Why is Bumble Showing Me People Far Away

Why is Bumble Showing Me People Far Away

As a Bumble user, you may find that even though you have enabled location services, you get shown people that are far away from you. Read on to find out why this may happen, and where possible, fix the error.

Why is Bumble Showing Me People Far Away

There are different possible reasons why Bumble may start to show you people that are far away from you even though you have correctly set your location services.

You would need to go through the list below, find the one that applies to you, and take the recommended action in order to continue enjoying matching on Bumble.

Note: Before we go into addressing the issue of Bumble showing you people that are far away from you, we need to make it clear that you have no control over the distance of the people that get shown to you on Bumble.

Unlike some other dating sites, Bumble does not have the feature to change your distance filter and select the distance range of the people you want to get shown to you.

This feature was available before but was scrapped recently. So, as at the time of writing this article, Bumble is almost entirely responsible for the distance of the people you get shown on the app. Read on to find out what you can do to influence this.

1. You’ve Set Too Many Filters

Bumble allows you to set certain filters as to who you get shown for swiping and matching. Bumble has two types of filters for this: Basic and Advanced filters.

To set the Basic filters, you simply need to:

1. Tap on the Hive icon at the bottom of the Bumble screen, second from left. It brings up Date Filters

2. Here, you will see filters that cover Gender, Age, and Languages.

These are basic but they also limit the number of people that you can see from your area. Say you select Men, ages 24 to 30, and people who speak only English, this has already drastically reduced the number of people in your area that fit this description.

Now, at the bottom of this basic filter page, you will see Advanced Filters. If you have clicked on that and set advanced filters like Verified Profiles Only, height, exercise, drinking, smoking, and so on, this further reduces the possibilities that you can have in your area.

So, what does Bumble do? They show you people that meet these filters in your area. And when the list is exhausted, they simply expand the search and show you people in farther distances that fit your filter requirements. So, this is one main reason why Bumble may show you people who are far away from you.

Fix – Reduce Your Filters

Of course, it is important to know what you want and set filters accordingly. However, the filters can get a bit too much. If you want to see more people in your area, you may need to consider reducing your filters to accommodate more people.

Remember that a key thing in dating is to have as much an open mind as possible because you never know who you might find the perfect connection with.

2. You’ve Swiped Through Too Many People

It is easy to get carried away with the swiping as you search for potential matches. In fact, even if you already have matches waiting in your match queue or conversations list, you may continue swiping anyway, maybe to increase your chances of getting the perfect match, or just for the sake of it. Many users report that this happens a lot when they use Bumble.

Well, you just may end up swiping through too many people until you have exhausted all the Bumble users in your location that match your filters. And, as always, what Bumble would do in this situation is to show you people in farther locations.

Fix – Wait For Bumble to Have More People to Show You

When Bumble starts showing you people that are far away from you, you very likely may have swiped through many people and exhausted the people relatively close to you. So, you would need to wait for Bumble to have more people in your location to show you.

3. There are Not Enough People in Your Area

If you have been on Bumble for any reasonable length of time, you may have noticed that it is not a platform where just about everyone is.

There is a general, relative sanity on Bumble when compared to other sites like, say, Tinder. The reasons for this are beyond the scope of this article. But the point is that there are relatively fewer people on Bumble than on other major dating sites, per square mile.

For context, Badoo has about 60 million monthly active users. Tinder has about 75 million monthly active users. And Bumble has 12.5 million. You see the point.

So, it’s rather easy to exhaust all the potential matches that are around your location. And when this happens, Bumble simply extends the search radius to people in other locations who match your search filters. And that’s why Bumble is showing you people that are far away from you.

Fix – Wait For Bumble to Have More People in Your Area to Show You

When you start noticing that you are being shown people that are far away from you, it is likely that you have exhausted the potential matches in your area.

At this point, you would need to wait for more people in your area to sign up so Bumble can show them to you. Many users join Bumble daily, so it’s only a matter of time before more people in your area get shown to you on Bumble.

4. They Think You’ll Be Better Suited to Certain People Outside Your Area

When you sign up on Bumble and start swiping, you may notice a notification from Bumble saying something like, “we’re learning what you like”.

That right there, is Bumble artificial intelligence machine learning, registering and learning about the general characteristics of the people you are swiping left and right on.

The AI machine learning curates data like the general looks, bios, interests, and other relevant characteristics of the people you are swiping right on, and then tries to show you more of such people.

So, if they don’t find more of such people in your area, Bumble would simply extend the search to other areas to show you the type of people their AI has determined that you may be interested in.

