Why Is My Tinder Account Under Review?

Why Is My Tinder Account Under Review?

Some Tinder users have been experiencing an issue that will not let them access their Tinder account, typically they will see a message telling them their account is under review. Read on to find out why this is happening and what you can do to mend this problem.

Why Is My Tinder Account Under Review?

When Tinder says “Your account is under review,” it signifies that your account is being investigated to see if it is infringing on the app’s terms of service and community standards as a result of a complaint or suspicious behavior.

This ultimately implies that you did something incorrectly. While acting improperly may result in others reporting you, it also sends the wrong message to Tinder.

Because Tinder cares about its users’ security and safety, if you have exhibited inappropriate behavior or robotic-like activities, Tinder may put your account under review to see whether you can be trusted.

Basically, whether you continue to use the app or get banned depends on the activities you took after doing anything.

You will be made aware that your Tinder account is under review when you go to log into your account, only to see “Thank you. Your account is under review. This will only take a few minutes, but you do have time for a snack.”

You will not have to take any further steps to learn that your account is being examined because Tinder will notify you when it is.

Read on to find out possible reasons why your Tinder account is under review.

1. You Violated Tinder’s Terms of Service

Tinder emphasizes the significance of abiding by the app’s rules, terms of use, and community standards. Of course, Tinder will notice if you break them.

Tinder will analyze your account and determine whether your actions are according to Tinder’s etiquette or not if your behavior indicates a violation of the terms of use and community rules.

This assessment is to make sure that the activity on your account has not been breaking the rules and to take action if it has.

Remember, that this can also occur if your Tinder account has been hacked, as this can also prompt Tinder to look into your account activity. So, you are not always to blame.

To avoid this from happening, you should always be kind and considerate even when you are using a dating app such as Tinder.

The last thing you want to get in the way of finding that perfect match is yourself. So, do yourself a favor and make sure you never violate the Terms of Service set in place by Tinder.

2. Your Behavior Seemed Robotic or Suspicious

You claim that you did nothing wrong. Your innocent actions, nevertheless, might have caused a red signal to appear on Tinder. Here are some examples of potential strange or robotic conduct:

  • Quickly swiping right on every single profile without taking the appropriate amount of time to inspect the Tinder profiles.
  • You may have made a joke about selling an item on your bio (Tinder’s bots do not understand jokes of any kind).
  • Joking about your recent behavior on your Tinder bio.
  • Sending the same (or very similar) message to many of your matches or possibly even all of your matches; etc.

While at times these actions can seem completely reasonable, you should always be mindful of how your activity may appear to the security bots on Tinder.

The last thing you want is for Tinder to ban you from using their dating app simply because you made a joke that their bots did not understand.

3. You Have Been Reported Many Times

Your account triggers Tinder’s safety alerts when you are reported by other users several times or more.

Because many people report their ex or someone they dislike as payback, Tinder occasionally does not immediately block an account once it has been reported.

Instead, Tinder takes the time to analyze that account and determine whether the user is abusing the app’s policies or whether their profile is offensive.

A permanent ban from the app will occur if Tinder determines that your behavior is upsetting to other users or poses a danger to other users’ safety.

You should always practice kindness no matter what app you are using and only block someone if it is entirely necessary.

If you ever believe that you were reported wrongfully, you should contact Tinder’s Support, as this is the only way you might see actual results.

Not to mention, you do not want to be banned from Tinder simply because someone wanted to spam you with wrongful reports. Always aim to spread the love not hate or distasteful actions.

4. Tinder Has Banned Your Account Before 

You were caught trying to re-enter the app after being banned, and Tinder noticed. When you open a new Tinder account after being banned or reported, this frequently occurs.

When Tinder identifies your profile, it is necessary to check your account to make sure it is really you this time. In case you are shocked, Tinder can identify your images, your face, and your data if you have already been banned.

Bans are permanent, so if they have any doubts that a banned user is attempting to re-access the app, they will evaluate the account to see whether or not the user has in fact previously been banned from Tinder. 

While this may be terribly inconvenient, it is simply how Tinder ensures the safety of its users and their information. 

5. You’re Using A Device or Information From A Banned Account 

When Tinder bans you, it also bans your phone and device. If you are using someone else’s phone or tablet, you might want to exercise caution.

Along with identifying a prohibited face, Tinder may identify a prohibited device and phone number. Due to this, Tinder may think that you are a banned user trying to re-register and may suspend your account until the issue is resolved.

You have already eaten your breakfast, supper, and snack when Tinder indicated you had time for one. There does not seem to be any movement. Your account appears to still be locked. Why is it taking so long to review this?

Reviewing a Tinder account can take minutes or days. Depending on the problem and the rationale for examining your account by Tinder. It all relies on your app “history.” However, people claim that this takes longer than simply “a few” minutes. It requires hours, and occasionally even days.

When a Tinder review lasts longer or shorter depends on the following factors:

  • If this is your first time registering for a Tinder account and you opt for the verification process, then the account review should only take a couple of minutes. Usually, it takes that long to construct your profile and verify that it is authentic. If you follow the instructions and snap the images, you are good to go.
  • If you have been using Tinder and suddenly get this notification, it probably won’t be examined for several hours or even days. This indicates that Tinder noticed anything unusual about your profile and account and is now taking the necessary steps to verify your authenticity.
  • Tinder may take a few days to review your new account if you were banned from the app and are seeking to get back in. However, you will have to wait and see. Usually, it is a sign that they noticed something strange about your profile, and it frequently results in another ban.

Any one of these previously listed reasons can change how long you will have to wait for Tinder to review your account.

Tinder is certainly a fantastic and mostly safe dating app. With that said, there are still times when the rules and policies will not work in your favor.

It certainly can put a damper on your weekend to be locked out of your Tinder account while it is being reviewed, but this is an unfortunate necessity as many unsavory people take advantage of dating apps to further their wrongful intentions.

With that said, Tinder must also keep an eye out for robot (fake) accounts so that users do not get played by a bot account. So, do try to have some patience when Tinder is reviewing your account, no matter how long it may take them to do so.

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