iPhone and its quick battery drainage issue isn’t a new thing. There are more than a hundred reasons to love the iPhone, but its battery isn’t the one. Apple has tried to address this issue, and they have somewhat succeeded. Yet, many iPhone users have a lot to say about the iPhone’ battery. You can say that things have become easier with power banks and all, but still, there are a few unsatisfied users.

To add insult to injury, some iPhone users are facing a bigger issue. The iPhone, while on charging, starts to drain instead of getting fully charged. Sometimes, the battery reaches the 100% mark but starts to drain even when the power is plugged in. it does make sense if you are playing games or streaming Netflix while the device is getting charged, but battery getting drained while iPhone’ at sleep is bound to upset the users.

If you are one of many users who are facing this issue then you just need to have a quick look at the tips mentioned below. These quick fixes will help you get rid of the problem in no time.

Charging Cable/Port:

First of all, check your charging cable if it is working fine. You can also consider using a different charging cable. If there seems to be no issue with the charging cable then you may have to inspect the charging port. Sometimes, dust and debris make their home in the charging port and it impacts the charging speed. You can clean the port with a soft cloth or a toothpick.

Airplane Mode:

Try using the Airplane Mode while charging the device. Enabling the Airplane mode will disconnect your iPhone from the network connection. Doing this will not only stop you from surfing the web or streaming YouTube or Netflix, but it will also accelerate the charging process.

Calibrate the Battery:

Calibrate your iPhone Battery. What it means is that you would need to run the battery for a full cycle to calibrate the readout. For that, you must ignore all the battery low warnings and shouldn’t put the device on charge until the battery is drained out completely. Once your iPhone dies, put it on charging and do not use it until its 100%. This is an Apple recommended technique and it has helped quite a few users.

Charging via PC/Mac:

If you are using a PC/Mac to charge your phone then make sure that you aren’t using both the devices while on charging. The reason why this precaution us recommended is the fact that laptops or PCs do not provide the same power as a power socket does and therefore, using either of devices while charging the phone would further limit the power. Additionally, do not use old model PC/laptops to charge your iPhone.

Resetting the iPhone:

You can also fix this issue by applying a hard reset before charging the phone. You can either use the Sleep/Wake plus Volume Up/down buttons simultaneously until the device restarts or you can do it through device’ settings. You can do that by

1. Go to the Settings on your iPhone.

2. Tap the option General.

3. Now, scroll down locate the option Shut Down and tap on it.

Background App Refresh:

You can also disable the feature background app refresh before putting your phone on charge. If this feature is enabled then there would be a lot of apps running/refreshing in the background and they consume battery. If you prefer to keep this feature enabled then you can turn it on once the charging is complete. You can do it by:

1. Go to the Settings.

2. Tap the option General.
Background Refresh

3. Now locate the option Background Refresh and set it to off.

These are some of the techniques that you can apply to get rid of the battery drainage while charging issue. They have helped a lot of users already. However, you can also try the tips mentioned below for further troubleshooting options.

1. You must test the charging outlet. Make sure it is providing enough power or if the charger is pushed all the way in or not.

2. Turn Auto-Brightness ON or turn your brightness down manually.

3. Close all open apps before putting your phone on charge.

4. Avoid using a third-party charging cable.