Why Can’t I See Birthday Posts on My Timeline?

Why Can't I See Birthday Posts on My Timeline?

Although sharing your solar return day is a special day to share with the whole world, there have been people that complained about their birthday posts from other people not showing up on their timelines.

With this information, you are preparing to learn about what could possibly be causing the issue as well as wonderful methods of resolution to fix the problem.

Why Can’t I See Birthday Posts on My Timeline?

1. Other People’s Posts Aren’t Allowed on Your Timeline

Sometimes, if you cannot see birthday posts from other people on your timeline, you may want to consider the fact that posts from certain people aren’t allowed on your timeline.

In other words, maybe some of the people trying to post on your timeline aren’t allowed due to your Facebook settings.

Just as people aren’t allowed to retweet your tweets on Twitter if your tweets are protected, you have a certain feature in your Facebook settings that can prohibit “outsiders” from commenting on your timeline.

Fix 1 – Allow Other People’s Posts on Your Timeline in Settings

To allow people to post on your timeline, you will proceed with the following steps:

1. First, you must open the Facebook app on your device.

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines located in the top right corner of the screen.

3. From here, scroll down until you see the option for Settings & Privacy and tap on it.

4. Another menu will pop up with Settings, Device Requests, Recent Ad Activity, and Find WiFi. Tap on the tab for Settings.

5. Scroll down until you see the section for Audience and Visibility and locate the tab for Posts underneath. After you have located the Posts tabs underneath Audience and Visibility, tap on it

6. On the next page, you will see two options “Who can see your future posts” and “Limit who can see your posts”. Tap on the option for “Who can see your future posts”

7. On this page, for everyone to see your posts in the future, set the default audience to Public.

Once you have allowed your settings, people you are friends with and people you aren’t connected with will be able to create a birthday post on your timeline.

2. No One Wished You A HB By Posting on Your Timeline, They May Have Message You or Commenting on A Post

The next option to consider is that no one has created a post on your timeline. What you can do is check your messages to see if someone may have sent you a personal message wishing you a happy birthday.

If not there, then they may have commented on other posts pertaining to your birthday. So, no one has created a post on your timeline. You might want to check your inbox as well as previous birthday posts.

3. Facebook Is Down

Whenever any issues occur when attempting to view content on Facebook, there may not be an issue with the methods you are using.

The issue could be internal. Whenever there is an internal issue, the problem is out of your hands and is in the hands of the developers of the application.

Fix 1 – Wait For Facebook To Go Back Up

Sometimes, when an application or website isn’t working the way you expect, it is due to the server for that app or website currently being down.

That can be painful for some consumers. The only option to take heed of at that moment is to wait for the Facebook app to come back up.

Usually, suppose there is an internal issue with the app, just like other applications such as Facebook, YouTube, or any other application or platform.

In that case, the app developers will notify consumers via email or text message, notifying them that there is an ongoing issue they are working hard to resolve.

So, if you are experiencing any technical issues with not being able to find a user on Facebook, it’s possible that the server connected to the app is down for a moment.

So, don’t go bananas and throw a fit because the app isn’t cooperating with you. Just breathe and be patient.

As a forewarning, there is never a set time or deadline for how long a server may be down. So, if you are waiting for the server to revive, you can utilize your time wisely. For the waiting period, you can pre-record a new video that you want to post.

If you don’t feel like recording a new video due to not being inspired because of the outage of the server, you can scroll through videos on other platforms to gain inspiration.

When there is an outage for an app’s server, people can view this issue as something that can break your spirit and kill your mood. But it’s not about what the issue is. It’s about what you do while the issue is being resolved.

4. There’s A Bug

I know many people are thinking, “There’s that disgusting bug word again!” Although bugs are super aggravating, it is something to take into consideration why you’re not able to have a strong internet connection when you’re using Facebook.

There may be something internal going on with the app. So, it’s worth taking a look into it to weigh out any deeper issues that are possibly taking place.

Bugs tend to happen when it’s least expected. You could be having a great day surfing the web and being ready to open your Facebook app to view some funny videos to start your day.

But, when you attempt to open your app, you notice nothing is showing up, and you are getting errors and messages pertaining to a poor internet connection. That’s a bummer, for sure.

Although tech bugs can be sneaky and nasty little critters, there’s always a way to take them out and exterminate them for good. There are a few quick fixes and resolutions to resolve these buggy situations. Let’s check out a few of them right now!

Fix 1 – Check Facebook.com and See If It’s There

To check Facebook.com, you can use a browser on your device as well as using a PC to access your Facebook credentials.

