Why is My Discord So Quiet? (9 Reasons)

Why is My Discord So Quiet?

You might wonder, why is my Discord so quiet? Many reasons can be causing this to happen, ranging from device to server and app errors.

You can fix most of these issues as soon as you identify the cause. 

Why is My Discord So Quiet?

1. Their Mic is Damaged

The error is probably from the people you’re on a call with if you believe everything is good on your side. If they have a damaged microphone, they might keep speaking while you hear nothing.

But that’s if you’re on a call with only one person because that would mean you have no way of knowing who’s truly having issues.

So, if there are other users on the call and there’s only one person you can’t hear from, the issue is probably from them.

But if you can’t hear any of them and see that they are speaking, that means the error is from your side. But you can also confirm by asking them if they have a functional mic or if the input settings are okay on their end.

Fix – Ask Them to Repair/Replace Mic

If the issue is on their side, you should advise them to either get a new microphone or repair the one they use. Sometimes it can also just be an error with their input settings.

So they can check their input settings and correct changes they’ve made and ensure they have plugged in their microphone correctly. Otherwise, they can remove the mic and try their device’s default mic for the call until they can find a suitable solution to the issue.

2. Discord or Windows Output Volume Low

If the issue is not with their microphone, it’s probably on your end. Start by checking your volume and boosting the bar if it’s too low for you to hear anything.

Sometimes you might have the volume at a certain level that worked for a previous call, but due to different signals or input devices on various calls, that volume level might not work for another call.

So, ensure you check both Discord and your Windows volume if either or both are low. Also, when you increase the volume, don’t just do it for one side because it won’t do any good to increase one side while the other is low.

Your discord volume depends on the windows or phone volume, so prioritize checking the windows volume before Discord.

Fix – Increase Volume on Discord or Windows

After checking the volume levels and discovering it’s low for either or both, try raising it to boost the audio experience.

However, it would be best if you kept note of which volume is raised and which one’s reduced. Though the window’s audio output depends on Discord, Discord also depends on windows.

For instance, increasing your windows volume while keeping discord volumes low will give you a good sound. But if you keep your windows volume low and discord high, you might not be able to hear anything.

So ensure you keep both volume levels at a considerable level that balances the output received from Discord and the one you hear from windows.

How to Increase Discord Volume

1. Right-click on the user whose volume you wish to adjust on the right-hand side of the screen

2. Allow the Menu to pop-up

3. Move the bar on the menu bar’s volume slider to lower or raise the volume

3. Discord Servers Are Down

When Discord is having a server downtime, users won’t be able to do anything on the platform since there won’t be communication between their device and the server.

So naturally, you should be able to know this by the 504 error that will replace the call since there will be a server error, and the page should no longer be able to load.

However, if there is no intense server error and you’re still able to continue the call, you might not be able to hear what others are saying until the server is back online.

This can happen in a few seconds or drag for some minutes, so you might want to find a way to resolve it if it goes longer. If it’s a server error, you should not be able to do anything on Discord till it’s fixed, so you can check if other features are functional.

Fix – Wait For Servers to Resolve

First, confirm if the server is truly down by checking a third-party website like downdetector that keeps track of server downtime of large corporations like Discord.

If you’ve confirmed the server is down, and your area is among the affected sites, you will have to wait until Discord fixes the issue and get the server back online.

You can check Discord’s website for any updates about a server error and when you should expect it to be up and running.

You can also check discord forums to see if anyone else is facing the same issue as you. Finally, you can contact customer support to inquire about the server error and get a reply on what’s happening.

4. Old Bluetooth Connection Is Still On

This issue applies to users who connect another audio output device when joining a call on Discord. For example, if you use a device that connects with an audio jack, you can check the ports to see if it’s properly connected.

However, for anyone using a device that requires a Bluetooth connection, you should check which device you are currently connected to and which device you intend to use.

If you intended to use your Bluetooth speaker for the call, but your device is already connected to your earpods, and you forget to disconnect, you’ll spend a lot of time wondering why the sound isn’t playing.

So check your device and confirm you are connected to the same device you want to play from or switch to the device you’re connected to instead.

Fix – Turn Off Bluetooth

You can turn off your Bluetooth when you notice it automatically connected to a device you’re not using or if you forgot to disconnect.

