Who Has The Most Posts on Instagram 2024


It is one thing to wager who has the most “likes” or followers on Instagram, but it is an interesting question to ask “Who has the most posts on Instagram?

Since you are measuring how many posts an account has on Instagram, it does not necessarily break down to popularity or followers. This question also brings up the scheduling of posting for an account.

For example, an Instagram account that posts daily will inevitably have more posts than an account that only posts occasionally. Without further ado, let us track down which account on Instagram has the most posts.

Which Account Has the Most Posts

When asking which Instagram account has the most posts, there are a number of variables you will want to consider, such as how many posts you can make in one day on the Instagram platform.

Instagram has not revealed any limit that is set for how many posts you can create on the social media site/app.

With this in mind, you can theoretically post an infinite amount on Instagram, and with no maximum post cap, you are essentially invited to post as many times as you would like.

This encourages any Instagram account to engage in posting as many times as they may wish. While this is an excellent feature since you can post a theoretically infinite amount, some accounts can reach some genuinely staggering number of posts.

With that said, you must also consider that Instagram can and will penalize you for posting too many times in a row.

So, even though you can post a theoretically infinite amount of times, it does not necessarily mean that you will not be penalized by Instagram.

Since when you post a large number of times in a row, it can become quite spammy for anyone who follows your Instagram account.

You will face being penalized by Instagram, especially if the consecutive row of posts are of the same event or area since this can be considered spam posting.

Considering the previous information, in order to ensure that you are posting as often as possible but are not attracting the attention of Instagram’s security.

So, you can post daily and be okay, but if you are posting images or videos of the same event or item repeatedly, you will be penalized by Instagram.

While it may be tempting to post as much as possible, you will want to also consider your follower’s feeds.

You also do not want to be blowing up your follower’s feeds with an incredible amount of posts since this can lead to them either unfollowing you or bypassing every post you make.

While it may be appealing to be posting a lot, in order to gather attention by the sheer volume of posts, it is not a good idea as you will run the risk of being penalized by Instagram.

If you do want to post daily, you should max out your daily posts at three posts a day. This is the typical amount that most popular brands on Instagram will post, and it is a suitable, happy medium that is not have too many posts and not too little.

Top 10 Instagram Account with the Most Posts

When talking about who has the most posts on Instagram, you must consider meme-sharing accounts, as these will have large amounts of posts. This is due to memes being highly shareable and downright relatable.

Not to mention that there is a new meme going around almost every second, which the Instagram account can then share via a post, where it typically garnishes many likes and shares.

It only makes sense since memes can be hilarious and can also be very reality relatable to anyone who may view the meme. On the topic of meme posting accounts, it will take us to the account with the highest number of posts (that this author could find).

#1 Most Posts on Instagram


As you can see by the image above, the Instagram account “niepsclub” has 38.8 million posts.

Which is certainly not a number of posts to shake your head at, and with their bio reading, “If you’re wondering what those 38M posts are, there is only one way to find out.”

They cleverly encourage you to explore all of their posts and see for yourself what they have posted that many times.

Being a meme-sharing Instagram account, you can see how and why they have posted such an incredible amount of times; since memes typically only bring joy to people’s everyday lives and or relevant humor to a current situation.

So, go check “niepsclub” out; they will likely post many hilarious memes that you can share with your friends and or family members. Since their account focuses on memes and is public, you should have no problem with almost anything that they post.

#2 Most Posts on Instagram


The second runner-up for the most Instagram posts is “benc4n,” which has 10 million posts.

The account is private, so it is hard to say what they may post about, though it is likely that they post about malamute dogs and or husky dogs.

It is understandable that dog-focused accounts would have a lot of posts since dogs are very photogenic, and those who follow an Instagram account about dogs would like to see photos or videos of dogs as often as possible.

Also, considering their following of 32.2K Instagram users, you can see why they may want to keep up on posting often.

Remember, the number of posts an Instagram account has does not measure its popularity, and it also does not mean that they have found the “right” way to post on Instagram. It only means that they post a lot and likely quite often.

#3 Most Posts on Instagram


For the number three spot with the most Instagram posts is “uglies,” and it should come as no surprise that it is a meme-sharing account.

