Why Does Do Not Disturb Keep Turning On

Why Does Do Not Disturb Keep Turning On

Despite its usefulness, it can be annoying if you can’t control when DND turns itself on. It’s even more frustrating when you miss important notifications because you’re unaware the DND mode is back on.

There are a few reasons that can cause this issue, so sit back and read this guide on why DND keeps turning itself on and how you can fix it.

Why Does Do Not Disturb Keep Turning On

1. DND is Scheduled

Not everyone likes to have DND mode every time, so sometimes you want to turn it off, but you might forget, which can cause a lot of damage since you won’t be able to receive any notifications as long as it’s on. To help users solve this problem, most phones have included a feature that allows you to schedule time for DND mode to turn itself on and back off.

So if you set the time to 30 minutes, once the time elapses, the phone will automatically turn DND off and allow you to receive notifications so you don’t forget. Vice Versa.

Some mobile phones also have the schedule automatically added, so if you don’t know, you’ll notice that your phone turns it off without you telling it to. For example, Apple noted that many users forget to turn off DND after use, so they’ve included a feature in iOS 12 that helps them.

If you simply use the “Do Not Disturb” toggle in Control Centre, this new feature turns off the DND at a particular time after turning it on. So if you want to ensure DND lasts longer, you have to set it to last as long as you want in the settings.

Fix – Delete the Schedule

If your phone keeps turning DND off after turning it on, your first check should be the phone’s settings. When you check the DND settings, you’ll be able to know if it is set to turn itself off or not.

So once you notice it’s set to turn itself off, you can change the settings to allow it to stay on for longer hours or perhaps set it to manual so you can turn it off when you like.

The auto-turn-off and schedule feature is quite helpful if you know you usually forget to turn it off yourself. So instead of turning off the schedule, you can adjust it to fit your ideal schedule.

For example, if you prefer keeping it on for certain hours while you work or sleep, you can schedule it to continue blocking notifications for that period. Once it’s time, the feature is turned off, and you can begin to receive messages again.

How to Delete DND Schedule on Android

1. Go to Settings

2. Click on Sound Settings

3. Tap “Do Not Disturb”

4. Tap “Schedules”

5. Select “Never”

Alternatively, you can press and hold on to the DND icon when you swipe down your notification panel.

2. DND Is Enabled While Driving

Sometimes if you’re driving and you set your phone to driving mode, you’ll be able to receive notifications. If you put your DND settings to turn on at a specific time but instead turn it on before that time, you might have made some changes to your device settings to allow DND on while driving.

This is another handy feature that many devices use to protect users, though it can be annoying sometimes if you are unaware of the feature. All you’ll meet is a barrage of missed notifications because DND had blocked them without your notice.

What happens is that once you put your phone in driving mode, you automatically turn on the DND mode. So this allows you to focus on the journey and not get distracted by notifications. So if that’s the case with you, and you had been unaware of this feature, you should try to change your device settings to allow notifications even when driving.

Fix – Turn It Off While Driving

The only fix for DND turning on while you drive is a quick visit to the device settings. Since this is a default setting, you can refrain from setting your phone to driving mode when driving.

However, if you want to use the driving feature, you need to turn off DND while you drive, or else you’ll notice that the DND is back on, and you aren’t receiving any notifications.

To do this it’s quite simple, depending on what type of device you use. You can go to device settings for Android phones and make the changes when you select Driving Mode. Of course, settings differ for each phone, but you can follow the steps below to change Driving Mode features regardless of your device type.

How to Turn Off DND While Driving (iPhones)

1. Open Settings

2. Tap “Do Not Disturb”

3. Scroll down until you see “Do Not Disturb While Driving”

4. Tap “Activate”

5. Change from Automatically to “Manually”

3. You’ve Set it Up in the Alarm App on iPhone

iPhone allows users to bypass DND mode in certain events; this feature is also available on Android phones. So if you don’t want an alarm to ring while you’re busy or sleeping, the feature already comes with your phone. So if you’d like to change it to ensure alarms don’t go off while in DND, that’s when you have to change the settings.

When you set it up in the Alarm App on your iPhone to turn DND on or to stop the alarm from going off when in DND, you’ll experience it turning itself on every time there is an alarm about to go off. This is probably for people who like to stay asleep while napping and not get disturbed by any alarm.

Fix – Turn It Off

You can turn the settings off in your device settings just as you would normally. Or you can also change the alarm settings to go through even if DND is on. So you don’t wonder why you missed an alarm when it should be blasting through the mute state of your phone.

4. There’s A Glitch Due to An Update

If there is a glitch on your device, you won’t be able to figure it out unless it manifests in simple device errors. Also, sometimes when there is an update, the older version will not run properly because it doesn’t have the program to run the new features.

So if you don’t update your app, or if the storage space is insufficient, you’ll probably notice issues like DND always turning itself on even when you don’t schedule it.

It is also possible that your device or apps have run into bug issues affecting the functionality. However, you should know that this error is not common. You won’t always have bug issues that will affect your app functions or turn on DND automatically.

Fix – Clear DND Cache Android

If you own a phone that doesn’t have much space or is always running out of space because you have a lot of apps running, ensure you frequently clear the cache to avoid running into issues.

Once the DND cache is complete and you’re low on storage, the app won’t have enough space to function correctly; hence, it will simply start malfunctioning.

