Why Does My Music Keep Pausing Android?

Your Android devices allow you to listen to music whenever you like but it can be annoying whenever you notice the music keeps pausing. Your music player is meant to play music constantly unless you pause you yourself. If it keeps pausing or stopping, then you know that there’s a problem that needs to be fixed.

Why Does My Music Keep Pausing Android?

There are several reasons why your music player keeps pausing on your Android and it could be issues that boil down to your headphones, network, and just glitches on the app.

Your Headphones Are Corrupt

It would be awkward for you and everyone around you if your headphones were removed and heard every sound your phone was making. Luckily for you, and everyone around you, your Android device has a nifty feature that pauses the audio of music and videos when your headphones are removed from the headphone jack.

Unfortunately, because of this feature, people experience constant pausing and starting of their music player. Why? Well, there are two possible root causes: your headphone jack or your headphones. If you have several pairs of headphones, you can test the headphone jack and pinpoint the true culprit.

If it’s your headphones that are causing the problem, then they’re damaged in some way. The headphone jack is trying to connect, but the headphones aren’t connecting right, causing constant disconnection. The phone then registers this as you removing your headphones.

Take another pair of headphones–several pairs of headphones is better–and test the headphone jack. If your music is still pausing, then it may be a bad headphone jack or you have several pairs of bad headphones. It would be best to have a specialist take a look at the headphone jack.

Since one of the main reasons why your music player will keep pausing your music is down to bad headphones continuously disconnecting, the first thing you want to do to fix this issue is to either get new headphones or entirely disconnect your headphones and listen to the audio from its external speaker. If you disconnect your headphone and notice that the videos keep pausing, it’s not down to bad headphones and you’ll need to find the root cause.

Your Network Is Down

If your network is down and your music isn’t downloaded to your music player on your Android then it might be causing your music to pause. Whether you’re using data or WIFI, if you haven’t downloaded your music, it’s going to rely on your network to play the music. If your WIFI or data is down and there’s no consistent stream of data to continue playing your music, then you’re going to experience problems with your music player pausing.

Note: If you using your Androids native music player, then music has to be downloaded in order for you to listen using it – it’s likely going to be headphone-related issues if your music keeps pausing from your native music player. If you’re playing music from Spotify or another thrid party app and it hasn’t been downloaded, then it could be network-related problems.

To stop your music player from pausing your music, your first step is to reboot your network connection if you’re using your Wi-Fi at home. If it’s been awhile since your modem or router has been restarted, then now is the time to do so. After an extended period of time running, modems and routers can start sending broken signals; flushing the cache data will get it back to speed.

1. Locate the power cable for your modem and router (if you have one).

2. Gently, but firmly, pull the power cable from the modem. Do NOT yank by the cable. Hold the end part of the cable, the end that’s connected into the modem.

3. Wait 60 seconds and reinsert the power cable. Reconnect once the necessary lights are on.

There are dozens of websites that can test your Wi-Fi speed, like AT&T, Verizon, and Xfinity. Any will do. Hopefully, you aren’t staring into the abyss of 500 Kbps.

If you were unfortunate enough to have a slow connection, then connecting to a different network connection can yield better results, preferably a faster one.

You’re Opening Other Apps That Are Playing Audio

Since these apps have their own audio, they may sometimes stop the music you’re playing from your music player because you’ve recently been playing audio from that app. Apps like Twitter that allows you to watch videos can sometimes pause your music when you open it simply because there’s a video playing in the background – and as you’re aware, audio can only come out of one app so the app that was recently opened will cause the music playing to stop. Luckily, there are ways to stop apps from turning off your music.