Why is My Snapchat Display Name Not Changing for Others?

Why is My Snapchat Display Name Not Changing for Others?

On Snapchat, you have the ability to change your display name, unlike your username. Your username is set permanently on Snapchat so you’re unable to change that. But if for some reason you don’t like your display name, Snapchat will allow you to make changes.

Whenever you add someone on Snapchat, your display name is what shows up to them and it allows them to identify your account.

Since you first created Snapchat, you probably changed your name numerous times because as people, we sometimes like to update things that we no longer feel represent things.

If you’ve had a peak on your friend’s phone and have seen your display name when you Snapchat them, you may have noticed that your Snapchat display name on their phone is different to the display name that you have changed it to.

You may be wondering why your name on your friend’s Snapchat hasn’t been updated – surprisingly, it may be the name that you had when you first made Snapchat and all these years later and changes you’ve made to your display name, it’s exactly the same.

Why is My Snapchat Name Not Changing for Others


When your Snapchat naming isn’t changing for others, Snapchatters will continue to see the display name you chose when they first added you, but new friends should see your updated display name.

This is because Snapchat doesn’t update unless the other person changes your name to that too on their phone.

Snapchat doesn’t update your username on other people’s phone’s when you update it. Your Snapchat name isn’t changing for others simply because it doesn’t update on your friend’s phone.

When you change it, it only changes for your Snapchat and new friends that you make. All the friends you had before won’t see this change because Snapchat doesn’t change people’s names on other people’s phones unless they change your username on their own phone.

Why is My Snapchat Name Different on Other People’s Phones

Your Snapchat display name is different on other people’s phones because they’ve either changed your display name to something they prefer themselves or since the day they added you, you’ve changed your display name and it hasn’t been updated on their Snapchat.

This isn’t because of some error, the day someone adds your Snapchat, your display name on their account will stay like that until they either decide to change it, or you’re no longer friends on Snapchat and they add you back.

If they’ve gone out of their way to change your display name, then this is why it’ll be different. If you’ve changed your own display name on Snapchat expecting it to be the same after they’ve changed it, it won’t be.

Once they’ve made changes to your name on Snapchat, it will remain like that unit they decide to change it again. Nothing that you do to your Snapchat name will have any affects on the way your display name looks on their phone.

How to Fix Snapchat Display Name Not Updating for Others

The only way to get your display name to update for others on Snapchat is if you ask them to change it to what you’ve changed it to. Apart from that, your name remains the same on their phone.

You can send them a screenshot of your display name and a simple message saying, can you change my display name to this, please. Your name will then be changed to what you want.

If you have someone you want to add as a friend, make sure you change your display name before you add them so that when they add you, it’ll be the updated display name that you want and not the old one that isn’t updating for others.

The downside of this is that it’ll only work for those that you want to add as a friend and if you’ve been using Snapchat for a while, you would’ve probably added all of your friends already.

Can People See When You Change Their Name on Snapchat

When you change someone’s name on Snapchat, they can’t see that you’ve changed their name. There is no notification that they’re given by Snapchat to notify them that someone has just changed their display name.

Because of the privacy aspect, Snapchat wouldn’t allow people to know when someone just changed their name. This would cause too many problems within the community and people won’t feel comfortable changing other people’s name if they knew that Snapchat will tell that person. As soon as their name is changed, they’ll have no idea it happened.

With that being said, If you change someone’s username and you some how accidentally reveal that their name is changed on your phone, they’ll know that you changed their name.

Can You Change Someone’s Name on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

When you change someone’s name on Snapchat, they won’t know that you’ve done it. You can change someone’s name on Snapchat without fearing that they’ll find out because Snapchat doesn’t reveal when you’ve done this. There’s no way of them knowing unless you tell them that you’ve changed their name or you show them.

How to Change Someone’s Name on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Changing someone’s name without them knowing is the same as you changing it normally. There’s no way for them to know that you’ve changed so you just need to follow the usual steps when changing someone’s name.

To change someone’s display name:

  1. Open Snapchat and go to the person’s profile
  2. Tap their name.
  3. Change it to the name you want
  4. Select “Save”.

They will have no idea that you’ve just changed their name.

If I Change My Name on Snapchat Will They Know

When you change your name on Snapchat, no one will know as it won’t update for them. Your current friends on Snapchat won’t know when you change your display name as nothing happens on their end and your name remains the same as when they first added you.

But new friends will be able to see your updated display name. This doesn’t mean if you remove someone as a friend and then add them again they’ll start to see your updated name, they’ll still see the name from when they first added you.

If I Change My Display Name on Snapchat, Will My Friends See My Old Name Or The New One?

Your friends will see your old name if you decide to change your display name. Snapchat doesn’t update your display name on other people’s phones when you decide to update it. Your name will stay as the old name on their phone no matter how many times you choose to update your name.

If you want people to see your new name, the only way this can happen is if they add you on a different Snapchat account. Once they’ve changed your display name on their Snapchat, even if you block them, they remove you etc etc, it’ll always stay the same. Only new accounts that add you will get to see your updated name, old accounts that added you will only see the display name that you had at the time they added you.

Another way that you can get your name to update on someone else’s phone is to simply ask them. Asking them to change it to what you currently have now will allow it to update however each time you do decide to change things, you’ll have to pester them to change it.

Why Did My Snapchat Friend’s Name Change to Their Username?

It means they blocked you. Usually, on Snapchat, when you get blocked, the person is gone from your friend’s list and you can’t search their name.

Their profile disappears from your recents list and you won’t be able to contact them anymore. Sometimes, for a split second, when you visit the app again and look at your recents list, you’ll see their username here instead of their display name then it’ll disappear.

Sometimes, the username just stays there in the recents list but this is a glitch and it should disappear. But yes, when someone’s name has changed to their username, they’ve blocked you on Snapchat.

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