My Ex Stopped Watching My Stories? Try This

Why Did My Ex Stop Viewing My Stories?

Stories on social media apps are small videos that are meant to show the people around you about your daily life.

Even after breakups, there are many ex-partners that look at stories from past relationships. If your ex used to view all of your stories and has recently stopped, what can this mean?

Why Did My Ex Stop Viewing My Stories?

If your ex is the type of person to view all of your stories, their name will be among some of the most impactful on your views.

Since your past significant other and you created very deep bonds, it is safe to assume that there is still some sort of interest for the other person to be doing well. Many people that follow their exes do it to keep tabs on how their life is doing.

So why does someone stop paying attention to their ex stories? There are many reasons why someone might stop looking at their past relationship stories.

It may be that they are no longer using the social media site you are using, it might be that they are busy at the moment, there are too many people on their social media, or they might have ended up blocking you.

Whichever reason they used to stop viewing your stories, we will delve into why this happened and what you can do to know if this is the reason.

1. They stopped using the site

There are many new social media sites that come out every year. It is common for users of a certain social media network to migrate to a newer site.

If a site is offering the same services as others but with better execution, this might cause a major movement of users towards their app. Or maybe they are simply taking a break from the site.

If they have stopped using the site, there will be no type of activity from their account.

2. Check their most recent posts or comments

The first thing you should do to see if this is the case is that they have decided to stop watching your stories. This is to see if they have made any posts or comments on the platform.

If there seems to be no activity for at least a week, this might be a very clear indication that they actively decided to stop using the app. If, on the other hand, they have posted some things here and there, then the option of them not using the site no longer applies.

Certain social media apps, such as Facebook, have the option to not show posts to certain people. If this is the case, it may be possible that their most recent posts will not be available for you to see.

If they do decide to take this course of action, their comments might still be available for you to see. The best course of action is to see posts made by mutual friends and see if there are any comments made by your ex.

3. Ask a mutual friend

You might also go and ask a mutual friend if they have stopped using the site. Oftentimes when a person decides to go without using their social media, they tell their friends about their decision to make sure that they contact them from other means.

If you decide to ask a mutual friend, the safest bet is to ask a friend that has known the both of you for a considerable amount of time since this might get rid of biases the friend might have toward whichever party.

4. Look at their last connection status

If the site you are using has the option to show you the latest connectivity of their users, head toward their profile to see when their last connection was.

This is more likely to be the case with apps that have direct messaging services. Keep in mind that the last connectivity status in any given site will not be preferred, so relying your conclusion mainly on this might not be wise.

5. View their activity on other social media sites

Most often than not, when people decide to get off social media sites, they tend to stop using all social media sites altogether. This is the newest form of digital detox, especially for younger generations.

If you are following your ex on more than one social media site, scroll through their profiles on said sites to see if they have posted anything in the past couple of days.

Beware that while it is most common to see people stop using all of their social media, they might have decided to stay away only from the one site you are monitoring.

This means that if they have made posts on other social media sites, this is not an indication that they are using the one where you post your stories on.

6. They are going through important personal events

Since the person is from a past relationship, it is understandable if the two of you do not have the same type of connection as you used to when you were in a relationship.

If they are going through important personal events, it is possible that they are no longer watching your stories because of it.

7. See their latest posts

To see if there have been any drastic changes in their lives, you may want to head to their latest posts to see what they have been preoccupied with.

It might be the case that they have found a new romantic partner, a wedding, a family event, or any other type of situation that might take all of their time and energy.

If this is the case, they might not see your stories because they do not have time or because their new life changes require them to distance themselves from their past romantic relationships.

Based on their latest posts, you will be able to infer why they are suddenly not paying attention to your stories

8. They are busy.

Personal projects and jobs tend to take much of the time of a person. If a person is busy, the last thing that they might be thinking about is the stories on social media.

If they are genuinely busy, they may take a few weeks without viewing your stories or the stories of anybody else.

9. Wait to see if they begin watching your stories again

If they are busy, the best thing that you can do is wait to see if they begin watching your stories again. For this to really work, you might have to wait over a month to see any changes.

While this might take too much time, it is the only way to make sure that they were busy and had no time to check your stories.

10. They are trying to get you to notice.

It is true that there are times when exes try to get back the attention of past significant others. They are trying to get your attention because they are expecting some type of reaction to come from you.

If your ex is constantly watching your stories, it is just to say that they know you are aware of this. If they stop viewing your story

11. Reach out to them

This is the riskiest thing you might do if you believe they are trying to get you to notice them. Since they are looking for a response from you. This is only advisable to do when there is no problem on your part beginning a conversation with them again.

It might be a little awkward to ask them directly why they are no longer watching your story. Instead, what you might try to do is ask them about something you uploaded to your story.

If, on the other hand, you do not wish to talk to them, there is no other real way you can know if they are trying to get your attention or not.

12. There are too many people on their social media.

If a person has over a thousand people on their social media, it is quite impossible to see and follow every single story their friend posts. It is not uncommon to see people that have a huge amount of friends or followers in today’s world.

This means that among all of the people that they are following, it is fair to say that not all of them will have the same impact on their experience on the site.

13. Upload more frequently

One thing that you can do if you want your ex to begin seeing your stories again is to begin uploading stories more frequently. If you upload one story a day, this makes it harder for the story to be at the top of their most recent stories.

So, if you upload more than one story at varying times of the day, it is more likely that your story will appear as part of their newly uploaded stories.

Take note of when they are watching your stories and what type of stories they decide to watch to see when they tend to use the site.

It is not guaranteed that frequent uploads will place you at the top of their newly uploaded stories, but it will give you a bigger chance of being seen by your ex.

14. They blocked you.

The greatest bummer is that your ex decided to block you. While it is not uncommon to see exes blocking each other on social media, you might find it a little strange if they suddenly decided to block you out of the blue.

If they decide to block you, it might be because of something you uploaded to your story or because they have a new romantic partner and they no longer want to watch your posts.

15. See if you can still see their profile or message them

If your ex has blocked you, then you will be unable to see their profiles or send them any messages. So the first thing you will want to do is to head to their profile and see if you can still see their postings.

If when you go and look for your ex they no longer appear, you might want to go and grab a stool. You will need to be sitting down for this. They blocked you.

If this is the case, then you will not be able to see anything they do on the platform and won’t be able to contact them on the platform. If you want to be totally sure you are dealing with a block, then try to send them a private message.

Once you open their chat box, two things might happen; you will be able to send a message to them as you have previously done, or a message will let you know that you are no longer able to contact the person.

If they decided to block you, the only thing left to do is hope they decide to unblock you in the future.

Stories are a top feature in many mainstream social media networks since they are used to reach a high number of followers and quickly inform them of updates in your life.

While it is common for the people who watch your story to be close friends and family, there is another person who might be interested in how your life is going.

If your ex is one of those exes who keep up with your stories, they might still be very interested in your daily life. It may not always be with the best intention at heart, but they are still attentive to your life.

If you notice that your ex no longer watches your story, then there might have been some changes in their life that made them actively avoid your stories.

Just as they might be making a conscious decision to no longer watch your stories, they might have stopped watching everyone’s stories altogether.

If you want to know what has happened to their views, you will have to do some investigative work to find out why they stopped.

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