Why Does My Boyfriends Snapchat Score Keep Going Up?

Why Does My Boyfriends Snapchat Score Keep Going Up?

Having a partner that uses their social media daily isn’t a big deal. But what if you have a boyfriend that has a Snapchat profile, and you notice their Snap score is unusually high? And to add to this instance, the Snap score keeps rising every day.

This can be a red flag. However, before jumping to conclusions, there are a few things to consider that may not exactly be suspicious activity.

With this information, you are going to learn what those reasons are, along with additional information to consider if something is taking place behind closed doors and you’re unaware.

What Is Considered To An Unusually High Snap Score?

Before we dive into this topic, let’s talk a little about what is considered to be an unusually high snap score. For starters, anything that is over 750k is considered to be an unusually high score on Snapchat.

If your boyfriend has this number as a score or if you are someone that has this type of score, there is a chance that this individual may be popular, have many friends that connect with, or has spoken with and connected with a vast number of people they may not know.

If that is the case, sometimes, the people they are connecting with are people that they don’t know at all. That can be quite alarming.

The first aspect to consider is that he has been communicating with a lot of people on the app on a constant basis. The individuals he communicates with can be people he is friends with or people he might not necessarily know.

Along with communicating with a lot of people on the app, he might also have been sending multiple videos and photos to other users. Also, they could be adding people every day using the app.

So, as their Snap score is rising, so is their friend list. This could also be a case where your boyfriend has been communicating with their contact by sending red or purple Snaps during the duration of communicating.

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And overall, they could just simply be posting content on a regular basis.

As you can see, there are some instances that don’t actually mean something “shady” is going on.

However, there are some instances to consider that might allow you to place one and two together for you to know if something is up. Let’s investigate the first alternative. And as you continue to read further, you be the judge of what you believe is going on here.

1. They Are Chatting With Multiple People On A Daily Basis

When someone sets up a social media account, the initial reason is to view their favorite content and stay in connection with family and friends.

However, the other reason that individuals may set up a social media account, specifically Snapchat, is to not only connect with close family and friends but to connect with people that they don’t know.

That can be considered a positive or negative prerogative. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this scenario. Let’s start with the positive.

If your boyfriend has a high Snap score that is constantly rising, they may be connecting with random people for networking purposes. This is most common among people who have growing businesses or are “social media” famous.

There is a chance they are connecting with other people for the sake of boosting their careers. And the more they communicate with these connections on a daily basis, the more the score will rise. Also, they could simply be chatting with mutual friends.

Meaning they aren’t connecting with people they know personally. But they are chatting with people their friends may know.

If there is a circle of friends they commune with on a daily basis, it’s possible they are connecting on Snapchat to share memories or chat daily about the memories that come up in their feeds.

Or they could be randomly sending snaps to these mutual friends without a particular reason.

Now, from a negative perspective, it is a possibility they may be connecting with people from a flirtatious perspective.

Normally if someone is constantly posting content and they have reached a certain level of popularity or score, certain users may reach out to them via to initiate conversation. This is typically common for people who post provocative content on their profiles.

In other words, these are people that would post videos and pictures that would show an attractive side of themselves that others would consider to be sexual or have sexual intentions behind the post.

2. They Are Sending Photos or Videos to Multiple People On Snapchat

One way to boost a Snap score is by sending multiple messages with photos and videos to users on the app.

So, if you notice your boyfriend’s Snap score is super high and it’s constantly rising, they might be sending messages to users on the app that are snaps of photos and videos.

The Snap score is all about the activity that is tracked on the app when it is in use. And the only way for their Snap score to consistently rise is if they are on the app every day and sending multiple videos and photos to their contacts and other users.

This is something that can be a red flag. However, it is essential to know if your boyfriend has friends he communicates with regular. Typically, if they have a ton of friends they know or have met, it’s pretty common for friends to send Snaps to one another.

The red flag will be if they are sending photos and videos to individuals that aren’t considered to be friends. However, they could be sending snaps to random people that flirt with them on a constant basis.

If the scenario is the latter, if you are friends with your boyfriend on Snapchat, pay very close attention to the type of content they are posting on their profile.

If you notice the content they are posting is provocative content or anything that sparks arousal, that may play a part in why their Snap score is constantly rising.

Basically, it would be due to constant activity by posting the content and connecting with people that found the content intriguing.

3. Multiple Users Are Being Added To Their Friends List Daily

One of the main reasons why anyone would create a social media profile, specifically Snapchat, is to build a large following.

And one way to build a large following is by adding multiple people. Mostly, when someone adds multiple people as friends, it’s in the hope of them being followed back by that individual or person.

As it was stated earlier, a major part of a snap score rising is due to the activity of the account holder. And adding people to their list is a part of the activity.

If your boyfriend has a high score that is rising steadily, they could be adding people to their list every day. This can be a little unsettling due to the fact you are not aware of who they are adding.

And typically, if someone is added, there is some form of communication that may follow. If there are multiple people added to their list on a daily basis, there is a possibility there are snaps or messages being sent to each other on a daily or consistent basis.

This is something that comes naturally if they are adding people who find their Snapchat profile intriguing.

4. They Are Communicating With Users On The App Using Red and Purple Snaps

Red and purple snaps are major contributors to having a high Snap score. So, there is a chance your boyfriend may be communicating with his friends or others using red or purple snaps.