The next resolution to utilize, if logging out and logging back in does not fix the issue, may seem a bit early 21st century.

Meaning that instead of using the app, you may have to resort to using a web browser to access your Facebook account.

Since applications are very convenient at the tip of your fingers, literally, there are still consumers who access their Facebook accounts through web browsers.

To log into your account using a web browser on your personal device, you must:

1. Open a dependable web browser.

2. Based on which web browser you use, there should be a search bar located in the top right of your phone’s or tablet’s screen. In the search bar, you will put in the URL link for the Facebook account lo

3. After putting in the URL link, you will then be redirected to the Facebook login page.

4. On that page, you will be able to input your Facebook account credentials to access your account.

There are many web browsers available for consumers to choose from if they are looking to use this method of choice. For example, there is Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even the infamous Internet Explorer.

If you have access to one or a few of these browsers (or safe browsers that were not mentioned in this list), try using one of the web browsers on your personal device to attempt to access your Facebook account to view your birthday wishes.

If you have tried using Facebook.com on a browser on your device, you can use a PC to log into your account.

Using your Facebook account on a PC would be a reliable source to use. Just like logging in on a traditional web browser on your device, this method may also seem a bit early 21st century too.

Many individuals who work in a corporate setting or a brick-and-mortar institution filled with lots of chatter and cubicles can relate to this method. Instead of using a personal device, you can simply pull up a reliable web browser on your PC to access your account.

If your birthday wishes are not coming up, to log in via a web browser, you must:

1. Open a fast and reliable web browser on your PC.

2. And the search bar, you will type in the direct URL for the Facebook web page.

3. Once you type in the URL and press enter or search, you will then be redirected to the Facebook login screen on the web browser.

4. From there, you will be able to enter your Facebook account credentials to access your account.

5. Once again, there are many web browsers that you can choose from on your PC to access your account. There’s Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox…I think you get the picture.

So, if you discover you are in a rut with your birthday wishes not appearing on your personal device, try logging in on a PC and proceeding to check your birthday wishes from there.

Fix 2 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Facebook Bugs

Having severe cache backup can cause the functionality of your app to slow down. Also, this could be the cause for a while you getting errors pertaining to your internet connection when using the app.

So, you may want to consider clearing your cache storage. Cache storage can build faster than you think. Most people tend to forget about cache storage, especially when the app they are using isn’t working correctly.

To clear your Facebook cache on your Android device, you must:

1. First, open your Settings app on your Android device.

2. After your settings are open, navigate to the section for apps and notifications.

3. From here, depending on your device, you may have to tap on the option to “see all” to open the full list of your apps on your device.

4. Now, scroll down until you see the Facebook app. Once you have found the application, tap on it to open its properties.

5. From here, you will see the option to Force Stop, Uninstall, etc. Scroll down until you notice the option for storage.

6. Tap on the storage section.

7. Finally, on that page, you will see an option to clear storage.

8. Tap on the clear cache storage.

For users that are using an iPhone or iOS device, to clear your Facebook cache, you must:

1. Open the Facebook app on your device.

2. Next, tap on the Me section located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

3. Now, tap on the three dots located in the top-right corner and then tap on clear cache.

After your cache is cleared on your Android or iOS device, relaunch the application. After the cache storage has been cleaned up, open the application and attempt to navigate the app once more.

If you are able to perform this action and there are no issues with the internet connection, the issue is resolved. If the issue persists without any progress, you may want to resort to the next method of resolution.

Fix 3 – Contact Facebook Support

If you’re still experiencing technical issues with not seeing the posts, you can contact Facebook support. You can reach support in a couple of ways. The first way is for you to open your Facebook app on your device.

Going forward, tap on the three lines in the top right corner. From there, scroll down until you see the tab for Help and Support.

Once you tap on the Help and Support tab, tap on the Help Center tab. From the Help Center, you will be able to search your issue to find helpful articles on resolving the problem.

5. Poor Internet Connection

When this type of issue comes up, sometimes, many tech-savvy individuals forget to consider the probability of why their app isn’t working correctly. The most common issue may be your internet connection.

If you live in a rural location that is considered to be a country road area, your internet connection may be a little weak.

If you live in a home where there is a constant flow of an Internet signal, and there are multiple devices connected to that signal, this may also be a red flag to investigate.

When there is an internet connection available, sometimes, the signal only allows a certain number of devices to be connected to it.

So, you may want to try disconnecting one of the devices linked to the signal or disconnect all of your devices from the signal and use a different internet connection overall.

As it was stated, there are many possibilities that could contribute to this problem. Although with many possibilities, there are many resolutions to kick this issue out of the way.