When you turn the Bluetooth off, it will not be able to send signals to the connected audio device anymore. So, you can use your laptop or phone to attend the call.

You can switch off to stop the connection and create a new one. Switch off the Bluetooth device, then switch on the one you want to connect with.

Connect the correct Bluetooth device and continue your call. This fix will resolve the quiet Discord issue if the wrong Bluetooth connection initially caused it.

5. Issue with Audio Output Device

If Discord is working fine and your volumes are at the right levels, it might be an issue with your device.

As earlier mentioned, if it’s a device that uses an audio jack for connection, ensure it’s well connected to the port before seeking ways to fix it. If it’s a Bluetooth device, the issue might be with the connection, or perhaps you are playing from another device without noticing.

However, if it’s a hardware issue, you should try playing with other audio devices and see if they work. If they do, your audio device needs to be repaired or replaced.

You can also check if your device is compatible with the audio output because not all audio devices support output from every device.

Fix – Use A Different Audio Device Like Headphone Or Speaker

The fix for audio device issues is fixing the device or replacing it with a new one. You can use other devices to play your audio if it’s compatibility issues.

Instead of speakers, try using smaller devices such as headphones. Or, if headphones give you issues, try connecting to your speakers for a change.

Also, if you’re using a device with volume control, ensure you increase its volume too. If the device isn’t at a standard volume level, it might not be able to play the audio from your Discord call, especially if the windows and Discord volumes are low too.

Finally, keep the Bluetooth device in close range if you play via Bluetooth to avoid low signals affecting audio output.

6. Discord App is Out of Date

Discord has a robust app but needs updates to function correctly. For example, if you run an outdated version of the app, you won’t be able to access all the latest features.

For instance, if there was an update in the audio output section, you might also not be able to get audio output while on a Discord call.

Discord updates to help users handle issues such as bugs and others. So if there is a bug in the previous versions, getting an update might be able to help you fix it. However, if your device doesn’t auto-update all the apps, you must do it manually.

To check for updates, you can visit your app store and search for the latest version of Discord available. You can also check it on Discord by navigating the app’s in-built update features.

Fix – Update App

If your audio isn’t great after trying the steps above, it’s time to update your app and ensure it’s running smoothly. App updates often require more space, so ensure you create enough space for your app to function correctly.

Also, you can set your device to auto-update apps to save the stress of checking for updates and manually updating every time. So anytime there is an update, it happens automatically.

7. Bug with Discord

Discord App can also get bug issues like every other app, so you should consider the possibility. Although not many users complain of bugs, you should still check and fix it when trying to fix your audio error.

If there is a bug on your Discord app and it affects the app functionality, it could be the audio that takes the full hit, which is why you probably can’t hear anything.

The bug can also be from your device, affecting the audio connection between the two devices. So it’s either you fixing the app’s bug errors or your device to resolve the issue.

The most common method of fixing bug issues is to clear any storage unit the bug might be lodged. So, you might have to clear the cache, app storage, or the whole device, depending on how severe the bug is.

Fix – Log Out, Then In

This method works effectively for simple bug issues mainly related to the server. For example, if you log out of Discord and then back in, you’ll be able to fix the error in no time.

That’s because you break the connection with the server when you log out, and when you’re back in, you’ll establish a new connection and resolve the issue since you probably cleared the bug when you logged out and cleared the previous connection.

However, when you log out, ensure you wait a moment before logging back in for it to be effective. Also, you can break your internet connection when you log out and close Discord.

So, after waiting a few seconds, turn on your internet connection and login into the account. This method should work in most cases, but if it doesn’t, try other methods below.

Fix 2 – Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

The browser cache is the storage unit where you save all temporary and activity files. So when you clear this, you will probably clean every bug on the browser with it.

If Discord ran into a bug while using the browser, you might notice the issue doesn’t persist when you use the app. So, clearing the browser cache and cookies is the best way to clear bugs if you’re using the web version of Discord.

Fix 3 – Clear Discord App Cache

Clearing the browser cache fixes the error with web version logins but doesn’t if you’re using the app. So you must clear the Discord app cache if you use the app instead of the browser.

