The Samsung Galaxy S8 received great positive reviews in terms of its design and form factor as well as its updated software and camera optimizations.

However, despite the good impressions with some of its features, the Samsung Galaxy S8 also received criticisms mainly for its duplicate software and built-in apps and for the placement of its fingerprint sensor on the rear next to its camera.

One major criticism was that some Samsung Galaxy S8 users found it hard to find the Voice Recorder feature on their phone. The Android phone itself has the Bixby option, which is the voice assistant of Samsung, but there seemed to be some difficulty in its use. So if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and you’re looking for the voice recorder feature too, continue reading until the end.

Find and use your voice recorder app on your Samsung Galaxy S8 through these steps:

1. Unhide Pre-installed Voice Recorder App

Actually, there’s already an installed voice recorder app in your Samsung Galaxy S8 Android phone however, you might not find it right away as you have to unhide it first.

To unhide the voice recorder app on your phone:

  1. Go to your app menu and open the Samsung folder.

2. On the bottom of your Samsung Folder, you should see an option to “Add Apps”, tap on this option.

3. Tap on the Voice Recorder to add it.

voice recorder in home screen

4. The phone’s voice recorder icon should appear on your Samsung folder right away.

2. Install from Google Play Store

When you have tried to look for your voice recorder app using the first method and still have no luck. Then, you can have it installed from the Google Play Store instead.

1. Open your Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy S8 Android phone, type in Samsung Voice Recorder in the search box.

2. Once you find the voice recorder app, download it and Install.

3. Find the app on your home screen. This app should provide you with an easy recording experience that produces excellent quality sound with editing capabilities and a playback feature.

Use Samsung Notes

A great option for you to record your voice or someone else’s on your Samsung Galaxy S8 Android phone is the Samsung notes.

1. Open your Samsung notes from your main menu and tap on the plus icon. You should see this icon at the bottom right of your screen. This means that you’re adding a note.

2. Once you’ve tapped the plus icon, you should see a microphone icon that says voice at the top right part of your screen. Tap this to start recording.

3. To stop recording, just tap on the stop icon.

4. Listen and replay your recording by tapping on the play icon.

Samsung has continued to provide the world with great technology at a fast pace. Its devices are highly capable of complex processing to bring convenience to the lives of many. Although, there are some occasions when the developers focus on other features that some aspects of the technology get neglected.

However, the company is quick to react and has provided relevant updates in order to bring forward the missing voice recording feature. Consider checking out some of the methods in this guide so you can fully utilize your S8’s voice recording feature.

In recent news, the Samsung Voice Recorder app has been improved with a new icon and interface as a form of support from Samsung. Your phone’s voice recorder app has three recording modes: the standard, the interview, and the voice memo mode.

The standard model offers you a simple recording. On the other hand, the interview mode lets you use the two microphones on your phone – one found on top and the other on the bottom of your phone – to record yours and your interviewer’s voice and while the voice memo mode of the voice recorder app allows you to convert your voice into notes.

The storage for your voice recordings can be done on your phone’s internal storage or on your inserted micro SD card as its external storage.