Let’s proceed to check out some quick and simple fixes that you can perform on your own to resolve the issue right away!

Fix 1 – Switch From WIFI to Data Vice Versa

If you are using WiFi and you notice your WiFi signal is the issue, you may want to switch your WiFi connection off and use your data instead.

To use your data on your Android device:

1. Drag your finger from the top of your screen to the bottom.

2. Next, you will see your WiFi connection highlighted.

3. If the signal is highlighted, tap it to switch the WiFi signal off and turn on your data connection.

4. After your data is on, log back into your Facebook account and attempt to navigate the app.

To switch from WiFi to data on your iPhone / iOS device, you will perform these steps:

1. First, you will navigate to your settings app.

2. From here, tap on cellular and then select cellular data.

You will have the option to turn the data on or off for any application that you are using on your iPhone.

And if you are using your data connection on your Android or iPhone / iOS, you will perform these same steps.

But this time, you will switch your data off and turn on your WiFi. Doing this will allow you to rule out whether your WiFi or your data connection is the problem for why you are having a bad internet connection when using Facebook.

If there are further issues with your data connection, you may want to reach out to your cellular provider for the inquiry. And if you are experiencing any technical issues with your WiFi connection, you may want to contact your internet service provider for further inquiry.

Fix 2 – Turn Off VPN

A VPN provides an encrypted server and highs your IP address from corporations, government agencies, and possible hackers.

If you are connected to a Virtual Personal Network, this may be the cause of why you are having a poor internet connection when you are using the app.

If you’re connected to a VPN, and you are looking to disconnect the VPN, for Android users, you must:

1. First, log out of your Facebook account.

2. Go to your phone’s settings and look for the network and internet or connections menu

3. Tap on VPN and select the VPN profile.

4. Depending on your phone’s manufacturer, you may see a toggle switch, in which case just toggle off the VPN, or if you are prompted with a disconnect button, disconnect the VPN using that button.

To disconnect the VPN for iOS users, you must:

1. First, log out of your Facebook account.

2. Tap the VPN slider near the top of the settings app to disconnect from the VPN. Another way to disconnect from the VPN and the settings you will go under settings, then tap General, and select VPN.

3. To disconnect the VPN, tap the status option at the top of the page and then set it to the off position.

4. Once you have disconnected from your VPN on your Android or iOS device, this should allow both your WiFi and cellular data to have a smoother functionality. In other words, disconnecting the VPN allows less interference when using your Facebook app.

5. After disconnecting the VPN, log back into your Facebook account and attempt to navigate the app. Be sure to be observant of any pop-ups or errors that may give you a notification that you are experiencing a technical difficulty with your internet.

Fix 3 – Restart Router

If playing around with your internet connection on your device hasn’t resolved the problem, you can also try resetting and restarting your modem just to be on the safe side.

If you have attempted resetting your network settings and there is no progress, you may want to attempt to restart your router right away. There are many ways to restart your router.

The simplest way is to unplug the router from the wall outlet, wait for approximately 10 seconds, and then plug the router back into the wall outlet.

A reset and restart are two different alternatives. A restart is considered rebooting the system. Whereas a reset may take a little longer.

Most routers have a tiny reset button located at the back of their’ panel. You may need a pen-pointed tool to reach the reset button in the back of the router.

If you have a pin-pointed tool, press and hold the small reset button on the back of the router. You must press down and hold the button for approximately 10 seconds and then release it. This will automatically reset the router.

After the reset or restart process is complete, log back into your Facebook account and attempt to navigate the app again. Be on the lookout for any pop-up errors that will give you a notification that you are having an issue with your internet connection.

If you are still receiving any errors pertaining to your internet connection, you may want to proceed to the next alternative to cover all bases.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating your birthday with people on your friend list and other people who follow you on social media can be a very joyous moment. But what if that joyous day comes and you notice no one has made a post on your timeline for your birthday?

Well, before you throw a temper tantrum because it’s your birthday and you can cry if you want to, you may want to consider other reasons why you aren’t seeing the posts. Some of these instances are technical, and some are non-technical occurrences.

First, you may want to check your Facebook settings on your account to ensure that everyone is allowed to post on your timeline.

Also, consider checking your messages. Because maybe they have sent you a personal message to wish you a happy birthday instead of posting on your timeline. 

And after checking those two alternatives, if there is still no progress, Facebook may be down for a while, there may be a bug, or you may have a poor internet connection.

However this situation proceeds itself, there are alternatives that you can check into to get to the root of the problem. So, don’t pop the balloons just yet!

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