Why Can’t I Delete My TikTok Account?

Why Can't I Delete My TikTok Account

You have finally created a new account for TikTok. All of the videos your friends have been telling you to watch are now at your fingertips.

As time goes by, you realize that you no longer want to have a TikTok account since you no longer use it, find it unnecessary, or for any other reason, you no longer want your account on their servers. But you can’t seem to be able to delete it, so what can you do?

Why Can’t I Delete My TikTok Account

1. Your Account Has Been Banned

If you violated the terms and conditions of TikTok, it would not be possible for you to delete your account. Once a ban has been made, the next time you open TikTok, a notification will let you know the current status of your account.

If you have been banned from TikTok, it will not be possible to configure your account in any way, so deleting your banned account is not an option.

A ban might come from a public comment you have made on the app, certain content that you uploaded onto the platform does not follow the guidelines of TikTok, and at times a ban might come incorrectly even when no public content has been posted by your account.

Banning on social media platforms is common since the type of content that is posted on social media is based on the opinions of the users, and at times, those opinions might go against the way the platform was intended to be used.

So if you got your account banned, whether there were grounds for the ban to take place or not, what can you do to delete your account?

Fix 1 – Get Your Account Unbanned, Then Delete It

You are able to appeal to TikTok if you believe that your account has been wrongly banned. To do this, you must contact the support division of TikTok. This may be done by the app by opening the notification you got once your account was banned.

Once you open the account, you will be able to make an appeal. Once you select the option to make an appeal, you must follow the instructions that will be given by the appeal process.

You must wait for about 7-10 days to get a response back from TikTok letting you know if your appeal has been either approved or denied.

If you were able to get your account unbanned, you would now be able to delete your account through either the app or the website.

2. Is it Possible You’ve Got a Bug?

Bugs are the most irritating errors that can be experienced on any given site. Bugs are errors in the code that do not allow the code to run correctly. Therefore certain options on the site become unavailable.

Most bugs come out in apps after updates since the new lines of code that are implemented might not always be completely checked to make sure that every single operation can be completed correctly.

If you’ve got a bug, you will notice that it is impossible for you to do certain actions that others are able to do easily.

Many times that there is a bug present, it is not directly a problem with the action that you are unable to accomplish, but rather the action is being tied to another, and the process between the two is not connecting correctly.

Many updates that are released deal with bugs that were previously known, but since there is a major change in the code, many other bugs will arise because of it. Keeping your apps updated will help you with problems that you might not have even encountered before.

No app or site is ever impervious to bugs since bugs are errors that are happening because the code does not correctly align itself with the processes and requests that are taking place.

A bug might be the scariest sounding problem when it comes to dealing with this problem since bugs are hidden and not so easy to discover, but don’t worry, the fixes for a bug are quite simple.

Fix 1 – Try Deleting on TikTok.com Rather Than the App Vice Versa

If you are using the app to try to delete your account, you might want to head onto the website to try and delete it there. If you are using the website, you might want to try and delete it through the app.

This is due to the fact that not all bugs will appear the same on all different versions of a site. It is possible that the bug you might be experimenting with is exclusive to the method you are currently using to delete your account.

If you’ve had several failed attempts to try and delete your account from TikTok, change the means you are using to get rid of your account. If you have tried both means to delete your account, you might want to try both methods at least a couple of times.

Fix 2 – Log Out and Log In

Logging out and logging back into your account will cause all of the content under your account to refresh. This process of rebooting might be just what you need to get rid of any pesky bug that is not allowing you to delete your account.

I recommend you log out of your account and wait about 30 seconds before you decide to log back in.

This is something that you will want to do alongside the past fix since having the ability to refresh your account on both the app and the website will give you more chances of succeeding in the deletion of your account.

You might try to log out and into both the app and the website a couple of times, try to delete your account, and if it does not work, try to do the same steps a couple of types from both given means.

Fix 3 – Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache is the next thing you will want to do if you are, in fact, dealing with a bug. The cache is information that is stored on your browser that several sites use in order to update their sites.

Clearing the cache is not very difficult to do. You must first head onto the browser that you are using to delete your TikTok account. Once on the browser of your choice, head onto the settings of the browser.

Under the tab Privacy and Security, you will find the option to delete browsing data. If you wish to keep your cookies and the rest of your information, then the only choice is to delete the cache.

If you are worried that deleting cached information might cause your device not to work correctly, don’t worry. A cache is not used by your device in any manner that might affect the way that it interacts with any given app or site.

Fix 4 – Update the App

Just as updates might end up creating unwanted bugs, many updates are made in order to fix bugs that were found after the latest updates.

Updating the app is important not only to obtain more options and have the most secure version of the app, but it is also important since it tends to fix known problems.