As we saw a meme-sharing account take first place in the most posts on Instagram, this is because almost everyone loves a good meme.

With new memes being created nearly every second, it only makes sense that they would be posting on Instagram regularly since there is a steady stream of memes to not only be created but also to be found and shared on the account.

Remember that the number of posts an account on Instagram has posted does not measure popularity or simply that they have cracked the Instagram posting “code.”

#4 Most Posts on Instagram


The number four spot on this list of the top 10 Instagram Accounts with the Most Posts is “smsaruae” it is an account based out of Dubai that focuses on luxurious/sports cars.

There are many people out there that would describe themselves as “motorheads,” which simply means that they like cars and all things that have to do with them.

That is likely why they have 309K followers, and not only is this an excellent account to watch for incredible pictures of sports cars, but also for those who like luxurious sports cars.

Some would say that cars are photogenic, and if you require any proof, you can find it here on this Instagram account.

#5 Most Posts on Instagram


As you can see by the image, the number five account for the most posts on Instagram is “rea.p_” you may also notice that in their bio, they claim that they closed their previous account that supposedly had “666K” posts, due to them receiving too much attention.

With this in mind, please be respectful and do not implode their account with attention. You can also see that they have their account set to private, which is also what keeps this author from finding out what exactly they post about.

You will have to follow them to find out, but as previously mentioned, you should always be respectful of someone’s privacy and requests.

#6 Most Posts on Instagram


For the sixth spot on our list of the Top 10 Instagram Accounts with the Most Posts, the account “memes” has 18.5K posts.

Since it is a meme-sharing account, it is plain to see why and how they have posted that much; with a consistent influx of memes and memes available for sharing, it is unlikely that they will run out of content to share.

It is fantastic that they do post this often, though, since memes almost always bring laughter and joy to those who view them. Sometimes

memes can even offer some insight into a recent occurrence; in that regard, they are not limited to humor exclusively.

#7 Most Posts on Instagram


This account takes the seventh spot on our list, and as you can see, they have 16.9K posts.

They focus on posting about classic American muscle cars, and as previously stated, there is no shortage of an audience for cars, especially American muscle cars.

#8 Most Posts on Instagram


In the number eight spot on this list is the “epicfunnypage” account which has 12.5K posts. This is another meme-sharing account that has an almost endless supply of content since they post funny memes and videos.

Who does not like a funny meme or video? Please go and check them out to catch some good laughs and to find some funny memes and videos to share with your friends.

#9 Most Posts on Instagram


The “blackmilkclothing” Instagram account posts pictures and videos about their clothing products, which are mostly Halloween and “dark” apparel focused.

If you are, by chance, looking for an excellent brand to get Halloween-style clothing from, look no further than “blackmilkclothing.”

#10 Most Posts on Instagram


Given that we are nearing the Halloween season, it seemed fitting to put “darkartarchive” at our number ten spot on this list.

It is all in the name of this account since they focus their posts on dark art, which can also sometimes be funny. If you are an artist and a “dark” artist at that, you will want to check out this account for its almost daily posts.

Is It Possible To Know The Instagram Account with the Most Posts

Unfortunately no, Instagram does not reveal this sort of data, they surely know who has the most posts, but they will not share this information.

The best both you and we can do is search out those with high post rates and wager an educated guess as to whether or not they are the highest.

Remember, if someone posts a lot, it does not mean that they are doing something that you should be doing; it only means that they have posted a lot.

We hope you got something from this list and have also found an answer to your burning question of who posts the most on Instagram.

Instagram is an excellent app for sharing whatever you would like to share, but you should not post too often as you could face penalization from Instagram for spamming feeds.

With this in mind, try to minimize your posting to about three times a day, and you should be okay, as any more than that could be considered excessive.

Also, try to avoid posting pictures and videos of the same event repeatedly, as this can also get you penalized by Instagram.

Remember that the number of posts is just that, a number.

It does not signify that someone has cracked the code of how often you should post or that they are super popular; it simply sets a number measurement of how many times they have posted on Instagram.

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you did, consider sharing it with a friend or family member that may want to know who posts the most on Instagram.

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