining options at this point? Please see below to find out what you can do now to resolve the purple screen problem on your Samsung smart TV.

Fix – Replace TV

So far, nothing we have tried has worked, and your TV display continues to be purple. Not to worry!

If your Samsung smart TV is still within the specified warranty period, you just need to contact Samsung customer care and explain the issue. Samsung will then replace or repair the TV at no extra cost to you.

If your TV is now outside of the specified warranty window, you may want to consider having it repaired. Please proceed to the next step for instructions on how to have your Samsung TV repaired.

Fix 2 – Repair TV

Having your smart TV repaired rather than buying a new one is often the most cost-effective and practical solution to dealing with the problem. It is time to speak with Samsung and schedule the repair if nothing else has worked.

Be sure to schedule the repair with a professional Samsung repair center because they will be specifically trained to work with your device, and they will be able to obtain any necessary Samsung parts from the company.

This way, you can be sure you are getting legitimate parts that will be compatible with your particular device.

Contact a Samsung repair center near you and explain the problem. You can find the nearest Samsung repair center by googling the questions, going to the official Samsung website, live chatting, or calling a company representative.

You may also email Samsung for recommended repair locations near you.

If the representatives and tech support agents are unable to troubleshoot the issue over the phone, you will need to have Samsung repair the TV to solve the problem. Do not be intimidated.

Samsung will do this efficiently and work with you to accommodate your schedule and work around your needs and preferences to ensure the best possible customer service and repair experience.

Fix 3 – Contact Samsung

None of the possible solution methods we have tried so far have solved the purple screen issue on your smart TV. Rather than replacing your TV, it is often much better and more friendly on your wallet to simply have it repaired.

Are you unsure of whether or not your Samsung smart TV is really in need of being repaired?

If you have questions about the TV problem, the device warranty or details, or the repair process in general, you always have the option to contact Samsung customer care directly.

You can go to the official Samsung website and choose the ‘Customer Care’ menu option to view the contact method options.

It is easy to contact Samsung’s Customer Care center because they offer a variety of convenient ways to get in touch with them.

You may call the Customer Care hotline to speak with a representative, you can choose the ‘Live Chat’ option to chat with a real customer representative online immediately, or you can choose to email your questions and concerns to them.

Be aware that if you choose the email option to contact Customer Care, it may take several hours or even a day for you to receive a reply in your inbox.

No matter which contact option you choose, you may rest assured that the company will answer your questions and provide options for the best possible outcome in a timely and efficient manner.

7. TV Firmware Out of Date

Have you tried all of the above options, and nothing so far has worked yet? Let us ascertain rather or not your smart device’s firmware is completely up to date.

If it is not up to date, a simple download and installation of the most current firmware may be all you need to correct your device’s purple screen issue.

Your Samsung smart TV should periodically scan for new updates all on its own. This is a feature it is designed with and is programmed to do very often.

However, it is worth double checking that your device’s firmware is completely up to date if none of the above steps have solved your problem yet. Please see the instructions below to find out how to accomplish this solution.

Fix – Update Firmware

Now for this final troubleshooting step, let us make sure that your device’s firmware is completely up to date and current. In order to accomplish this last step, simply turn your Samsung smart TV on and use the remote control.

1. Now, choose the ‘Settings’ menu on the remote control and then use the up and down arrows to navigate to the ‘Software Update’ option on the screen.

2. It is now time to select the ‘Download’ option. This will allow you to download and install any available firmware updates that your device is able to find when it performs its firmware scan.

3. If any update is available, the update will appear on the screen now, allowing you to install it on your TV.

If no new updates are available after your TV has completed the update scan, a message will appear on the screen letting you know that ‘Your device is up to date’.

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