It can also be due to bugs logged into the cache storage, so every time you turn on your phone, the bug might also keep loading, which will continue until you clear the cache.

Although not all bug issues will cause errors with your DND toggle bars, you can expect this or other issues to arise if it’s related to the DND cache.

Fix 2 – Restart Phone

Restarting your phone helps fix many issues, and it’s one of the most practical steps you can take when you notice any issue with your device.

For example, suppose your device software runs into a bug while running; it won’t be able to remove the bug and will remain logged in the temporary files. So the only way to remove it is by closing all apps you are running; when you do, you might be lucky enough to clear the bug.

However, if the issue persists, you can clear your whole session by switching off your phone.

When you switch your phone back on (ensure you wait a few seconds before switching on), you’ll allow all the software apps and installed apps to run from scratch again, thereby removing any glitch or bug that was causing the error before you switched off.

If this results from a temporary glitch, the DND mode should stop turning on, but if not, you might have to try other methods to stop the repeated action.

Fix 3 – Force Restart Phone

Force restarting your phone is like simply restarting it. only that you don’t allow your phone to do the process by itself this time. Instead, when you restart your phone, you can press the Restart button and allow the phone to turn itself off and back on.

Unfortunately, this process doesn’t clear the memory storage because you’ll still be able to continue where you left off on some running apps. Hence, if the bug was still running, the restart won’t clear it too.

But a force stop takes matter into your hands and allows you to switch off the device and back on when you like. You can force restart by pressing and holding the power button till the device is off.

Don’t press anything on the screen; press the power button till the device is off. Then after 10 or 30 seconds, press the power button to turn the device back on.

Fix 4 – Update Your Software

App glitches are sometimes caused by outdated software. If you are running the latest apps on a device with outdated software, you might notice slow or non-responsiveness from the software.

That’s why manufacturers and developers always remind you to update your software every time there’s a new version released.

DND mode is part of the system applications, so it’s not something you can update on its own. Instead, you must update the whole system app if it’s facing issues.

Hence, if your device is not set to automatic update, manually do the update by going to Settings, clicking System Settings, and selecting Software Update.

Wait for the device’s full update, and once you’re done, check if the DND feature is still turning itself on. It’s probably a device error if the issue persists, but there are still other methods you can use to restore it to normalcy.

Fix 5 – Reset All Settings

If you tried all settings and made necessary changes as discussed earlier, but you can’t see any improvement, maybe the error is with the device settings you can’t get to.

If you or someone made changes to other parts of your device that you don’t know about or can’t remember, this is the best way to make changes.

Restoring all your device settings means you will clear every last setting you’ve made since purchase and return them to the settings added by the manufacturer before purchase.

Unfortunately, this will remove all your network settings, Bluetooth settings, and other settings you have saved. So make sure you are aware of this and either create a backup for important data or try other methods to resolve the issue.

How to Reset all Settings to Fix DND Error:

1. Go to Device Settings

2. Tap on Backup & Reset under Personal Settings

3. Select “Reset Settings”

4. Then follow all onscreen instruction

Fix 6 – Factory Reset

As a last resort and attempt to fix the device on your own, you can restore the factory settings.

This step deletes all files on your device and will clear all data, programs, apps, and associated files. So ensure you’re aware of this and have a backup before doing this.

It’s like resetting all settings, but it does more than that. It clears all cache, storage, bugs, or other issues that could be causing the DND toggle to malfunction.

So, you’ll have the device in the state its software was when you purchased it. The DND toggle will work as it did when you got the phone since everything has already been wiped.

However, if the issue persists, it is undoubtedly from the hardware, so you have to consult a technician or contact the manufacturer for help.

Fix 7 – Contact Manufacturer

Depending on your delivery, you will have to contact your device’s customer support for your device. You can easily reach them by searching the brand name + customer support online.

For example, a Samsung user can search “Samsung Customer Support” online to find means to get across. You can also check if there is customer support help on your device; each device should have that. Make sure you explain the issues in detail when you message so they can guide you on the right course of action.

5. You’re Turning It on Accidentally

It might sound unpleasant, but it’s also possible that you accidentally turn on the DND mode when you don’t intend to.

For example, it’s likely because you might be used to another type of device, so when you get a new one, you will keep turning the DND mode on while you intend to turn on another feature. Or perhaps you confuse the DND icon with another icon on your notification panel.

Fix – Don’t Click the Moon Icon

If you notice you could have been accidentally turning on the feature when you don’t intend to, try avoiding the moon icon when you scroll through the notification bar.

If you usually scroll down to use features such as switching data on and off, ensure you stay away from the moon icon. Also, ensure you identify what icon you want to click on to avoid mistakenly or carelessly tapping on DND.

If you can’t recognize the DND icon, it is the moon’s shape on most devices or a circular shape with a diagonal line across it. So avoid clicking this icon if you don’t want to turn on the DND mode.

How to Turn Off DND Permanently:

If you’d prefer to keep the DND mode from coming up or turning itself on, you can permanently turn it off and save yourself the stress. The feature is added to ease usage, so it defeats the purpose if all it does is frustrate you whenever it’s one without your consent.

1. Go to Device Settings

2. Tap Sound Settings

3. Tap Do not disturb (DND)

4. Turn off using the toggle bar

5. Navigate to “Schedules,” click on it and choose “Turn Off/Never”

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