Clothing of any kind, whether it’s shoes, watches, shirts, pants, and so on, can get really expensive, especially when it’s designer clothing–clothing that, in general, was designed by the founder of the company (not always the case). If you’re an average joe–someone that shops from regular stores–much of your wardrobe is either inspired by designer clothing or so close in similarities that one would think it was a replica or fake.

Which brings up an important question: what’s the difference between fakes and replicas? If you take the two words by their surface value, there’s zero difference. You aren’t necessarily wrong if you call a replica product “fake.” The differences between the two are largely based on intent and situation.

The Differences Between Replicas and Fakes

A “replica,” simply put, are copies of the original product. Take a sports jersey, for example. A sports jersey is considered a “replica,” because it’s a copy of the original product, but made for consumer consumption by the business that owns the license. The original piece is far too expensive for the average consumer to buy, mainly due to limited numbers. Replicas are widely used in sports settings, as well as museums.

As for fakes, well, that’s a different story. If someone copies the design of the shoe and tries to sell it as the original product, then someone is intentionally deceiving you, or at least trying to. Replicas are meant to be copies, but are never marketed as the real product by respected retailers. In fact, fake products are illegal mainly due to the lack of consent from the company that holds the license to produce a particular design.

In other words, there’s a clear use for replicas in a legal sense when they aren’t marketed as the real deal, however, that isn’t always the case.

What You Should Understand Beforehand…

Let’s get a few ground rules out of the way before diving into this list. For starters, you should be highly skeptical of every single site listed here. Even websites like Amazon, which is listed here, have some retailers that can sell you snake oil. Thankfully, many of the websites below have tools you can make use of should you run into any issues.

A good rule of thumb to follow is this: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you’re looking to buy replica designer clothes, and someone is trying to sell you a high quality produce for a tenth of the price, someone’s trying to bait you. You save your money and pass the item over. It’s an impulse you have to cultivate.

Lastly, be aware of your country’s laws, and study them if you are not. It’s highly probable that your country has a law making it illegal to buy, import or sell replica designer clothing, really just replica products in general. What’s listed here is for the sake of education. What you do with this information is entirely on you, and Techzillo does NOT condone illegal activities. Many of the sites listed may not even sell exactly what you’re looking for, considering a few of the websites listed are actually wholesale websites that have retailers who sell replica designer clothing. Retailers can be tricky, finding ways to slip past certain rules, so be ever vigilant.

If you want to escape from the possibility of performing an illegal act, shop around for the clothing you want from respected brands who sell authentic products. For example, let’s say there’s a really nice pair of jeans you want. Rather than shoot for a replica, find a well known brand that sells similar products–not replica, but of similar fashion for a cheaper price. Also be mindful of where the replica clothing is coming from. If you’re buying replica designer clothing from, say, Target, then the likelihood of it being illegal is slim.


Bodjean has a large assortment of replica designer clothing you can get your hands on. With prices that will make your wallet sigh in relief.

Find quality replica products like Versace and have them shipped from China. If you’re sending products to a customer, you can take advantage of shipping methods such as Hong Kong Post, DHL or EMS.

Visit Bodjean

Yet another Chinese-based wholesale website that has its hand in replica clothing. You’ll find products such as Supreme, Nike / Jordans, Fear of God, Yeezy and many more.

For prices, you could pay as much as half of what you would on the original product. RepFashions adds icing on your cake by offering free shipping worldwide.


Replica Wholesaler

Don’t let Replica Wholesaler’s website full you, even though it looks like a fake website. They simply went with a very simple design. All you do is click on one of the categories listed, like Mens Designer or Gucci Sales, to name a few, and Replica Wholesaler will provide redirects to places that are selling replica clothing.

That’s right, Replica Wholesaler isn’t actually a marketplace, but rather a directory to other companies.

Visit Replica Wholesaler


Yes, even Amazon has a supply of replica clothing, but it isn’t sold directly from Amazon. Instead, replica clothing you find on Amazon are sold by people and businesses setting up shop on Amazon’s platform.