The process is similar for both; it helps you free up your cache space, however little it is, and removes any bug lodged in the storage. Clearing the cache is easy, so you can go to settings, click on app settings, and select the Discord app.

Finally, click on “Clear Cache” to finish the process; however, kindly note that you’ll lose temporary files when you’re done.

Fix 4 – Reinstall the Discord App

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, uninstalling the app will. However, if you want to keep the app’s current version or don’t want to stress yourself to uninstall, you can clear the app storage.

The process is like clearing the cache, but you click “Clear Storage” instead. It will remove all stored data since you downloaded them and return the app to its first installation.

So it’s like uninstalling and reinstalling, only without the stress. However, it is not as efficient as uninstalling Discord because it clears all programs and associated files.

You can reinstall and get a fresh experience while clearing storage to remove the related files. So regardless of your choice, ensure you have the latest version of the app reinstalling or after clearing the storage.

Fix 5 – Report Problem to Discord

If you can’t find a solution to the issues, you can report to customer service at Discord.

Customer support is always ready to render help and assistance, so feel free to detail your experience so they’d guide you on the next course of action.

You can reach out to the support team via the Discord app or visit Discord’s official website and navigate to the Contact or Help page to check for information on how to contact the team.

You can leave a review on the app store and get a reply from the developers on what to do.

8. Issue with Device Drivers

It’s not common, especially if you’re using a device like MacBook. However, windows often have issues with drivers, so your audio drivers might be the cause of the problem.

So it’s either the driver is outdated or broken while in use. The good news is that you can fix any broken driver by installing the latest version or updating the existing one.

It’s not a difficult task, but you might need to visit a technician if you’ve never done it before or you don’t want to make mistakes with the device drivers. But you must first confirm if your device driver is truly out of service.

So you can check the panel on the right bottom corner of the screen. The driver isn’t functioning if the audio icon has a red line on it, signifying an error with output.

Fix – Update/Reinstall Drivers

Whether you have a broken or outdated driver, you can update or reinstall depending on your preference. For a broken driver, it’s advisable to delete the broken driver and reinstall it or check for updates to install as its replacement.

Also, check if it’s compatible because when drivers are not compatible with a device, they work as if they are broken.

If you decide to reinstall, click on the driver you want to reinstall, delete it, and reinstall from the web or your device storage.

Ensure you have the driver files on your device or have access to download them on the web to avoid getting stranded after uninstalling the available ones. You can also click on the driver and select Update, as outlined in the step-by-step process below.

How to Update/Reinstall Drivers (Windows)

1. Open the Device Manager from the Start Menu

2. Expand view on “Audio inputs and outputs” from the list of devices

3. Right-click your speakers/headphones

4. Select Update driver

5. Click “Search automatically for drivers”

9. Poor Internet

Your internet connection is one of the first things to check if you can’t hear audio while on Discord.

The app depends on your internet connection to send and receive video and audio signals, so if you’re having issues with your internet connection, you might not be able to receive audio or both signals.

Next, check your internet connection and speed with a platform like FastNet, and if you notice the internet speed is slow, you can change positions or connect to a different source.

Fix – Check your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is not good enough, check your WiFi to confirm if you’re still connected. Then, switch off your WiFi and back on if it’d connected by not providing strong internet you can use to enjoy a call. If it doesn’t improve, you can also check your router if it’s on and share the network with connected devices.

Switch off your WiFi and connect to mobile data if you do not see any changes with your WiFi. This suggestion should fix the issue as long as you have strong mobile data.

But if you have strong mobile data and it doesn’t improve, try resetting your network settings to revert any changes you’ve recently made that could affect your internet.

10. Device Issue

If your device is the issue, it’s the last thing you want to pay attention to because it doesn’t have an easy fix.

For example, if your device’s audio output is faulty, you’d have to run tests or visit a technician to fix it. However, you can also fix fundamental issues, such as full device storage, updated software/firmware, audio settings, and several others.

Fix – Update Your Device

Updating your device fixes software issues because you’ll update to the latest version of the software available. You can also clear the device storage by restoring to factory settings if you think you need some space for Discord to run effectively.

You can also replace your device with a new one with enough space and the latest software to run Discord smoothly and resolve audio issues.

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