You’re probably panicking right now if Facebook is translated to Spanish. Why is your Facebook page in Spanish? No, Facebook isn’t playing a cruel prank on you. In fact, changing back to your preferred language is only a few clicks away.

If your Facebook page is translated into Spanish, you’ve come to the right place to learn why and how you can fix it.

Why Is My Facebook In Spanish?

Obviously, humans are curious creatures by nature and when something like this happens, you want to know why. An individual can also be forgetful and make clumsy mistakes. The reason it’s in Spanish may be closer to home than you realize.

First and foremost, did you do it by accident? The language settings are on the homepage of Facebook, and a simple misclick is all it takes to go from, say, English to Spanish. Perhaps your friend did it as a goof just to play a prank on you or maybe, just maybe, Facebook is having a hiccup. It isn’t uncommon for Facebook to stop working, especially when some system wide changes are being made.

However, on a more serious note, it’s possible that someone had access to your account. Now, before you panic, this is totally unlikely. It’s only a possibility—improbable, but possible. In fact, once you’ve changed Facebook back to a preferred language, you should immediately change your password just to avoid that problem.

How To Change Language Settings

Changing your language settings is very close to your news feed. But in the event that you can’t log on, don’t worry! There’s more ways.

The Login Page: Method #1

If you haven’t logged in yet, you can change the language settings right from the login screen.

1. Head over to Facebook. Look along the bottom of the page and you’ll see several languages.

2. Pick a preferred language. If you do not see yours, click the addition sign (+) at the end of the suggested languages.

On the News Feed: Method #2

If you visited Facebook and were sent straight to your news feed, language settings are available on the same page.

1. If you’re not on your news feed, go to it. In the top left corner you’ll see your profile picture. Just below it is News Feed. Its icon resembles a Facebook post.

2. Now look on the right hand side where ads typically appear. Scroll down until you see a small box containing languages. Pick your preferred language. Click the addition sign (+) if your language does not appear.

In the Account Settings: Method #3

Since you won’t be able to read any of the menu options, this is the last method you’d want to use, but this is here just in case the other two aren’t available.

1. In the upper right corner of your news feed, to the right of Quick Help, there’s a small arrow. Click on it, and in doing so, a drop down menu appears.

2. In the drop down menu, go to the very bottom. That’s Log Out. The one above it is Payment History. Above that is Send Money. And, more importantly, above that is Settings. It’s the fourth one up from the bottom.

3. Now, in your Settings, there’s a menu on the left-hand side. At the top is General. The 9th menu option from the top is Language and Region.

4. At the top, click Editar.

5. Use the drop down menu to pick your preferred language and then click Guardar cambios.

Your Facebook should now be cleansed of a language you do not speak or read and translated to a language you can with any of the methods above.