These are two different features that are available on the messaging platform, which allow you to block someone or mute a user.

WhatsApp is one of the most used cross-platform instant messaging platforms, but sometimes it can get a bit too much. That’s when the Mute or Block feature will come in handy. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two features.

Difference between WhatsApp Mute vs Block

Firstly, anyone can message you on WhatsApp if they’ve got your mobile number. And if you happen to get a lot of spam or messages from the ex or an annoying group, then you can either block or mute. Both these features can help you get rid of the annoying contact.


The WhatsApp Mute feature lets you mute a conversation from a contact or a group. You will continue to receive the messages, but you will not be notified of these messages. The notifications will be silenced and you have the option to mute a conversation for up to one year. You can also choose to receive muted messages in notifications or to not receive any notifications at all.

With the Block feature, the contact will no longer be able to send you messages or get in touch with you in any way. However, you can only block individual chats or contacts, you cannot block a group chat. If you want to stop receiving messages from a group, then you would have to exit the group.

Block vs Mute in Groups

When you Block someone, the person will still be able to communicate with you via a group that you’re a part of. Group chats do not get affected by blocking a contact. You will be able to see the persons messages and they will be able to see yours.

The same goes for muting a person individually. This contact will not be muted in a group chat and you will continue to receive notifications from that person in the group. When you mute a group, it will not affect individual contacts in the group. They will be able to send you messages and you will be notified of them.

Last Seen, Status, Profile Picture

What happens to all of the above when you block or mute someone or a group. As mentioned earlier, Mute only silences the conversation, but will not affect the last seen, online status, or the profile picture of the person. When you block a contact, neither of you will be able to see each others online status, last seen, and profile picture.

WhatsApp calls

When you mute someone, the person will be able to call you on WhatsApp and you will be notified of the call. When you block a contact, they will not be able to call or communicate with you in any way.

Previous Conversations

Nothing happens to past conversations when you block or mute a contact on WhatsApp. You will be able to access all the messages and the shared media.

Message Ticks

Remember the infamous WhatsApp ticks? Well, when you block someone and they send you a message, they will only see one tick. The message will never reach you, unless you unblock them.

With Mute, the rules for the WhatsApp ticks remain the same as a normal conversation. Two ticks for message delivered, and two blue ticks for message read.

Blocked or Mute Contacts

Blocked or Mute Contacts

What happens to the blocked or muted contacts on WhatsApp? Do they get deleted from your WhatsApp list? Well, not really. They remain there until you decide to delete the contact from your phone.

Will the other person know?

No, the other person will not be notified when you block or mute them on WhatsApp. You both can live your life happily. However, when you block a contact, they will not be able to see your status, online status, or the profile picture, and that should give them a hint.

Can you know if you’re blocked or muted?

Well, read the previous paragraph for the answer. You can know that you’re blocked if you’re no longer able to view the contacts profile picture or status. Also, when you send a message, you will only see a single tick. However, there is no way to tell if you’ve been muted by someone.

So there you are! Some of the main differences between WhatsApp Mute vs Block features. Each one serves a different purpose. When you unblock someone that’s been muted, you will receive only the new messages, and you will be able to see their details such as profile picture, status, etc. When you unmute someone or a group, you will start receiving message notifications.