Electronic devices don’t always work flawlessly every single day, every single week of every single month. At some point, they freeze up, slow down, refuse to work correctly, shut down entirely or get stuck in a reboot loop. Roku devices, for example, aren’t the exception to the rule and some users are having trouble with their Roku devices constantly rebooting.

Have You Made Changes Recently?

The Roku has been known to have a few quirky problems with some of the peripherals attached to it. Whether it’s the HDMI cable or the headphones, for one reason or another some of these cords and attachments have caused issues in the past.

There’s a number of small, but quick fixes that can stop your Roku from rebooting; silly solutions that don’t seem connected, nonetheless, have caused an issue. You may change a setting or two and that was enough to uncover a problem. Below are a few quick solutions to consider that could be the culprit.

Remove Headphones

As of 2018, a fix was released to fix a known issue of headphones freezing Roku devices when they were connected. However, that doesn’t always mean the problem is gone for good. With that being said, if you’re using headphones and you’re experiencing your Roku rebooting, try removing your headphones.

And don’t forget to update. You’ll find instructions for that further down.

Check Your HDMI Cable

It’s possible, but unlikely, that your HDMI cable is faulty. Consider using a different cable and see if it makes a difference for you, preferably after you’ve tried every other method in this article.

Recently Installed Channels

Think back to any channels you’ve recently installed. It doesn’t happen very often, but adding new channels, depending on where they came from, has the potential to cause problems. They may not have been properly installed, thanks to a power outage or your Roku being powered off before the channel was installed or it doesn’t play well with other channels.

Reboot Your Roku Device

Your Roku device doesn’t come with a traditional power button, instead, it’s always on and hibernates when it isn’t being used, thanks to a power cable. Something or other is causing your Roku to boot constantly or every time it’s powered on. By shutting the Roku device down for good, you can reboot it with a clean slate.

Simply remove the power cable from your Roku, give it a minute and then plug it back in.

Reboot Your Network Connection

You could be experiencing a network connection probably, in this case, the signal may be too weak and when your Roku device tries to do anything, it ends up hanging or freezing and, eventually, rebooting. By combining both a reset of your Roku device’s network and a clean slate for your modem and or router to work with, you can heal the strength of your network connection.

You should reset your Roku’s network first, then reset your modem and or router and then, finally, reconnect your Roku device.

Reset Roku’s Network

1. Open Settings from the home page by moving over to the left hand column. You’ll find Settings towards the bottom of the menu.

2. From the Settings menu, choose System. From the System menu, find and select Advanced System Settings.

3. Now, choose Network connection reset, which you’ll find at the top of the “Advanced system settings.” Once highlighted and selected, you’ll gain an additional option: Reset connection. Select it.

Once your Roku’s network connection reset was successful, head down to “Rebooting Your Network” first, and then move forward with the next steps.

4. Now that your modem and or router has been rebooted, head back into Settings, then Network and finally, choose Set up a new connection. Walk through the network setup.

Rebooting Your Network

1. Locate your modem and router (if you have a router). In the back, find the power cable for both your modem and router. Follow the cords until you reach the power outlet they are both plugged into.

2. Pull the power cords from the power outlet and give the modem and router at least 2 minutes.

3. After 2 minutes has passed, plug your modem and router back in. Give your modem and router time to reboot and start broadcasting your network. Double-check it’s working by using another device like a mobile device or a computer.

Update Your Roku Device

If your Roku device is capable of updating, then you should immediately attempt to update your Roku device.

1. On the home screen, choose Settings in the left hand column, located near the bottom of the menu.

2. From Settings, open System.

3. From the System menu, highlight System Update and select it. When prompted, choose Check Now.

Perform a Factory Reset

There are two methods of performing factory reset with your Roku: the Reset button and from the Settings. Considering the possibility that Roku won’t even give you a chance to use the Settings, there’s a small button you can reach with a toothpick or paperclip.

Find the Reset button and stick a toothpick or paperclip into the hole. Press the Reset down and hold it there for a good 30 seconds. Afterwards, reboot the device and configure it once again.