Instagram has many functions and one of them includes search. With search, you’re able to put in queries to look up things like accounts, hashtags, places, products. Usually, when using the search function, you’re using it to look for someone’s account. While searching, Instagram will start to show you accounts based on what you’re typing to make things easier for you.

You may have noticed that you’ve gone to search for someone’s account that usually comes up when you make a search for it, but this time their account doesn’t come up. This may lead you to have a few questions such as, have they blocked me? what happened to their account? why isn’t Instagram showing it to me?

Why Can’t I Search For Someone on Instagram?

The reason Instagram won’t show you someone’s account when you try to search for it is either that they have blocked you or their account has been deactivated. When someone has blocked you, then you’re unable to view their account because Instagram will make it inaccessible to you. When someone deactivates their account, it means that it’s been deleted from Instagram temporarily and you won’t be able to access it until they activate it again. It could also be the case that Instagram has suspended their account which means that their account has been taken down temporarily – that’s if they choose to unsuspend it.

We’re You Blocked Or Was Their Account Deactivated?

To Find Out If You Were Blocked

The first and most reliable way to find out if you’ve been blocked on Instagram is by checking if you can find their name in the search results.

When you search for someone’s Instagram username, their account usually comes up after typing the first few letters. This only works if you have any history with the account.

Blocked on Instagram

If you search up every part of their username on Instagram and they don’t show up, you’ve been blocked – this only happens if their account is on private.

If you search for their name and you find their account, but you see a message on their profile saying, ‘No Posts Yet’, you’ve been blocked.

The next thing you can do to find out if you’ve been blocked is by looking for their tagged username in a picture. You can do this by going on their best friends Instagram account and looking for a photo that includes both of them.

If they have tagged the person you think may have blocked you, you need to click on their tag and check if you can see their pictures.

If you see the term No Post Yet, they’ve unfortunately blocked you.

If you can’t find a tagged picture of them, you can try and look for their profile in a comment section. If you know that they follow someone, or you know a post that they’ve commented on, you can go back to that post and look for their username.

If you’ve found their username underneath a picture, you can click on their name and check if they’ve blocked you.

If they did block you, you’re going to see the message ‘No Posts Yet’ when you click on their profile.

To Find Out If They Deactivated Their Account

If the person has deactivated their account, then you won’t be able to see their profile. If they’ve blocked you, then you also won’t be able to see their profile, so knowing that doesn’t help. What will help, however, is if you ask someone else if they can see that person’s profile. Even if the person has a private profile, the other person should still be able to see that they have a profile. If they search for the person’s account and they don’t see a profile, private or public, appear, then that means that person has deactivated their account.

It’s quite common to have multiple Instagram profiles, especially with the rise of “finstas” or fake Instagrams. If you already have another profile, then you’re all set, but if not, you can create one rather easily. When prompted to sign in, select the “Sign Up” option and you can put any information that you want into the boxes. You might want to include a username and password that you’ll remember.

Attempt to view their profile on this new Instagram account. If their profile doesn’t appear, then they’ve deactivated their account. This is a great method for if you don’t want to ask someone to look at the account for you.