Why Does It Say That the Person Is Busy When I Call On WhatsApp?


WhatsApp voice calling allows you to make free phone calls to your contacts, regardless of whether they are in the same country as you. Voice call makes use of your phone’s internet connection rather than the minutes allotted to you by your mobile plan. It is one of the reasons why people prefer to call through WhatsApp.

When Someone is On A Normal Call And You Call on WhatsApp, Why Does It Say That The Person Is Busy?

Sometimes when you call a person through WhatsApp, you will get told that the number is busy. It usually means that the person is on a call outside of WhatsApp, not that the user has blocked you. The person will get a notification that they missed your call, but the phone will not ring on their end. You can try to regular call the person if it is an emergency, and they will see that you are trying to contact them and choose to either ignore your call or answer it.

Does WhatsApp Have Call Waiting?

WhatsApp is a widely used app as it is an affordable way to communicate with loved ones regardless of where they are. You may wonder if WhatsApp has a call waiting feature that allows users to see when someone else is trying to call them while on another call. WhatsApp has a call waiting feature available for both iOS and Android devices. If someone tries to call you on WhatsApp while you are currently engaged in a WhatsApp voice or video chat, you will receive a notification indicating the kind of call, and you will have the option to accept or refuse the call at that time. It will not cause any interruptions to your current call. If someone contacts you via WhatsApp, you have the opportunity to choose from the following options:

  • Decline: You can even choose to decline an incoming call while remaining on the current call if you like.
  • End and Accept: You have the option of ending the call you are presently on and accepting the incoming call that you are receiving on WhatsApp.

How to Know If Someone Is On Another Call WhatsApp

If you’re a frequent user of WhatsApp, you’re probably aware that the platform may provide some useful functions, such as voice calling. You may be wondering what message you will get when you try t contact someone already on a WhatsApp call. WhatsApp does provide solid indicators as to whether or not someone is on another call. To find out if someone is on a WhatsApp call, contact the individual as there is no other way to know if they are online.

When you attempt to call someone engaged in another phone or video conversation using WhatsApp, you will get informed that they are involved in another call. When someone uses WhatsApp, this is the only method to know that they are on the phone and not just texting. To determine whether or not they are on another call, you need to contact them. If you call them and they aren’t on another call, the phone will ring, and they will answer if they wish.

Does It Show Online When Someone Is On A Whatsapp Call?

When you make a WhatsApp call or receive a WhatsApp call, you will be visible to others on the internet since you have launched the application. You may, however, stop the app while still carrying on with your discussion to avoid being detected as being online. In this case, you are not online since you are not getting the call without launching the app. Having WhatsApp open in the foreground on their smartphone and connecting to the internet indicates that a contact is online. It means that while a person is on the phone, they use WhatsApp. They could be replying to messages or looking at people’s status.

Only when you are actively using Whatsapp or leaving the app open will you be shown as ‘Online.’ As soon as you start another app, the WhatsApp app stays open but is now operating in the background. At this time, it will display the status ‘Last Seen’ instead of the current state of ‘Online.’ Some people will answer their Whatsapp calls and proceed to use other apps; hence they will be offline, and if you decide to call, they will be informed they are on another call.

You may be wondering what WhatsApp shows when you are on a video call. When you are on a video call, WhatsApp does not show you as online; instead, it will show you as having been last seen, which is also known as Whatsapp video call last seen. If you choose to remain on the video call and take up your whole screen, you will appear offline. If you minimize the screen and read and reply to other messages, your contacts will see that you are online.


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