Exodus is just an Add-on, but it is a complex Python app that works along with Kodi. Since Exodus is like any other app, it will run into problems and you will have to maintain it. But what do you do if it decides to stop working properly?

Most problems that you run into can easily be fixed. There are, however, problems that you can run into that require deeper measures. Since Exodus isn’t actually an official product of any company, it can be a very touchy thing. You should look into other more legitimate Add-ons if needed, but you should try a few things before you just replace the Add-on with something else.

Clearing Your Exodus Cache

The first thing you should try to fix Exodus is clearing its cache. This can help alleviate some of the issues with loading content. Exodus puts streams into a cache and then pulls out of the cache when you try to view it. The issue here is that the stream content might have changed or is no longer available which will cause Exodus to fail. When you clear the cache is avoids the issue you face here.

1. Go to the Add-ons tab inside Kodi

2. Then, go to My Add-ons, Video Add-ons, and then Exodus

3. Choose the Tools option under Exodus

4. Then, scroll down until you see Clear cache

5. You will be asked to confirm after you choose to clear the cache and once you do the cache will be cleared in Exodus

Clearing Your Kodi Cache and Temporary Files

Sometimes you will need to go a little further than just the Exodus cache to fix the issue. You may have to clear Kodi’s cache and temp files as well as the Exodus cache. The bad thing about this is that it takes the help of a plugin. The good thing is that the plugin should be available in the repository you used to install Exodus.

1. Go to your Add-ons tab

2. Choose the Downloads option

3. Then, select the Program Add-ons

4. Scroll through the list of Add-ons until you get to Merlin Wizard. The list is alphabetically so somewhere in the middle. Choose it and then hit the Install button in the bottom right corner of your screen

5. Now, you need to open Merlin Wizard. The Kodi UI will change, but that doesn’t matter for what you are using this for

6. Now, choose the Tool Box at the top of your screen

7. In the bottom right of your screen there will be three options that you need to select. Under House Keeping choose Clear Cache first, then choose Delete Packages and finally choose Delete Thumbnails. When you choose Delete Thumbnails Kodi will restart so do this one last to avoid having to go back in.

8. When Kodi restarts your cache will be empty again and should help with your issues with Exodus.

How to Adjust Your Timeout Settings

1. Go to Exodus and select Tools

2. Choose General settings which is at the top and this will open a control panel window

3. There will be a Providers Timeout slider at the top of this window. You want to lower this to somewhere around 30

4. By taking this down it will stop Exodus from trying to get content from one provider for too long. If the provider that Exodus is trying to work with is running slow, Exodus will look for a faster, better provider

Use a VPN to connect to Exodus

Movie and TV companies hate Kodi and Exodus because they threaten their industry by offering content for free. Because of this, there are many people fighting against streaming Add-ons like these. ISP’s will actually throttle your speed, block content, and send you DMCA notices just because you are using these services.

You can avoid being slowed down or blocked completely like this by simply using a VPN. You want to connect whatever device you run Kodi on to your internet while using a VPN. You also want to make sure that the VPN connection is a solid, strong connection and you need to make sure that the connection isn’t “leaking”. VPN’s also hide what you are doing online from government agencies and your ISP to keep your internet usage a secret.

  • When you start running the VPN, make sure you connect to a server that is congested or has a lot of traffic. You should also try to pick a server relatively close to where you are actually located and then test your internet speed to make sure the connection is strong.
  • When your VPN “leaks” that means that data about your connection is being let out and your ISP can see what you are doing online and possibly make life difficult for you. You can run a leak test on your device to see if your VPN is leaking or not. If it is, you will want to set up a VPN kill switch to make sure that your internet is running cleanly through your VPN and no data is being leaked.

Update Exodus

Maybe you haven’t updated Exodus in a long time and there is an update that is newer out there. When Add-ons stop working there is a good chance that there is an update out there for it.

1. Go to your Add-ons tab

2. Then go to Video Add-ons and then Exodus

3. At the bottom of the page choose the option to check for an update

4. A window should appear that has all the possible updates for Exodus. You need to choose the newest one and install it.

If you try all of these methods to fix Exodus you might have to delete and reinstall it, or even move on to a different Add-on that meets your needs better and actually works for you.