Why Hasn’t My Amazon Order Shipped Yet?

Why Hasn't My Amazon Order Shipped Yet?

There have been many consumers of Amazon complaining about their orders from Amazon not being shipped.

Well, in this helpful source of information, you are about to learn about why the orders are delayed and what steps you can take to know its whereabouts.

Why Hasn’t My Amazon Order Shipped Yet

1. They Will Ship It on the Same Day 

Whenever you make a purchase, especially on amazon, you will have a notification of how your product will be shipped, the carrier of which your product will be shipped, and the time frame in which the product will be shipped.

Each time that you make a purchase on amazon, you will have the option to select the time frame you want the order to deliver to your address.

A typical standard time frame for a delivery process would be within 5 to 7 business days of the order arriving.

However, although the time frame may not be the issue, it’s more so of the shipping that is the issue if you are not getting any updates if the package has shipped or not. 

It is vital to consider the fact that your order may not have shipped because it may ship on the same day of delivery.

This is something that typically happens when you place an order for a product that may also be at an Amazon facility that may be near you.

So, if you’ve placed an order for a package that is set to be delivered within a couple of days, if you have not received an update on the shipping of the order, you can expect the order to ship the same day of delivery.

This is something that can happen either earlier than the delivery date or on the exact same day, the order is set to be delivered to your address.

2. There’s A Delay in the Process

For this next alternative to consider, it’s very common for people to jump to conclusions and think the worst.

Some people may feel they may have gotten scammed out of money if their item is not shipped as soon as possible.

Although this is a common human nature response, this is not always the case when you’re ordering from Amazon. Sometimes, there could be a possible delay with the shipping process.

There are many factors that can contribute to the shipping process being delayed.

Normally, if there is a delay in the shipping, you would receive a notification via text or email based on how you have your communication set up with Amazon developers based on your orders.

If you happen to make a purchase During certain times of the year when there are inclement weather conditions, you can expect a delay in your shipping process.

Some of these inclement weather conditions could be snowy weather, extreme rain, flooding, or lightning conditions. Hopefully, all of these don’t occur at the same time.

Another aspect that can be a key factor in the shipping process being delayed is the holiday season. Shopping online for major holidays is something that is typically common year-round.

There are consumers who shop on Amazon for fireworks for the 4th of July, spicy costumes for Halloween, beautiful fall decor for the Thanksgiving season, and Christmas ornaments to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

And, of course, during the exciting holiday season, there is the infamous Black Friday. With all of these year-round events, most people would prefer to shop online rather than fight the traffic just to get to a store and fight over the last flat-screen TV.

But that doesn’t mean that shopping online can be any easier. It is important to know that when you’re placing an order, there are tens of thousands of other people placing an order simultaneously.

And most likely, 50% of the tens of thousands of people placing an order at the same time as you are might be people who are purchasing the same items.

When this typically happens, some orders could be considered back-orders due to a high volume of requests for a particular order or for all orders that were generated at a specific time that is now in a backlog.

When items are in a backlog, it may take some time for everything to be caught up and for everyone to have their orders shipped in a timely manner.

So, if you notice your order hasn’t shipped yet, there may be a possible delay in the shipping process.

If there is a delay, don’t worry! Everything will get caught up in a timely manner, and you will be able to receive a notification once your order has shipped. Amazon will not leave you hanging.

3. The Delivery Date Is Later Than You Realized

When you place an order, and you’re waiting for the order to ship, if you haven’t received it yet, you may want to take a second look at the time frame in which the order is meant to arrive. 

Amazon is an online store that is full of items that are shipped from many sellers across the nation.

However, when you receive a delivery date for your order, the delivery dates are subject to change sometimes. Nothing ever remains the same when it comes to your order. That even includes the time frame in which the order is supposed to arrive at your doorstep.

If you have paid for your order and you noticed that the delivery date is within 2 to 3 days, if the second or third day has arrived and you haven’t noticed a change in your tracking as far as your shipping is concerned, on the final day the order is set to arrive, wait 24 hours to check your delivery date status again.

Typically, if there is an issue with the shipping due to the delivery date shifting, you will receive this information via text or email based on the new delivery date of your order.

However, if you don’t receive an update via email or text, you can jump back on your Amazon account to track your order from there.

When you navigate to your orders page, and you select the order that you wish to track, you will most likely see a new delivery date for your item. 

4. They’ve Completely Forgotten About Your Order

To find out that the carrier or the warehouse for Amazon has completely forgotten about your order can be a total nightmare. When people jump to conclusions, this is one of the conclusions many people try to avoid but can’t. 

If the carrier or the warehouse has completely forgotten about your order, you must know that something like this is never intentional.

This is something that can be accidental. As we proceed with understanding this part of this article, one of the things to consider, if something like this ever happens, is to take into consideration the time frame in which you are making the purchase for that order.

In other words, please pay attention to the holidays and seasonal time frames when shopping is at its peak.

If you are making a purchase for an item during any peak season, you can expect some delays as well as a human error that may take place during the processing of your order.

And to mention another previous perspective that was listed in this article, if you have placed an order during a time of severe and inclement weather, if the order shipping has not been updated, the carrier or Warehouse may have forgotten about the order due to attempting to get hundreds of thousands of delayed orders shipped to other addresses.