On a basic level, whenever you communicate with someone on Snapchat, one of the ways you can communicate is by audio or sending a snap without audio.

For those of you who are consumers and don’t know what the color correlations are and what they mean, allow me to break this down for you for better understanding:

If there is a red arrow next to the snap that was sent, this means that the snap was sent without audio. This could be a simple message or image that doesn’t have audio connected to it.

If there is a hollow red arrow next to the snap that was sent, this means that the snap that you have sent that doesn’t have audio was opened and viewed by the recipient.

However, if there is a purple arrow, this basically means that the snap that was sent was a snap that has an audio file attached.

Now, if the purple arrow is hollow on the snap that was sent, this means that the snap has been opened and viewed by the recipient it was sent to.

Now that you know what color correlations actually mean, let’s talk a little further.

On the topic of the color of the snaps, the messages your boyfriend sends and receives to others add to their Snap score.

If you noticed that his score had reached a crazy number and has been rising steadily, you might want to take a moment to consider the messages they have been sending and receiving are red or purple snaps.

This is something that can be a disadvantage for people who are in a relationship with someone who has a Snapchat account.

That being said, you will not know how many people or who your boyfriend or significant other has been sending messages to on the regular. The only information you will have at your disposal is the number of their Snap score.

This can give a red flag that they have been communicating with a vast number of users on the app, and the communication has been constant.

Overall, as it was stated, how often they communicate on the app via audio, video, image, or all of them together, this form of communication contributes to the score you have.

4. They Consistently Post Content On Their Profile Daily

This next part of our conversation, it’s a simple form of context that is understandable and can be used as a general perspective. In other words, your boyfriend may have a high score that is rising due to constantly being on the app and posting content.

And not only are they posting content. But they are posting content every day. If you notice the score is rising, you might notice they are posting photos and videos many times throughout the day.

To reiterate once more, the Snap score is generated based on the amount of activity the consumer exhibits as the account holder.

There may be a particular reason as to why they are posting content throughout the day for seven days a week. If your boyfriend is constantly on Snapchat posting content, pay attention to why they are doing so.

Are they social media influencers in some way or form? Are they connecting with friends and family? Or are they simply trying to get attention? There are some questions that can be asked for you to understand why their score is so high and why it is rising consistently.

5. Ask Them Why Is Their Snap Score So High And Why it is Rising

Sometimes, the only way, which is the best way to understand something, is to ask them simply.

If you notice your boyfriend has a high snap score that is growing larger and larger by the second, take a moment in time to sit down with them and ask them why their Snap score is constantly rising.

Now, before you proceed to have this conversation, it is essential to know that it is all about how your delivery comes off to them. So, in other contexts, try not to approach the conversation in an abrasive manner. And also, understand that timing is everything.

If you want to bring this up in a conversation with your boyfriend, there is a way to do this.

If you have a Snapchat account as well, and your score isn’t as high as his, you can possibly say something along the lines of, “Hey, I’ve noticed your Snap score was very high, and it’s constantly going up like crazy.

What are you doing to keep the score rising so I can do the same?” This question is an easy icebreaker if you have a Snapchat account as well. That way, the conversation will not seem as if you are doing some extra snooping around and fishing for information.

If you also have a Snapchat account, this can be a conversation where you are able to bond over such a thing. Who knows? Maybe any suspicions will be put to rest after having this conversation.

And for those of you who don’t have Snapchat and want to ask your boyfriend why their score is super and rising, you can create a conversation as if you are interested in creating a Snapchat and you are looking for tips on how to keep your score rising.

For example, your starter of the conversation could be something along the lines of, “I was thinking about starting a Snapchat soon, and I want to know how you keep your snap score rising?”

Once again, this is an icebreaker that will make the environment of the conversation less harsh, complicated, and abrasive.

Whatever information is spilled onto your lap after taking either approach, you will get the answers you have been snooping for if you have had a strong curiosity as to why your boyfriend has such a high and rising score.

So, if you are in doubt, set the mood and tone to have a decent conversation to ease your curiosity once and for all. Some conversations in a relationship can be uncomfortable.

However, the only way to get over it is to “rip the Band-Aid off”. In other contexts, just jump into the conversation in a calm manner.

There is never any pain or harm in wanting to know more about your partner, especially if they have a rising Snap score and you are not sure why. As you are looking for the answer you seek, remember to be wise, crafty, and cunning.

Final Thoughts

Being in a relationship with someone that has an unusually high Snap score that is skyrocketing can strike curiosity within anyone who notices. This is something that can cause the mind to wonder and think the worst.

But this article of essential information was designed to allow you to consider other factors that may play a part in why your boyfriend has a rising high Snap score.

And although this information allows you to see into other possible factors, this guide presents information that allows you to not be in denial of something that may be possibly going on that you are unaware of.

Overall, some of the things to consider as to why your boyfriend has a rising score could be they are chatting with multiple people on a daily basis, is sending photos or videos to multiple, are sending snaps to people that are red or purple snaps, or they are adding people to the friend’s list every day.

Moreover, if you are uneasy or curious about this, you can always ask them in a very cunning way to see what their response will be. So, before getting overwhelmed, utilize this information for your own benefit.

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