You’d also have a hard time finding shipping better than Amazon. With two-day shipping a possibility for some products, even free two-day shipping and one-day shipping. Amazon should be your first stop.

Visit Amazon


Chinabrands is yet another on this list of a wholesale distributor based in China. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy anything until you become a member. However, the rewards are really nice.

For example, after you become a member are start buying products, you’ll gain CB points which can then be used on a future purchase. You can take advantage of discounts, as well as free shipping. And if you plan on being a retailer, you can take advantage of one-to-one marketing training, including SEO and so on.

Visit Chinabrands


AliExpress is, essentially, the Amazon of China. However, not all products sold on AliExpress are necessarily in China; in fact, you’ll find plenty of manufacturers that house their products in warehouses all around the globe.

However, the icing on the cake has to be AliExpress’s policy on buyer-seller relationships. If you buy a product, your money is withheld from the seller until you get the product. Should the product not be up to snuff, you can get your money back.

Visit AliExpress


Rotita makes it a point to focus on women’s clothing. You’ll find all kinds of products for affordable prices ranging from skinny leggings, to something as tacky as tribal print sweaters.

Rotita is also very open with their plus size clothing, offering an entire tab for women of varying sizes to look for clothing that’s both cost effective and of designer quality.

Visit Rotita


You can’t talk about buying designer style clothing without talking about eBay. You may even find authentic designer clothing, but chances are they’re either cheap or really expensive. If an authentic designer product is cheap, then it’s probably used, but you should always ask for more pictures that what’s offered. If it’s expensive, then you should ensure that the product is real, especially if it’s clothing that had a limited run.

Visit eBay


If there weren’t enough Chinese-based websites houses clothing and products, DHgate throws their hat into the ring, too. DHgate is, essentially, like a Chinese eBay. Independent Chinese businesses upload their products for you to browse through and buy.

You’ll find products from necklaces to children’s clothing, designer-inspired of course, at prices that are a fraction of what the original designer would have asked for. And if you don’t like what you get in the mail, request for a refund and return the item.

Visit DHgate


What could possibly be bigger than AliExpress? Well, there’s Alibaba, another online marketplace that has roots in China. With an online market raking in millions of users, people flock to Alibaba to experience their wholesale model. With plenty of brand clothing to indulge in, you’ll find more than what you were hoping for.

Visit Alibaba


White Romwe doesn’t sell replica clothing, it’s sure to have clothing you can buy that contains many European-style clothing design elements. It may be a Chinese-based store, but it usually ships to European countries. The products they sell are of their own making.

Enjoy Romwe’s free flat rate shipping if you have orders $19 and over or their free standard shipping on orders over $39.

Visit Romwe

Wholesale Clearance

The great thing about Wholesale Clearance is that the products you find on their website are often from bankrupt businesses looking to sell off their inventory. Of course, wholesalers are welcome, too.

Unfortunately, Wholesale Clearance is a better tool for retailers looking to buy in bulk, since buying a single item isn’t an option. With that being said, there’s plenty of designer-inspired clothing you can thumb through, buy, and send off to your own customers.

Visit Wholesale Clearance


Like eBay, you can’t discuss replica designer clothing without mentioning Etsy. It’s hard to find anything you purchase off of Etsy as low quality since much of the clothing you’ll find is made by hand. With a big library in replica designer inspired clothing, you should have no problem finding clothing you’re looking for, among other products.

Visit Etsy

Bottom Line

It isn’t difficult to find replica designer clothing online–you just need to know where to look. But again, it’s important to note where the line is drawn when it comes to replicas and fakes. An article of clothing that’s considered “replica,” isn’t always a “fake.” You have to see who holds the license. Is it being marketed as the real deal? If not, then it’s a replica; a sports jersey is a replica.

On the other hand, if someone’s selling a replica sports jersey without a license, and marketing it as the real deal, then that person is trying to sell a fake. But remember: check with your country’s laws when it pertains to replica products. Not every single country follows the same laws, and it can be considered illegal if you buy, ship or sell replica designer clothing, especially without a license to do so. At the point, the clothing is fake.