Apple users can access a variety of video content on iTunes by either purchasing it or buying it. If you think from money’ perspective, the option of renting content on iTunes certainly edges the option of purchasing content. Both deliver the same purpose, but the only difference is about owning the content permanently and temporarily.

It is most often the case that you only watch a movie once and then you delete the file. Purchasing a movie is only beneficial if you desire to watch a movie again and again (Shawshank Redemption maybe). It would be deemed as a waste of money if you purchase it only to watch it once and then delete it later. Briefly, kudos to Apple for introducing this wonderful option of renting movies on iTunes.

Lately, some Apple users have echoed their frustration regarding this rental option. They have been found complaining that rental movies aren’t working smoothly on their devices. It is either that they cannot download the movies or they aren’t able to access the features for which they have paid for. The number of people facing these issues is limited, but still, these issues need to be addressed. Here is how you can try to fix issues regarding the rental movies.

Update iTunes:

First things first, it is imperative to have the latest version of iTunes if you desire to rent movies from Apple. Older version of iTunes is the primitive reason for many issues that occur within the software. It could be your iTunes’ version that is creating issues for rental movies. You will need to visit Apple’ website to see if there is an update available. It is recommended that you always check for latest updates for your iTunes.


You have a complete month to watch the movie from the time you have rented it. For example, if you have bought the movie on 1st June 2019, it will expire exactly on 30th June 2019. Also, you have 24 hours (USA) and 48 hours (Rest of the world) to watch this movie once you have started it. You can watch the rented movie as many times as you want during this span.

The movies will disappear automatically once the duration of 30 days finishes. You would have to rent it again if you wish to get it back on your library. Importantly, the movie will expire in 30 days regardless if you have watched it or not. So, if the rental movie isn’t working on your device then you need to check if the movie is expired or not.

Procedure Matters:

When you download a movie rental on iTunes, it instantly appears in your Library Section of your TV app (USA) or Videos app (Rest of the world) on your iOS device under Rentals. Now here is the tricky part, if you have rented a movie on iPhone or iPad (accessed iTunes via these devices) then you won’t be able to watch it on Mac or PC.

Conversely, if you rent a movie on your Mac/PC (accessed iTunes through these devices), then you would be able to transfer that movie to your iPhone or iPad by connecting to iTunes and syncing. Apple TV movie rentals can only be watched on other Apple TVs, but not any other devices. So, make sure you are following this protocol before looking for any other troubleshooting option.

Downloading Issues:

A common issue that many users face is that of downloading rental movies. The core reason why this might be happening is the Wi-Fi signals’ strength. Movie rental needs a fast internet service to be downloaded without any interruptions. You should run a speed test for your internet to see if it’s working fine or not. Additionally, try connecting the ethernet cable directly to your Mac or PC while downloading rentals.

If the problem occurs after the download is complete then it means that the problem is beyond the Wi-Fi/ethernet connection. So, if you are experiencing video playback issues or buffering, you need to follow these steps:

1. Deauthorize Account from iTunes Store. You would be able to do that from the menu bar on the top of your iTunes screen.

2. Now close down iTunes and restart your device.

3. Relaunch iTunes after the restart and Reauthorize the Computer to reauthorize your account.

4. Now you will see the playback issues or buffering issues would be sorted.

Try Mini Player:

You are bound to get frustrated if you have successfully rented and downloaded the movies, but they won’t play for no apparent reason. This could be due to a software glitch, and the best way to troubleshoot this issue is to use Mini Player on iTunes.

The Mini Player is equipped with the iTunes app and you can launch it by clicking on the Window menu followed by Mini Player. It is likely that the Mini Player will allow you to watch the rental movies. Importantly, don’t be fend off by the name Mini Player as it still can function the full screen via the maximize button.

Rented Movies not working on iPad/iPhone Only:

The users have also complained that the rented movies work fine on PC/Mac but stop working as soon as they transfer it to their iPhone or iPad. As said earlier, there could be a lot of reasons on your end that can create trouble for rental movies. So, if you are experiencing rental movies’ issue only on iPhone or iPad then have a look at the points mentioned below.

1. If you are in the United States then you need to open the TV App and then tap Library. You will be able to see all your content under the section Rental.

2. If you are located anywhere other than the USA, you will need to open the Videos App and then tap Rental to access your Content.

3. If you are unable to see any content under the section Rentals then it could be due to a wrong Apple ID. Check your Apple ID in settings, it should be the same as the one you are using for iTunes on Mac or PC.

4. The video content you have rented may not have been downloaded completely. To address that, log in to your iTunes account and check for the option to download items that are waiting in iTunes.

5. Tap the RENT button again and check if the message “You’ve already rented this but it hasn’t been download” appears on your screen. If this happens, you will need to manage your downloads. Go and check if the Cloud Download button now appears next to the option Purchases.

These options are likely to address the issues as they have helped a lot of users already. If these methods don’t work for you, then you may have to opt for an outside chance. You can try adjusting your computer’s clock to a day in advance. Once you have done that, try playing the video and it may work.

However, if rental movies do not work by any means then you are left with only one option; refund. Apple’ current policy allows you to claim a refund for any item within 14 days or less since the purchase. Also, if you can provide a good reason for your claim then the duration can change from 14 days to up to 90 days.