Why Can’t I Add A Website To My TikTok?

Why Can’t I Add A Website To My TikTok

Many users have reported experiencing issues when attempting to add an external website link to their TikTok bio.

Adding a website link to your TikTok bio is the number one way to help drive exposure to your site using your TikTok profile. Some TikTok users have amassed millions of followers who could potentially click the link in the accounts bio.

These links are typically to promote some sort of external brand or services that the owner of the TikTok account is in control of. They can also be used to help foster promotion deals between TikTok users and major name brands around the world.

No one could have expected TikTok to become such a lucrative opportunity for advertisement. TikTok took notice of this and set some restrictions in place that keeps users that do not meet certain criteria from adding a website to their bio.

This guide will explain in detail the reasons you may be unable to add a website to your TikTok bio, as well as ways that you can gain access to this feature. At the end of this guide, you will find troubleshooting methods to solve issues that could be causing you to not be able to add a website to your TikTok bio erroneously.

The list below will detail the common causes of not being able to add a website to your TikTok bio.

Why Can’t I Add A Website To My TikTok?

1. You Do Not Have 1000 Followers

TikTok has put restrictions in place on profiles with less than 1000 followers. The restrictions include not being able to add websites to your bio. If you attempt to add a website to your TikTok bio and you do not meet the follower limit, you will not be able to properly implement the changes to your bio.

These restrictions were set in place by TikTok to prevent spam advertisements on the application. External links can sometimes lead to malicious websites set up with the intention of stealing users’ valuable data.

To cut down on the exposure of users to these types of website links, the 1000 follower minimum was placed on profiles. This works under the assumption that any profile that has taken the time to foster a following of over 1000 people is likely legitimate and using TikTok the way that it is intended.

2. You Do Not Have A Business Account

In addition to having 1000 plus followers, profiles must also have applied and been accepted for a business account. A TikTok Business Account allows users the ability to properly utilize TikTok’s advertising features.

TikTok Business Accounts are intended for content creators and brands that wish to utilize TikTok’s huge userbase to advertise their services, content, or products.

As the creators of TikTok took notice of their skyrocketing popularity, which drove big brand names and celebrities to the app in hopes of additional exposure, they decided to simplify the process of getting set up on the application with advertising purposes in mind.

A TikTok Business Account gives users access to in-depth metrics and performance information, additional insights to gauge user interaction, and a much more detailed scope of the overall performance of your profile.

This is in contrast to the regular Creator Account that most users will sign up for. With a creator account, the amount of insight you have will be fairly limited compared to that of a Business Account. Creator Accounts also do not have access to the Business and Promotion tools associated with a Business Account.

3. The Website Link Feature Is Not Available In Your Area Yet

The website link feature has only recently been added to TikTok. The update containing the website link feature was released in January 2022. Because of this, the update may not have been released in your area yet.

Updates containing new features like the website link feature are typically rolled out in waves. This is done in an effort to avoid server overloads and to ensure that the application feature is functioning correctly before rolling it out to all areas.

You can check the status of the update rollout plan on Snapchat’s website or their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. There, you will be able to more accurately gauge when you can expect the website link feature to be released in your area.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Put A Link In Your Bio On TikTok?

To add a link to your bio on TikTok you need to have at least 1000 followers. This helps TikTok verify that your account is legitimate and that you are actively fostering your community of followers on the app.

In addition to 1000 followers, you will also be required to use this feature from a TikTok Business Account. It is free to set up a TikTok Business Account and is required if you wish to legitimately and effectively use the TikTok advertisement features.

Only when you meet both of these criteria will you be allowed to post website links in your TikTok bio. These restrictions are put in place because of the amount of spam and malicious user activity that is prevalent across almost all social media applications.

Having restrictions like these helps keep TikTok a safe place for users and advertisers.

How To Put A Link In Your TikTok Bio

1. Switch To A Business Account And Build Up 1000 Followers

To put a link in your TikTok bio, you will first need to sign up for a TikTok Business Account. You can do this by downloading the app and opening it. You will see the sign-in page where you will be prompted to log in to your account.

Even if you already have a TikTok account, you will need to sign-up for a new one on this screen. When prompted, choose the Business Account instead of the typical Creator Account. Once you have done this, enter the information that it asks for and continue the sign-up process.

Once you had completed the sign-up process, you will have access to all of the Business Account features that are built into the TikTok application. These include advanced insights, advertising tools, and general user optimization focused on exposure.

That being said, you will still need to amass a following of at least 1000 people before you will be able to place a website link in your TikTok bio. It can be difficult when first getting started with a TikTok business account to gain 1000 followers.

To help quicken your acquisition of the required follower amount, you should focus on making relevant and consistent content. This will help draw in and retain users and potentially get you 1000 followers even quicker.

It is not recommended to use bots or third-party applications to attempt to manipulate or farm up your following. These applications could get your account banned. Instead, you should decide who your main audience is and cater to them in a way that makes them interested in your profile.