Updating the app must be done whenever there is an update available since the number of bugs and errors that might surface can destroy the quality of the app completely. Once you have updated the app, try to delete your TikTok account again.

3. How’s Your Internet Connection

Just like any social media app, TikTok uses the internet in order to connect you to others and the content they post on the platform. If your internet connection is not stable, chances are that the app will not work in the way it was intended to work.

If you have a poor internet connection, the request to delete your account might not be processed. Because the request for account deletion is unprocessed, the account is not deleted since the servers never receive the order to delete the account.

At times the internet connection might be running smoothly for most of the time but then drop to speeds necessary to run any site.

If you have previously experienced troubles when it comes to opening and loading pages, chances are that your internet connection is not running appropriately.

Fix 1 – Switch From Wifi to Data Vice Versa

If you are utilizing wifi, you should try to use your data. If you are using your data, you will have to see if your wifi works better.

There are times when even if the wifi service is commonly fast and secure, the strength of said signal might drop significantly because of errors by the providers.

Try and change back and forth between wifi and data to see which connection will give you faster speeds and make connecting to the TikTok servers possible. One quick test you might want to try is to open a website on any given browser on both wifi and data.

Check to see which of the signals takes more to load the site completely. If one of the two does not even load the page completely, this might mean that the signal is so weak that even activities that take the least amount of internet will not load.

If you want to be sure of the speeds you are working with, you might also want to try and run a speed test on both connections. A speed that is slower than 5mbps might see much trouble in connecting and running securely.

Fix 2 – Restart Router

If you have switched between wifi and data and there is still bad connectivity, you will want to restart your router.

To do this, you must unplug the router from the electrical connection directly and wait about 30 seconds before you reconnect to the outlet. Once you reconnect the router to the outlet, try to see if the problem has been solved.

Restarting the router is different from, say, restarting a laptop or a phone. A restart will make the router soft reset, meaning that all of the actions the router needs to take for the internet to be available will be taken in the order they need to be taken in.

This restart will give the router enough time to process all of its operations and check to see if there are any issues at any part of its operations.

If you feel like your router did not restart correctly, you might want to unplug the device from the power source once more and wait for about 2 minutes before you reconnect the router.

Sometimes the only thing that is necessary is to give the router more time to refresh.

Fix 3 – Reset Router

If you have already changed connections and restarted the router, a reset might be required to get the internet working.

All routers have a button that is designed specifically for a reset to take place. Most of the time, this button has to be accessed by inserting a pin into it in order to reach it. A reset is very different from a restart.

When you reset the router, all of the information that has been stored in it, including updates, will be deleted permanently from the device.

A reset might be necessary when there is a fault in the code of past updates since a reset will force the device to download all of the required software to operate.

After a reset, it is probable that the internet will not connect right away since the router will look for updates and start updating itself before it is able to send out the internet.

4. The Bummer of Them All…TikTok is Down

Any site will experience its servers being down for a vast amount of reasons. There may be an update underway. The requests that are being placed are much bigger than the amount that the servers are able to deal with, or many more.

If TikTok is down, none of the functions that are available in TikTok will be available to the public. To see if this might be the case, check all the other services provided by TikTok and try to see if any of them is working correctly.

If you are not able to see the content on the app or check the messages your friends have sent you, then most likely than not, the servers of TikTok are down. If this is the case, then there is only one fix that will work.

Fix 1 – Wait For TikTok Servers to Correct Itself

It is a drag, but the only way to solve the problem is to wait. If there is a problem with the servers of TikTok, none of the requests that are placed on the site will be able to be processed since there is technically no way for the requests to be processed.

One thing that you might want to check to see if the servers of TikTok are really down is to check Twitter or any other form of social media and look for any signs of other users that the server is down.

There are also pages that deal with possible server availability by receiving updates from users of the page. Most of the pages that show this type of information also count with a map that shows where in the world there have been problems reported with the site.

If you are, however, unable to check in any other way to see if TikTok is down, the only thing you will be able to do is waiting until the servers correct themselves.

Social media apps are created with the idea that content is going to be shared between friends and family, which is why creating an account for a social media app is the first step in order to appreciate social media apps properly.

TikTok is a social media app that is a little different than others since most of its content comes in the form of short formatted videos that can cover a plethora of themes and genres, but still, the idea of sharing is one of the main focuses of the site.

Many times you will begin using a new social media site because you have been listening to the people around you constantly talking about the great content they have been getting on the app.

So it is common for you to open accounts on different sites in order to see the type of content that is found within them and then decide if the site is for you.

If, however, you find out that the site is not for you and you no longer want to have your account on the site, social media sites have made it easy to do so.

If you are having problems when it comes to deleting your account from TikTok, chances are that you are not approaching the problem incorrectly, but there are other underlying problems in the app or in your environment that you must first deal with.

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