Fix – Accept It

Well, Bumble is actually doing you a favor here…or at least they think that they are. It’s okay to accept these profiles, or you could simply ignore them. If you are patient enough, you will find that Bumble will eventually get back to showing you people in your area. They just keep mixing it up as they try to find people that best match your determined preferences.

So, when you find yourself in this situation, you should keep swiping because people in your area will still show up after some time. And, if distance is not such a big deal to you, you might as well enjoy the increased variety that Bumble is offering.

5. You Recently Changed Your Area, and Bumble Hasn’t Adjusted

As we explained earlier, Bumble compulsorily makes use of your device’s location services to show you potential matches. When you turn on location services and give Bumble permission, Bumble pings your phone using GPS to find your location real-time.

However, there are times when you have just recently changed your physical location and expect Bumble to adjust. But occasionally, Bumble systems may take time to pinpoint your new location and adjust the potential matches that they show you.

So, even if you can see that your location has changed on the app, you may continue getting shown people that are closer to your former location or in an entirely different area while Bumble tries to adjust to your new location.

Fix – Wait For Bumble to Adjust

Rest assured that Bumble will eventually get it right. It is only a matter of time before their servers correctly ping your new location and start showing you people in and around your new location.

One way to make this happen more quickly is to log out of Bumble and then log back in. When you do this, you are resetting your connection to Bumble servers and facilitating their ability to start showing you people within the right distance.

1. To log out and log back in, make sure that you have access to your registered phone number or email. If you have set biometric login, all the better.

2. To log out of Bumble, click on the profile icon at the bottom left of the Bumble screen

3. On your profile page, tap on the Settings (gear) icon at the top right of the screen

4. Then, scroll all the way down and tap on Log Out and confirm the log out

5. Then, tap on Log In to log back into your Bumble account

Another way to speed up the location accuracy is to clear your Bumble app cache. This is because, the cache memory stores your login details, preferences, location settings, and much more.

Sometimes, this cache may take time to update, hence people in the wrong location still showing up to you. Clearing the cache is a sure way to get your Bumble app to register your new location quickly and start showing you the right people in the new location.

To clear the cache:

For Android:

1. Exit the Bumble app and swipe it away from your recent apps

2. Long-press the Bumble app

3. Select App Info

4. Select Clear Data

5. Select Clear Cache

6. Confirm to clear the cache when prompted

On iOS

1. Exit the Bumble app and swipe it away from your recent apps

2. Navigate to Settings on your device

3. Select General

4. Select iPhone Storage

5. Select Bumble

6. Select Offload app

7. Confirm the action

8. Select Reinstall app

The great thing about clearing the cache is that if the issue of showing people in the wrong location was caused by a corruption of the cache memory, clearing the cache will also fix this. So, it’s using one method to fix two possible causes of the problem.

Now, relaunch Bumble, make sure location services is turned on, and check to see if you are now shown people in your new area.

6. Bumble is Out of Date

Another possibility is that there is a bug on your Bumble app which requires an update to fix it. If Bumble consistently shows you people that are far from your location, that is not normal and cannot be explained away with filters, swipes, and so on.

When a bug occurs on an application, it causes the application to stop functioning properly. So, the fact that you are getting shown people that are far away from you may be because there is a bug on your Bumble app which is making it send the wrong distance to Bumble servers.

Fix – Update Bumble App

To fix this, you should update your Bumble app because Bumble constantly release updates to fix bugs on their app as well as improve the app’s performance.

To update Bumble:

1. Exit Bumble and swipe it away from recent items

2. Then, open your App Store or Play Store

3. Search for Bumble in the search bar and select it from the results

4. If there is an update available, you will see Update by the side.

5. Tap on update to begin installing the Bumble update

6. When it is complete, you should then see Open instead of Update.

7. Tap on Open to relaunch Bumble and see you are now shown potential matches in your current location

7. Bumble is Down

If Bumble are experiencing issues with their services, some parts of the app may not work properly.

When we say that Bumble may be down, we mean that there may be a malfunction on their servers, causing issues like users getting shown people from the wrong distance. We do not mean that the entire Bumble service is down.

So, you may be able to use other features on Bumble like chatting and actually matching, but you just don’t get shown people in the right location because the service that controls that feature is down.

Fix – Wait For Servers to Resolve

When this happens, all you can do, really, is to wait for Bumble to resolve the problem. You may contact Bumble Support on Twitter to report the issue. You should also see reports from other users on the Twitter page.

Also, you could check sites like Down Inspector and Down Detector to see if other users are reporting the same issue, and any recommendation that may have been made.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced tech writer and marketer who currently writes for Techzillo as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf. At Techzillo, he focuses on consumer technology in general with his interest being Android OS. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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