If you are a brand with a local following already, you will likely have no issues gaining 1000 followers. You should utilize other social media sites that you are already well established on to help draw in new views to your TikTok profile.

2. Add A Non-Clickable Link To Your TikTok Bio

One workaround for TikTok users with a Creator Account is to simply post a non-clickable version of the link in your bio. While users will not be able to click the link and follow it automatically from the app, they will still be able to copy and paste it into their browser to reach the intended page.

That being said, you will not receive any interaction metrics containing information regarding the number of times your link has been clicked if you use this workaround method.

You can add any website link information you like in your bio for your viewers to follow. The website will not be hyperlinked but it will still be visible to your users. This is one of the few workarounds available for bypassing the website link restrictions on TikTok.

3. Link Your TikTok And Instagram Accounts

TikTok allows both Creator Accounts and Business Accounts to link other social media accounts they control to their TikTok profile. When you link your social media accounts to TikTok users will be able to follow the link to your Instagram account directly.

Instagram does not currently have any limits or restrictions on external links. You can use your Instagram as a waypoint between your TikTok and other external websites that you wish to drive your TikTok traffic to.

This is a simple workaround and can also help you gain the 1000 followers you need to access the feature legitimately. Using different social media accounts together can be a great way to drive business and visibility of your content, products, or services.

4. Use A VPN And Change To A Country Where The Website Link Feature Is Available

If you are in an area where the website link feature is not currently available, using a VPN to mask your location can help you bypass these restrictions. Once TikTok determines that you are in an area where the update containing the website link feature is available, it will automatically notify you that the update is available for download.

How To Fix Website Link Problems On TikTok

If you are experiencing some type of bug or glitch or application issue that is causing you to not be able to properly place a website link in your bio when you should be able to, you should consider some of these troubleshooting methods below to solve your issue.

1. Update TikTok

Many issues with the TikTok application are caused by outdated application software. When software falls behind on updates you will likely begin to experience issues more frequently. These issues include not being able to add a website link to your TikTok bio properly.

You should always update your application as soon as TikTok notifies you that one is available. Doing so will ensure that you are always caught up on bug fixes and app optimizations.

You should consider checking for an update when you are having issues with the TikTok app. You will need to manually download and install the update for it to take effect.

2. Wait For the Website Link Feature To Be Released In Your Area

The website link features are being rolled out at different times depending on the region of the world that you are in. If you find that you are in an area where the website link feature is not currently available, then the only thing you can do is wait for the feature to be released in your region.

The exact timeframe for the release of the stories feature in your region will vary. Check the TikTok website or social media pages for more information regarding updated release dates.

3. Wait For TikTok Servers To Resolve

If the TikTok servers are currently down, the only thing you will be able to do is wait for the issue to be resolved. TikTok server outages are rare and typically only happen during short periods of required maintenance.

That being said, server overloads and crashes are still possible. Keep an eye out on TikTok’s website or social pages for more information regarding any ongoing server outages or scheduled maintenance.

Server outages can cause any recent changes made to your bio to not be reflected correctly.

4. Fix Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is not stable, you will likely experience issues trying to access the network features on TikTok like updating your bio with a website link. To fix internet issues, consider restarting your router or contacting your internet service provider for more information regarding your outage.

5. Restart the TikTok App

Most common issues can be solved by simply restarting the TikTok application. While the application is running it can sometimes encounter run-time errors or bugs and glitches that can temporarily cause errors in functionality.

When this happens, a restart can help encourage the resolution of these errors and restart the application running fresh. This is a good solution for many problems people encounter on the TikTok app, including not being able to properly update your bio with a website.

6. Log In And Out

Logging in and out of the TikTok application can help encourage your bio to update to reflect any recent changes. Like any application, the TikTok app can get hung up due to bugs and glitches. These could cause your bio to not update correctly.

Logging in and out of your account will refresh your application and make any glitches resolve. This will update your bio to reflect the addition of any website links that were not updating properly due to some error the application had encountered.

7. Contact TikTok Support

If you are experiencing persistent issues with your TikTok application or your ability to update your bio with a website using a business account, you should consider contacting TikTok support so they can investigate your issue further. You should only consider this once you have attempted all of the troubleshooting methods listed here, TikTok support will likely suggest many of the methods already listed here.

You can contact TikTok Support on their website or through the app. There you will find detailed instructions on how to report your issue. First, you will need to provide a detailed account of your problem which will then be investigated by someone at TikTok Technical Support.

TikTok Support will walk you through any troubleshooting methods that you might have missed and offer detailed suggestions on how to successfully solve your issue. This method requires some patience, as dealing with customer service on the phone can be frustrating. Rest assured that TikTok Support will do all they can to get your application functioning properly.

Final Thoughts

This guide has broken down the many reasons that you are not able to add a website link to your bio on TikTok. Using this guide, you can now resolve these issues and prevent them in the future.

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