If you’re new to a smartphone, it can feel very overwhelming. Its interface alone is notifying you of this and that and there’s so many buttons on your home screen to press. But, really, all you want to do is find your browser. So, you can start there: where is the browser on your phone?

Checking the Home Screen

The first place to check where your browser may be is on you Home Screen. You and your phone’s Home Screen are going to be seeing each other a lot, so it’s good to get acquainted with one another.

The Home Screen provides details that need to be known at a single, quick glance. Take a look at your phone, after you unlock it, of course. You’ll notice at the very top of the screen is a bar, generally speaking (it may just be a series of icons).

That is known as your ‘taskbar’ or ‘dashboard’ or ‘notification bar.’ It displays small icons that are connected to specific apps as well as how healthy your current battery life is, the current time and your connectivity, like Wi-Fi and cellular signal.

Android home screen

Towards the main portion of the screen you’ll notice several small icons, much bigger than the notification icons shown on your notification bar and much more detailed. Those are your apps.

And, chances are, you’ll find your browser app among those apps. The main portion of the Home Screen is a lot like the desktop of a computer. Also, don’t forget there’s more than one Home Screen. Swipe left and right to find more.

If you’re using an Android phone, try looking for an app that looks like a beach ball. It’s blue surrounded by red, yellow and green. Or, alternatively, a stock browser that looks like the planet Earth, but entirely blue. Most Android phones come with Google Chrome.

If you’re using an iOS phone, try looking for an app that looks like a blue compass. It has several notches with a white and red compass needle. Most iOS phones come with Safari.

Checking the App Drawer

The App Drawer is an extension of the Home Screen without being the Home Screen. If the Home Screen is like the desktop of a computer, then the App Drawer is like the Windows Startup Menu or Apple Mac’s Finder. You can find it by looking for an icon that has several dots, which is a pretty universal icon across most phones.

The App Drawer contains every installed app on your phone. In fact, if there’s an app you want to access quickly, rather than open the App Drawer, you can tap it and hold your finger on the app icon and place it on your Home Screen. This will create a shortcut for you.

If you don’t find your browser on the Home Screen, you’ll definitely find it in the App Drawer.

Download and Install Other Browser Apps

So, you’ve found your browser app, but don’t like it at all. You need something more. Then you need to visit the Google Play Store, if you’re using an Android phone, or the App Store, if you’re using an iOS phone.

1. Locate and launch the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS).

2. In Google Play, tap the search bar at the top and type in “browser.” In the App Store, tap Search in the bottom right corner of the screen. Type in “browser.”

3. To see more of what a specific browser offers, select it and you’ll get redirected to its information page.

4. After you’ve found a browser you like, select Install (for Android). Select Get and then Install (for iOS).