What needs to be understood is that even though you have access to place an order for anything you want at the tip of your fingers, the processing of the shipment of the order is in the control of human beings.

This means that mistakes can happen. Not saying they will happen all the time. It’s just to acknowledge that mistakes do happen. 

What to Do If Your Amazon Order Hasn’t Been Shipped Yet

1. Contact Amazon

 If you have waited long enough for your shipping to update, the best thing for you to do is to reach out to Amazon support to see what can be done for you right away.

This is the first line of defense that many consumers jump to if there is any type of issue that stems from the processing of their orders.

First, if you have the Amazon shopping app on your device, go ahead and open the Amazon app. 

Once the Amazon app is open, proceed to sign in with your Amazon credentials. 

Once you are successfully logged in, tap on the profile icon located at the bottom of your screen. The profile icon will be indicated by a circle with a torso shape underneath it (head and shoulders).

After tapping on your profile icon, a page will appear showing your previous orders, suggestions, and items that are possible in your cart. Above that will be a few tabs to proceed with based on your actions as you advance. These tabs will be Your Orders, Buy Again, Your Account, and Your Lists. Tap on the tab for Your Account.

After tapping on your account, another page will appear with a list of tabs for different sections. Scroll on that page until you see the section for customer service, and tap on the tab that says Contact Us. 

From that point, you will see a list of all of your previous orders. At the very top will be the most recent order that was placed. You will tap on the most recent order located at the top of the list.

Once the most recent item has been selected, you will be redirected to a screen where you will be able to select the issue you are experiencing with that order. One of the options would be something pertaining to the shipping of your order. 

Now that the issue has been selected, the last step is to receive a reply.

Amazon Representatives typically respond back to their customers and consumers in a timely manner. If there is a delay in responses, developers will send a notification to you letting you know when they will respond to your inquiry.

2. Contact the Seller

If you haven’t had any luck with reaching out to Amazon support directly and you weren’t satisfied with your answer, the next best bet is to reach out to the seller. 

Decelerate is the person that the merchandise was purchased from. As it was stated earlier in this information, Amazon is full of sellers who have merchandise that is purchased from and dispersed to hundreds of thousands of customers. 

First, you must open your Amazon app on your device or log into your Amazon account on a web browser.

After you are successfully signed in, on the app or on a web browser, navigate to your settings, where you will see orders, Buy Again, Your Account, and Your Lists. Tap on Orders.

After tapping on your orders, navigate to the most recent order that is already in motion. Tap on the profile picture of the order to open the shopping page for that order. 

Once you have navigated to the shopping page of that order, scroll down until you see the terminology “sold by”. Next to it will be the name of the person or merchant who sold you the item.

Once you have located the merchant’s name or the seller, tap on their name to then be re-directed to a page where you will be prompted to ask a question.

Once you are on that page to ask your question, you can then send a message to the seller, letting them know what’s going on.

Doing this will allow you to isolate the issue is the carrier or any other possible contributors. Most likely, the seller can provide you with some information based on the shipping of your order.

3. Wait

If you have reached out to the seller, you’ve contacted Amazon support for the inquiry, and you’ve even weighed out the possibility of the time frames you have made the purchase for the order, the last option to proceed with is to wait for the shipping to update or for the order to arrive. 

Whenever something like this happens, and we have done all that we could do that was humanly possible, the best thing for you to do is to sit still and to allow the process to resolve itself.

Although you may be super anxious to receive your order, this may possibly be something that can be resolved without any human interference.

4. Ask For A Refund

The last and final alternative to resort to is to simply ask for a refund if you don’t want to wait on the item any longer. Asking for a refund is something that most people would keep as a last resort.

That’s why it’s always essential to keep your receipts every time you go shopping at your favorite store or shopping mall, and you’ve purchased something you hadn’t planned on keeping for too long. 

Although you don’t have a physical receipt to have a refund processed on your behalf, you do have electronic documentation that can be retrieved by Amazon Representatives to process your refund and stop the shipping.

If you are eager to have a refund processed or if you noticed that the shipping had not been updated, this is your time to strike. You don’t want to wait until the item has shipped and then call in for a refund.

This will cause more hassle and more issues for you and the Amazon representative processing the refund. In other words, this can result in a lot of headaches.

So, if you want your refund processed successfully, it is best to contact Amazon support immediately for the refund rather than wait.

Final Thoughts

Amazon shopping is one of the best online shopping experiences in the online shopping world. And as it was stated earlier in this piece of information, the excitement isn’t just from the delivery of the product. But also the tracking of the product.

It’s such a thrill when you finally push the “PLACE YOUR ORDER” tab, and you get the notifications of your order going through the shipping process, knowing it’s on the way.

Moreover, no one ever wants to experience a minor delay in their order being processed and shipped.

If you are someone who happens to encounter this issue, there are a few things you might want to take into consideration.

The first consideration is to acknowledge same-day shipping in case there is a warehouse nearby that has your item, there may be a possible delay, the item’s tracking might haven’t updated accordingly, or the delivery date may be later than you’d realized.

You can also consider the fact that they might have possibly forgotten about the order. If so, it’s okay! Life happens.

Before you ask for a refund on your order, it would be essential to acknowledge these factors before calling Amazon support in an uproar.

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